Chapter 34 Smart is not obvious

“Just kidding, go around you, you pay me salary?”

“Okay, don’t sleep! Get up for me, know that I am not obviously smart and still say so obscure, let me explain! What do you mean!” Xia Yuxun pushed Ou Mingxuan up without saying a word.

Ou Mingxuan looked at Xia Yuxun dumbfoundedly, “Too clever? You can come up with such a statement, and you are sometimes quite genius!”

“Certainly!” Xia Yuxun handed over in a cool manner.

Ou Mingxuan looked at her lack of femininity, and rubbed her eyebrows helplessly.

“I didn’t tell you to resign. I asked for a week of leave and let him dry for a few days. Only if you are not around, he will discover your importance. You have to give him time to miss you, understand?” Ou Mingxuan said. As he said, I was thinking in my heart, I am afraid that it is of no importance at all just like you. When you go back and find that the man doesn’t care if you leave, maybe you should give up.

Xia Yuxun nodded again and again, “It makes sense! It just so happens that I can take this opportunity to take sick leave.”

So, Ou Mingxuan’s trickery succeeded.


another long day, Xia Yuxun was finally discharged from the hospital.

The request for leave went smoothly unexpectedly.

It went so well that she was extremely and extremely frustrated.

Ou Mingxuan parked the car and waited for her downstairs in her company. Seeing her walk out with an unhappy expression, he knew the result.

Knowing the result, he deliberately asked her, “How is it? Is your great boss reluctant? Did you cold and warm you?”

Xia Yuxun glared at him, “Drive your car!”

In fact, this is how things are.

Xia Yuxun walked into the president’s office.

“President, I would like to take a one-week vacation…this, that, because…”

“En.” Leng Sichen buried his head and looked at the file without looking up from the beginning to the end.

It’s over.

So Xia Yuxun asked for leave and came downstairs. The lines that had been prepared for the whole day were all taken back by Leng Sichen.

“Senior, how can I spend the past seven days without going to work?” Xia Yuxun wailed.

Ou Mingxuan manipulated the steering wheel with one hand and supported his chin with the other, in a very good mood.

“I’m fine for these two days. Take me to apprenticeship to learn art now!”

Xia Yuxun jumped up, “Damn! Ou Mingxuan! You planned it already, didn’t you count me?”

“Look at you. By the way, I’m just passing by. Isn’t it mainly for you?”

Xia Yuxun looked at him suspiciously, and the more he looked at him, the more he looked like a fox, he was still the best monster with nine tails and a thousand years of wisdom.

In contrast, Leng Sichen is Lucifer, the king of the devil world.

Leng Sche! Of course, the most perfect Prince Charming in the eyes of girls.

Keke, it seems that the space-time span of these three figures is too big? An Eastern fantasy, a Western fantasy, and a fairy tale.

Xia Yuxun was thinking wildly, Ou Mingxuan glanced at her sideways, and the corner of her mouth twitched slightly, “This dress…you are still wearing it, um, it looks good! I really have a good eye!” In

an instant, electricity-light-fire-stone- —

“Ou Mingxuan—” Xia Yuxun roared like a small universe ignited, and grabbed Ou Mingxuan by the collar, “Clothes! Clothes! Clothes! If you didn’t mention it, I almost forgot to settle the account with you!” A

sharp brake sound When it sounded, Ou Mingxuan stopped the car in a thrilling manner.

Xia Yuxun immediately pressed his whole body over, “Ou Mingxuan, you’d better give me an explanation today! Otherwise, I will directly act for the sky and rectify the Fa on the spot!”

The words “rectification on the spot” have just been finished, because Xia Yuxun does not Carefully touching the switch on the car seat, Ou Mingxuan’s chair in the driver’s seat fell down with a “puff”.

Unprepared, Xia Yuxun didn’t stabilize, and fell directly onto Ou Mingxuan.

“Heh, rectification on the spot? Here? Kaoru, I don’t think your taste is so heavy? Playing with a car-shock?” Ou Mingxuan put his arms around Xia Yuxun’s waist and whispered in her ear maliciously.

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