Chapter 3 The North Wind Howl

As soon as the voice fell, a blizzard blew on the man’s face covered in snow all the year round, and the entire office seemed to have turned into an arctic iceland.

Liang Qian trembling with his legs, handed a stack of photos tremblingly against the howling cold wind, “BOSS, I personally

followed this time!” Leng Sichen glanced at the photos casually, and then raised his hand fiercely.

“Wow!” The photo was flying like snowflakes.

Liang Qian shrank his shoulders like a quail, not daring to make a sound.

He knows the details of the little bodyguard next to the boss. The childhood sweetheart who lives next to the boss’s house has chased the boss for many years, but hasn’t the boss always hated her?

Now, how can I take care of her so suddenly, and call myself, the special assistant master, out of bed at night to watch in person, even because she went into the hotel with other men and made such a big fire.

However, he accidentally discovered something that surprised him today. He didn’t expect that the violent little bodyguard like a man-in-law would look pretty good when he dressed up a little.

He almost didn’t recognize her at the time, until he saw her throwing a drunk who had approached her and threw a few meters away before he was sure that she was right.

“Well, BOSS, what else… do you have any more orders? Do you need me to bring people back?” Seeing Leng Sichen’s gloomy face and not talking for a long time, Liang Qian swallowed and vomited and asked boldly.

“Go away.” The man at the desk uttered a word on his thin lips.

“Hey!” Liang Qian flashed non-stop like hearing Xianle.


next morning.

Xia Yuxun rolled over comfortably, then rubbed his eyes in a daze.

“Wake up?” Ou Mingxuan leaned on the bed, lit a cigarette, and looked at her with a smile.

“Hmm…” Xia Yuxun snorted, stretched out his arm to smoke his cigarette, ran into the ashtray next to it and extinguished, then continued to get into his arms, finding a comfortable position and closing his eyes again.

Ou Mingxuan looked at her in astonishment. He didn’t expect her to be so calm. He thought she would be hysterical when she woke up after drinking and found herself sleeping on the same bed with him and changing her clothes into pajamas.

He couldn’t help wondering if this girl hadn’t woken up yet, or… In fact, she was somewhat awake last night, or she didn’t reject herself?

“Xia Yuxun, you…”

“Don’t make a noise!” Xia Yuxun buried her head in the quilt irritably.

Ou Mingxuan: “…” There

has always been a woman who tried every means to strike up a conversation with him and begged him to talk. She actually thought he was noisy!

Do you know how violent you are, dead girl?

The room was quiet. I don’t know how long it had passed. Xia Yuxun suddenly felt aroused, and her body trembled. With some panic and bewilderment,

she whispered in a low voice, “Study… Senior?!” See her surprise. Ou Mingxuan twitched his mouth and looked at her speechlessly. It turns out that her previous calmness was not because of her composure, but she didn’t wake up after realizing that she hadn’t gotten into the situation afterwards!

Ou Mingxuan suddenly showed teasing interest. He raised those peachy eyes and smiled, “Senior? Kiss baby, last night… you didn’t call it that way!”

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