Chapter 29 Like holding a piece of wood

“How can you sleep like this?”

Leng Sichen frowned and held her messy little hand, closed his eyes again with exhaustion, and his chin was on top of her head, “Anshen, stop making trouble, it’s too early, and then Sleep for a while…”

Xia Yuxun let him fall asleep again in his arms, the expression on her little face completely frozen.

The brain was spinning at the speed of a tortoise, and it took a long time to finally remember what happened yesterday. She was locked in the elevator, and then…he saved himself…

the shadow of staying up late was under his eyes, and his chin touched At that time, I also felt the dense scum. I must have been exhausted yesterday!

I remember when he was seven years old, he fell into the hole in the grove of the back mountain, and he also found himself and carried her all the way to the hospital.

I really want to vomit to death!

Why do you encounter such an oolong incident every time, and trouble him every time.

I have tried so hard to help him, want to stand by his side, but it has always caused him troubles, no wonder he hates himself.

“Don’t be so stiff, like holding a piece of wood, relax!” Leng Sichen’s dissatisfied voice came from the top of his head accompanied by a burning breath.

“Uh…oh…” Xia Yuxun took a deep breath, trying to relax.


please! The old lady was suddenly held in the arms by the man Xiao had thought about for more than 20 years and shared the same bed. How can you relax me!

“Is it still uncomfortable?” Leng Sichen still closed his eyes to rest, stretched out his palm and touched her forehead.

“It’s okay…” Xia Yuxun replied feebly.

“You had a fever last night.” Leng Sichen said.

“I’m sorry to trouble you…” Xia Yuxun said dullly.

Damn it! Can he be a little irritable? It’s okay even if you scold yourself a few times. Suddenly like this, I’m really not used to it, but I miss it…

His breath, his heartbeat, his temperature, everything makes Xia Yuxun more and more nervous. Unconsciously wringing the cloth in his hands desperately.

Leng Sichen opened his eyes with a light sigh, and slowly opened her fingers one by one.

Xia Yuxun looked confused and looked up at him unclearly.

“The clothes are almost torn by you. After tossing all night, are you not tired?” Leng Sichen sighed lightly.

Xia Yuxun realized that she had been holding on to his clothes just now, and when she heard his ambiguity, her face immediately flushed.

“Yes, I’m sorry…”

Leng Sichen’s mouth curled slightly, and Jun Yi’s face suddenly slowly approached her face.

Xia Yuxun blinked her eyes desperately, “What are you…what are you doing?”

“Xia Yuxun…”

“Yes!” She replied nervously, annoyed after she finished answering.

“Your face is so red…”


She shrank and tried to shrink into the quilt…

“Don’t tell me, you are shy?” Leng Sichen held his elbows and moved closer.

“I’m telling you, I’m not as shy!” She had shrunk so that only her eyes were exposed outside the quilt.

“Xia Yuxun, I found that you are getting out of seed!” Leng Sichen snorted lightly.

“You are Chi Guoguo’s slander!” She Xia Yuxun hated people who said she didn’t plant it.

Leng Sichen raised his eyebrows slightly, “Slander? Who did it on me just now?”

Xia Yuxun blushed and retorted angrily, “It has nothing to do with me acting on you! Pooh, no, I don’t have anything to do with you at all!”

Why do you feel that this feeling is so familiar and so kind? What?

When I woke up with the handsome guy the next morning, it was a tender and freehand scene, but why the plot was completely subverted when she got here, and both of them were aggressive and asked her if she was taking advantage of them…

why is her life total? It’s such a cup…

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