Chapter 31 Moths Fighting Fire

“I left her, if she sees you and Xiaoxun…”

Leng Sichen frowned, “I have nothing to do with Xia Yuxun!”

“Brother, do you love Bai Qianning?” Leng Siche asked .

“She is the daughter of the Bai family, she is beautiful and capable, and the old man is also very satisfied.”

“Do you love her?” Leng Siche was reluctant.

“Yes, I love her, you are satisfied!” Leng Sichen tied his tie anxiously.

In fact, he doesn’t understand what love is like.

Bai Qianning is the woman who has been around him for the longest time, and she can do everything perfectly.

Yu Nei, she will not interfere in his private life, Yu Wai, will care about his man’s face, he likes such a sensible woman under his control, not Xia Yuxun, who is illogical and will only change his life The woman who made a mess.

“What about Xiaoxun?” Leng Siche asked with a frown.

“What does this have to do with her?” Leng Sichen looked impatient.

“She has liked you since she was a child! Don’t you feel at all for her? I really don’t want to remind you how gentle your expression is just now!” Leng Siche’s tone was a little excited.

Leng Sichen frowned immediately, “Sche, what on earth do you want to say?”

“I don’t want to say anything, I just want to tell you that you love Bai Qianning and you are going to marry her. So, please Don’t provoke Xiaoxun anymore, and don’t make any actions that make her misunderstand.”

Leng Sichen’s questioning made Leng Sichen’s heart burn with an unknown fire. He avoided her, so how could he provoke her.

“How I treat her is my business, not to mention that she has always provoke me, she has been entangled with me! My aesthetic is not as special as you, a woman like Xia Yuxun, if she is still a woman, I You can’t even look at it. Please figure out the situation and don’t pull me and her together. I and her are not people of the same world at all!”

He and she are not people of the same world at all.

Her almost stupid innocence and simplicity are not allowed to exist in his world.

To love someone who knows that it is impossible to be together like that, desperately crazy, seems to him simply unattainable.

But why, being with her is always so easy to feel happy and satisfied, and even sink into it unconsciously.

He could not accept such an uncontrollable and irrational self, and could not accept her to disrupt his life.

Leng Sichen took up his jacket with a gloomy expression and prepared to leave.

However, when he walked to the door and was about to close the door, his movements suddenly stopped.

Inside the room, Xia Yuxun’s voice was slightly like a mosquito, but he still heard it clearly.

“President…please don’t close the door…” Under the quilt, Xia Yuxun closed her eyes again after saying this lowly and buried her head in the soft pillow.

She had heard what he said just now…

Leng Sichen and Leng Siche looked at each other in a complicated mood.

Leng Sichen opened the door of the ward with a calm face, then turned and left.

“Ache…” Xia Yuxun called out.

“I’m here! Xiaoxun, what do you want?” Leng Sche hurriedly responded.

“Will you open the windows too?” Xia Yuxun said dullly.

“Good!” Leng Sche went to open all the windows immediately.

The breeze mingled with flowers blew from the window, letting her relax a little.

She was afraid of that feeling.

Being locked in a place with no exit, only darkness, no one would come to save her no matter how she begged…

If someone took her away at that time, it would be the god who redeemed her and her lifelong belief.

“Xiao Xun, brother, don’t mind, you know him…” Leng Siche wanted to explain awkwardly.

Damn, why did he argue with brother in the ward, if it weren’t for him, Xiao Kaoru would not have heard those hurtful words.

Although I hope she will give up, but even more afraid of her injury.

Seeing her lifeless look now, his heart hurts so much that he can’t breathe.

Xia Yuxun looked at the sun outside the window, slowly stretched out her hand to feel its temperature, and said to herself, “It’s so warm…”

Leng Sichen, once, you were my god, now you are still.

There was a burst of familiar music outside the window, and Liang Jingru’s beautiful voice was floating in the wind.

Fighting against the fire, even if the reincarnation is only to set off

your laughter, you cry, your actions, it is my bible, cherish

my joy and sadness in my life, give up freedom for you, and control

you by fire and you are The wind you are the demon weaving the net, the broken swallowtail butterfly still makes the last sweet dream.

You are the fire. You are the wind. You are the temptation of angels. Let me be the swallowtail butterfly and embrace the last sweet dream. It

makes me short and happy and very moved…

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