Chapter 25 I will always wait for you

From a young age, he could only look at her from a distance, not daring to approach her.

Watching her make cute faces at him, watching her sticking to her brother tenaciously again and again, watching her pinch her waist with her hands, smiling arrogantly.

In this way, she ran across the green grass, climbed the taller fence, penetrated the shadow of pain and walked into his heart step by step, never leaving.

For the first time, I wanted to hold on to something, tightly, and never let go.

But, why, why there is no existence of herself in her eyes…

“You are not allowed to… bully him… you fight with me…” Xia Yuxun suddenly babbled and slapped her over.

Leng Siche avoided dangerously, holding her restless hands, and sighing helplessly, this girl wanted to fight even when she was sleeping.

However, it is still the same cute.

Xia Yuxun’s cheek rubbed Leng Siche’s arm, then hugged it, and whispered softly, “Ache, I will cover you in the future, no one can bully you…”

Leng Siche’s body stiffened, and his heart surged. There was a warm current, and the eyes were a little sore.

This silly girl!

Is there me in her dream?

“Fight with me… fight with me… don’t bully him…”

“Xiaoxun, I am no longer the sick Ache back then. From now on, I should protect you!” Leng Siche whispered in her ear. “Xiao Kaoru, don’t keep running forward, and occasionally look back, okay? I will always wait for you, waiting for the day you see me…”

Woke up the next morning.

Xia Yuxun sat on the head of the bed blankly, uh, where is this?

She seemed to be drinking fragments again…

but she vaguely remembered that Leng Sche took her in.

Although the clothes on her body had changed, because the other party was Leng Sche, she was not worried at all, she must have changed it herself, or he asked the nanny to change it for her.

The clothes I wore yesterday are placed on the bedside, which has been cleaned and exudes the fragrance of washing powder.

“Hi! Good morning!”

Xia Yuxun put on the clothes that had been washed and put on the pillow, opened the door, poked his head from the crack of the door and looked at Leng Siche who was reading the morning paper by the dining table.

“Morning, Xiaoxun! Come over for breakfast!” Leng Sche greeted.

Xia Yuxun was taken aback, almost dazzled by Leng Sche’s bright smile.

“Sorry, I caused you trouble last night!” Xia Yuxun moved over and said embarrassingly. After all, it is really bad behavior to stay at his house while drunk.

“You’re welcome, they’re all friends. It’s too far-fetched to say that.” Leng Sche smiled.

During the meal, Leng Siche suddenly spoke half-jokingly and half-seriously suggested: “Xiao Xun, can I transfer you to work with me?”

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