Chapter 27 Claustrophobia

Leng Sichen sat absently in the swivel chair all morning, several times trying to call Xia Yuxun over for questioning, but he suppressed it.

Finally, when Annie came to deliver the coffee, Leng Sichen asked with a cold face, “Where is Xia Yuxun?”

Annie immediately replied cautiously: “She hasn’t come yet.”

If Xiaoxia comes, this dangerous task will still be there. Leave it to her weak?

“What?” Leng Sichen frowned and frowned.

That girl has become more and more presumptuous recently, and Sche has come back, can he completely ignore himself?

The thought that she might be at Sche’s right now, he felt his chest tight and out of breath.

At this time, the internal telephone rang.

Leng Sichen picked it up irritably, “Hey.”

“Hey, brother, it’s me.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Can you tune Xiao Kaoru to me?”

So soon, he asked someone ? Leng Sichen confirmed the thoughts in his heart even more.

“What? The person I arranged for you is not satisfied?” Leng Sichen pretended not to know.

“Brother, you know it.”

“Sche, at this point, you’d better have a clear distinction between public and private. It’s not a good thing to keep her by your side.”

“Brother, I’m also doing good for you. You and my sister-in-law are getting engaged soon. Now, with this little girl who is so obsessed with this mini, you are not afraid that his sister-in-law will be jealous?” Leng Siche said half-jokingly and half-seriously.

“Did she let you tell me? You let her answer the phone!” Leng Sichen’s voice was brewing a storm.

Leng Siche on the other end of the phone showed a confused expression, “Let her answer the phone? You think she is with me, do you? This matter is entirely my own idea, Xiao Kaoru did not know it, in fact, in the morning I mentioned it to her once, but she didn’t agree at the time.”

“She’s not here? Where is she going crazy again?” Leng Sichen frowned.

“She was drunk last night, and was afraid that her uncle would blame her, so she went to my place for the night, so we came to the company together in the morning. She came up before me! Isn’t she still in the company?” Leng Sche began to worry.

“I don’t think you need to ask for someone from me, just give her a resignation. I don’t need such an irresponsible employee.”

Leng Siche on the other end of the phone pondered for a moment, and then suddenly panicked: “It’s over, she should Could it be that I didn’t see the warning sign for elevator maintenance…”

Leng Sichen was reminded of this. With her IQ, the possibility of such a thing is more than 90%.


“It should be nothing serious, even if it is trapped in the elevator, there is no danger. Now call the worker to speed up the repair, and it will be fixed soon…Hello…Hello? Brother?”

“That girl is claustrophobic .” Space phobia!”

Leng Sichen immediately hung up the phone and ran downstairs.

While running while calling Xia Yuxun, it turned out that the other party turned off and dropped the phone in a fit of anger.

hastily recruited workers rush repair.

Leng Sichen had been walking back and forth at the elevator door, pulling his tie irritably.

I thought that when that girl came out, she would have to beat her severely.

When the elevator was finally repaired, it was almost time to get off work.

The moment the elevator opened, in the corner of the elevator, Xia Yuxun curled up into a ball, her face was pale, and her whole body was wet with sweat…

Leng Sichen suffocated his breath and strode in immediately, holding her out gently, and all the harsh words he had made before were left behind.

Her small body trembled in his arms, and she whispered deliberately, “Mom, don’t hit me, don’t leave Xiaoxun…Help me, help me, it’s so dark, so cold… Achen…Achen, I’m so scared…”

Leng Sichen’s heart was pulled into a ball, “Little Xun, it’s okay, I am here!”

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