Chapter 32 It is in good spirits

The second day of hospitalization.

Xia Yuxun sat on the soft lawn of the hospital, angrily pulling up the innocent grass on the ground.

Damn Leng Sichen, actually told her dad that she was going on a three-day business trip, and that one day would be fine, so she had to stay in the hospital obediently now.

Put one hand on the back of your head leisurely, enjoying the breeze and sunshine.

At this time, a shadow floated over his head.

Xia Yuxun opened her eyes suddenly, and let out a murderous roar in her eyes, “Those who block my light will die!”

“Oh! You are in good spirits! I really can’t see where you are aware of being a patient.” On

top of the head, Ou Mingxuan owed a beating. ‘S voice came in a leisurely curve.

Xia Yuxun sat up violently, smashed all the grass in his hand on him, and then squeezed his most precious face, “Am I the hell? When I called you early in the morning, Aren’t you still in Singapore? It’s costing me international long-distance calls…”

Ou Mingxuan frowned and avoided her ravages, “You give me a little tenderness, it hurts to death! Idiot! Can ghosts have shadows?”

“Cut, you Didn’t you ask me not to be gentle with you last time, or I will have nightmares? What a fickle man!” Xia Yuxun glanced at him contemptuously.

Ou Mingxuan didn’t argue with her much, and sat down on his own. Then he put his head on her lap and lay down unceremoniously.

Xia Yuxun was stunned, and then became so angry that the Rizhao incense burner gave birth to purple smoke.

“Ou Mingxuan! You, you, you, get out of here!”

Furious! Mad! This kind of action can only be done between couples, OK?

It was too frivolous, too YD, and too detrimental to her image of justice!

Ou Mingxuan closed his eyes deafly, “Kaoru, I’ll sleep for a while…”

What’s the matter with that guy? How could he make such a pitiful and weak voice? Xia Yuxun was shocked.

She looked suspiciously at Ou Mingxuan, who was covering the sun with her arms, and subconsciously replied, “Then, it’s just a short while…”

Some time passed, and another time passed.

Xia Yuxun finally couldn’t help but push his shoulders, “The time is up.”

Ou Mingxuan murmured, “A little while…”

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Is something wrong? How come it seems that I haven’t slept in a few lifetimes. “

Ou Mingxuan” “Yes”, “Seven days.”

Xia Yuxun was almost choked to death by his own saliva, “Why did you go without sleeping for seven days? Then you came back overnight?”

“Yeah.” A simple answer.

“So sleepy, come home and go to sleep! What are you doing here for me?”

“Sleep.” It was still a simple answer.

Xia Yuxun looked at someone with a black line on her face, who treated her thigh as a private property and slept comfortably.

“Yu Xun…” When

Xia Yuxun heard him calling herself, she immediately became vigilant, “What? Are you asking me to get the quilt for you? Tell you, you don’t have to make an inch…”

Xia Yuxun said nothing. After that, Ou Mingxuan interrupted her conjecture, “Idiot, I am relieved to see that you are okay…”

Not far behind the two of them, after enduring them for a whole day, after all, Leng Sichen, who came to the hospital, was not at ease standing in the tree. Under the shade, his complexion was unprecedentedly gloomy.

With a self-deprecating laugh, he threw all the snacks in his hands into the trash can next to him.

Xia Yuxun! Is this what you call love? I feel guilty when I’m crazy and worry about your life and death!

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