Chapter 30 Iron Head Skill

Seeing Xia Yuxun’s cheeks puffed out with anger, her eyes widened, like a pocket fire-breathing dragon, Leng Sichen smirked and stretched out his hand to ravage her soft hair.

Xia Yuxun, I am very happy. I have never been so happy.

In the past few decades, I woke up every morning with confusion and exhaustion, but now I am very happy.

And I know that such happiness that doesn’t belong to me is stolen.

“Ah! It’s miserable!” Xia Yuxun suddenly screamed and raised his head, hitting Leng Sichen’s forehead.

Suddenly, there was no ambiguity.

“Hiss——Have you ever practiced iron head skills?”

“Ah! I’m sorry, sorry!” Xia Yuxun hurriedly rubbed the place where he was hit.

“The role of force is mutual, Xia Yuxun!”

“It doesn’t matter, I have practiced iron head skills! Haha…” Xia Yuxun smiled dryly.

“That, Achen… uh, I’m sorry for calling it wrong again! President, I didn’t go back last night, did my dad know that I was in trouble again?”

Leng Sichen got angry when he thought of yesterday’s affairs, looking contemptuously I glanced at her, “I only know now that I’m afraid, what did you do? What are your eyes for? You can’t see such a big sign, and you stupidly walk inside! I really want to strangle you!”

Xia Yuxun He quickly hid in the quilt and muttered, “So sleepy, sleep! Sleep!”

Leng Sichen looked at her helplessly, “I already told your dad that you are going on a business trip with me, and you won’t be back in three days.”

Xia Yuxun He quickly opened the quilt and sat down on her knees and folded

her hands together, “Benefactor!” Her clear eyes were dotted with morning light, and his shadow was full of reflections, making his heart tremble.

“Xia Yu Xun, the future do not wear glasses, your eyes look great.”

Xia Yu Xun’s back suddenly stiff, some confusion said, “Yes, my glasses too? Glasses! Glasses!”

Bedside to find that the there is no summer Yu Xun climb Climbing, crossing Leng Sichen’s body and leaning towards the bedside table.

Leng Sichen hugged her in the air, and then sat down until she was old. On the lap, he roared, “Xia Yuxun, you ignore me again!”

Xia Yuxun’s body trembled slightly, her eyes gradually filled with tears, “Glasses, glasses…please give me…please…”

Leng Sichen She was stunned by her reaction, “Xia Yuxun, don’t cry! What’s the matter with you?”

“Give me, okay? Please…my glasses…my glasses…”

Xia Yuxun The look at the moment is like missing the most important thing, sad and helpless like a child.

Leng Sichen embraced her with one hand, reached out with one hand to take her bag, and took out her precious glasses.

“Here you are, don’t cry!”

“Glasses!” Xia Yuxun immediately grabbed them excitedly and put them on.

She was exhausted from crying, and she leaned weakly in his arms, sobbing.

Leng Sichen looked at her gloomyly and confusedly.

After a child, ward door knocking a few times, then pushed.

Leng Siche, who was holding breakfast in both hands, saw Xia Yuxun leaning leaning against Leng Sichen’s arms, and was stunned for a moment in embarrassment, and then smiled calmly, “Brother, I bought breakfast for you!

” Shhh! Just fell asleep.” Leng Sichen gently picked Xia Yuxun’s body up and put it back on the bed.

As Leng Siche put breakfast on the table, he casually said, “I’ve taken care of everything in the company. Also, my sister-in-law came here once!”

Leng Sichen’s hand in his clothes paused and snorted, “Her news is very fast!”

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