Chapter 24 Deep Sorrow

An hour later, Xia Yuxun hadn’t come out yet.

Leng Siche put down the documents in his hand and glanced at the direction of the bathroom uncomfortably.

After another twenty minutes, Leng Sche knocked on the bathroom door uneasy.

“Xiao Xun, are you all right? Xia Xun?”

Leng Si Che’s heart tightened, and he tentatively turned the door lock, and the door opened with a creak. She did not lock it.

There was some mist in the bathroom, and then, he saw…

that girl actually fell asleep on the toilet lid.

Her hair was half dry, she was wearing his white shirt, and she hung loosely on her body before she even had time to button up all the buttons.

The shirt that was unusually large for her was worn on her, covering her little hands and almost covering her knees, like a costume.

This will catch a cold.

However, Leng Siche stood there blankly, unable to muster the courage to walk over a few steps away.

He couldn’t face Xia Yuxun like this.

The emotions that have been suppressed for so many years, this situation is simply the ultimate test for him.

It wasn’t until Xia Yuxun sneezed gracefully that Leng Siche suddenly woke up, and he couldn’t take care of the others for a while, and quickly walked over and picked her up from his knees.

took her back to bed, I was about to leave, Xia Yu Xun suddenly opened his eyes.

Leng Siche was initially uneasy, but she was startled at this moment, and he stammered, “Xiaoxun, are you awake? I, I think you fell asleep in the bathroom, so… I am not… “

Xia Yuxun held Leng Siche’s shoulders with great strength, then rolled over and pressed him under her body, and a pair of small beast-like eyes looked at him brightly.


Xia Yuxun stared straight at Leng Siche, watching the tears gradually accumulate in his eyes, and then falling to his cheek with a tick.

Leng Siche suddenly panicked, “Xiaoxun, what’s the matter with you? Sorry, I really didn’t mean it, I didn’t see anything…”

Xia Yuxun’s tears were even more turbulent.

“I…I will be responsible for you…” Leng Siche said with a pure blush.

“Asshole…” Xia Yuxun clenched his hands into fists against his chest, choking intermittently, “Why? Why do you want to treat me this way? Why do you want to bully me?”

“I, I, you listen to me explain… Don’t you Is it okay to cry…” Leng Siche has no master.

She grabbed his clothes and cried so badly, “Achen, I like you so much, why can’t you like me a little, a little, a little…why always say such cruel things…”

Dang Xia Yuxun Saying the word’Achen’, Leng Siche’s mood at the moment was like a basin of cold water pouring down his head and face.

“Achen…Achen…Don’t ignore me…Don’t hate me, okay? I’m afraid…I’m really scared…”

Leng Siche trembled and pressed her back angrily for the next second Down, his eyes were full of pain, “Xia Yuxun, do you know that you are truly cruel! Why is he only in your eyes? Why is your world always revolving around him, can’t you see me? I’m back, still can’t see me?”

“Achen…Achen…” She still murmured unconsciously, and

finally, only self-deprecating and deep sadness remained in Leng Siche’s eyes.

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