Chapter 3 Desperate

headmaster’s room, Xue Hao’s mother is sitting on the sofa, in a posture of inquiring about crimes. The

deputy headmaster Shu Diqian , and the dean of teaching were all there, carefully apologizing .

“What’s going on? I waited for a day without waiting for a statement. Did our son get beaten in vain? The injury is still that kind of place! If there is something in the future, whoever of you bears the responsibility!” Xue The wife pointed at someone’s nose aggressively and cursed.

See Song Anjou in, but gas is not one to play, “You look like her, but also like a student? Actually put these people to stay in school! Your school is not too irresponsible!”

Said After turning to her, “I really don’t know how your parents taught you!”

Obviously the school had contacted her family for the first time, but no one was willing to come forward, so she had to call her to take it. The anger of the parents of the beaten students.

The instructor asked embarrassedly, “Then…what do you want to do?” The

current situation is really making him one head and two big, both sides are not easy to mess with, but since Song Anjiu’s parents don’t care, he will naturally be biased. The Xue family is here.

Mrs. Xue looked at her as if she wanted to see something disgusting, “I heard that she would like to continue studying again this year? Although we, Hao Hao, did well in the exam this year, we will definitely be able to make the key points. We don’t need to be in the same environment with this kind of person anymore. But we must not let this kind of person harm more children!”

“Yes, we understand that even if Mrs. Xue doesn’t say anything, we are prepared to deal with it this way. According to school regulations, we will expel her from school. This is not necessary. Doubt, you can rest assured!”

Song Anjiu’s lips trembled, his face pale.

Mrs. Xue’s face turned slightly, “There are medical expenses, nutrition expenses, mental damage expenses… these must be paid! The most important thing is that I want her parents to take her to the house and apologize in person! Otherwise, we will see you in court. Let her be held criminally liable, and must be punished severely! If I remember correctly, this girl is already an adult! Ha, after two years of repeating studies, of course

she is an adult!” Who in city A does not know that the Xue family and the Song family are business markets The old enemy of Shanghai, with such an opportunity, how could he not make good use of the diaphragm to deal with it.

“This…” The vice-principal wiped his sweat embarrassedly, “You know the situation of the Song family, and we can’t do anything about it. The people over there just said that Song Anjiu’s affairs have nothing to do with them in the future. Besides, this child is quite pitiful… “

Is it nothing to do with them?

Song Anjiu’s eyes were like a dead pool.

“She is pitiful? We were beaten so pitiful, she is pitiful! Also, what is it that you can’t help it! When things happen at school, you must be responsible for contacting each other’s parents! Responsible for solving problems! Are you trying to shirk responsibility? “

That kind of scum scum…” Song Anjiu snorted from his lips in a low voice, “He is self-inflicted, I should kick his life force a little harder and let the Xue family be right…”

word by word , Very clear, completely ignited Mrs. Xue’s anger.

“Little bitch, what do you say…” Madam Xue raised her hand in furious.

However, that hand did not fall for a long time.

The first goal was a delicate cuff, and then a powerful hand, firmly strangling Mrs. Xue’s wrist.

Immediately, the man turned against the light like a handsome face cast like a knife, his eyes flashed with dangerous light, and the look on his face was indifferent and frightening.

He was standing behind her, his big palm fell on her unbearable yellow hair and rubbed it as if he was treating a rare treasure, “Sorry, I’m late.” I

can’t remember the taste of tears anymore, but at this moment , But she felt the soreness of her eyes.

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