Chapter 22 Break My Leg

“The truth is still a big adventure.” Xia Yuxun suppressed the tension in his heart.

“Truly.” Leng Sichen replied casually, with emotions that people could not see through his deep eyes.

Truth be told… After knowing him for so many years, she knows everything about him so well, what else does she know?

Xia Yuxun turned the wine glass in her hand, thought for a long time, and said casually, “Well, I really can’t think of anything I want to ask for a while, just tell me how you and Miss Bai started!”

She knew what she asked. How self-abuse the problem is, but… just can’t help…

she is unwilling, really unwilling!

They used to be so good. She didn’t believe that Leng Sichen had no feelings for herself at all. Since when did he start to alienate himself, step by step away from himself… It

seems to be from the beginning of college…

So she can’t help but mind this problem.

The first half of Xia Yuxun’s words made Bai Qianning’s face not so good. She thought that this girl shouldn’t be underestimated. She was implying that they grew up together since they were young. Does she know everything about him? But I am a little proud to hear half a sentence, no matter what you were before, now this man belongs to me!

Leng Sichen seemed to recall for a while, and then replied, “We met in the student union. I am the president. She is the head of the department of literature and art. She is perfect. She is a long-lasting love.”

Bai Qianning smiled happily. , Moved, “Si Chen…”

She had never heard him praise herself so bluntly in Leng Sichen’s mouth.

Leng Sichen is an absolute perfectionist, and has always been demanding on women, not to mention that this woman will still be his future wife.

He can accept no passionate love for his wife, but can’t bear her imperfection.

Too emotional and easy to lose reason.

Therefore, Xia Yuxun, who has almost subverted all his criteria for mate selection, may have been excluded from his own world from the beginning, and he may even be regarded as a scourge.

Ha… Rijiu’s love… Rijiu’s love…

Listening to these four words, Xia Yuxun feels extremely ironic!

They have known each other for more than 20 years, but he has been in love with a woman who has just known each other for a few years…

But that’s right, such a gentle, beautiful and versatile as Bai Qianning, the right wealthy daughter, no man will be impressed.

They are the real match.

If he would choose himself one day, she would be the first to think that Leng Sichen was crazy.

It has always been her wishful thinking and self-satisfaction…

Sometimes, she herself feels frightened and afraid of Leng Sichen’s almost pathological obsession.

But she couldn’t help it. She was destined to never give up the people who were kind to her when she was most helpless, and who had settled in her life.

Si Chen cold, if you never told me how wonderful …… so good

has been coming in the morning when all the people scattered.

Outside the Scarlet Bar, Bai Qianning supported the drunken Leng Sichen, and said, “You look like you and there is no one to take care of you. Will you go to my place tonight?”

Leng Sichen’s head rested on her shoulders. , Nodded unconsciously.

Xia Yuxun stood aside and called without expression, and said to the person on the other end of the phone in a very sober and respectful tone, “It’s too late today, and Annie is worried that I will go home alone, so I will stay in the hotel. No, I I never drink, I promise with my personality. Yes, Dad, I will pay attention to it in the future! Okay, Dad, take a rest early!”

Xia Yuxun rushed to the trash can as soon as she hung up her phone, vomiting into the trash can.

Han Qiyu stared at Xia Yuxun, who changed his face faster than flipping a book. “

I didn’t expect this guy to have such a scared person.” Murphy pointed at Xia Yuxun staggeringly , with a look of contempt, “Nothing! What do you think about my grandmother back then? I flew to the United States to study without saying a word, my dad and mom dare not say a word!”

Leng Siche sent Murphy and Han Qiyu away, and walked up to Xia Yuxun uneasy, “Xiao Xun, are you okay?”

Xia Yuxun I vomited until my legs were soft and my brain was dizzy. At the last second before the drunken death passed, I had only time to say, “Don’t go home… Can’t go home… Dad… break my leg…”

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