Chapter 20 Warning

On the other side of the phone, Ou Mingxuan was sitting in the conference room, listening to the group of supervisors arguing about a problem from the afternoon until now.

Xia Yuxun’s unreasonable anger made Ou Mingxuan look innocent, “Yu Xun, what’s the matter?”

Thinking that there were still people waiting in the box, Xia Yuxun tried hard to resist the urge to find him to settle the account, “Don’t talk about this, I will look for it when I meet. You settle the account! Why did you call me first?”

Ou Mingxuan rubbed his eyebrows tiredly, “Because it’s so boring.”

Xia Yuxun suddenly had the urge to slap him to death and gritted his teeth, “You are really boring!”

“Hehe, Xiaoxun, I really envy you, you are always so energetic. What are you doing now?” Ou Mingxuan was flipping through the files in his hand, while talking on the phone without anyone else, anyway, those supervisors were arguing themselves. .

“A friend came back from the United States, and we were partying.”

“Men and women?” Ou Mingxuan asked nervously immediately.

Xia Yuxun rolled her eyes, “Man.”

Ou Mingxuan suddenly wailed, “Baby, are you going to abandon me? Baby, but did you forget who said you are responsible for me!”

“Ou Mingxuan! What are you thinking about! When am I? I promised…”

Before Xia Yuxun finished speaking, the phone was suddenly held by a strong force, and then the big palm followed her hand with the phone and pressed it against the wall.

“Xiao Xun! Xiao Xun? Toot toot——”

Leng Sichen squeezed her hand neatly, and a tingling came, and the phone fell to the ground, and then he locked her hands on top of his head and pressed her with one leg Struggle.

All the actions were done in one go.

This bastard, can you not be so proficient in molesting!

“Leng Sichen, what are you doing?”

“Is that all you want to do just now? Huh?” Leng Sichen gritted his teeth.

“What do you want?” Seeing this guy’s expression is so terrifying, wouldn’t it be that she wanted to break her leg?

Xia Yuxun said that while struggling violently, thinking about whether to give him a shoulder fall, suddenly felt a sticky liquid flowing through his hands.

Blood ……

it was his blood ……

this moment of soft-hearted enough to make him achieve the goal, he suddenly rudely with his sleeve to wipe her lips, then bowed his head ……

Xia Yu Xun: “……”

accompanied by a lip Soft, Xia Yuxun has completely become a mummy.

I don’t know how long he finally let her go, squeezed her chin firmly, approached her and warned, “You are not enough to pester me, you are going to provoke Sche! I warn you not to approach him, Sche It’s not someone you can covet, and the Leng family will never allow you to exist! Understand?”

Xia Yuxun was silent, and laughed at himself after a moment.

Heh, it turns out that I was afraid that he would harm his precious brother after transferring the object…

For this reason, he even condescended to do something like this to comfort her…

Xia Yuxun said nothing, just silently took out the alcohol and cotton from the bag Ball, took Leng Sichen’s hand, concentrated on cleaning his wounds, and then continued to take out iodine and gauze under Leng Sichen’s shocked eyes…

“You actually put this kind of thing in your bag?” Leng Sichen The expression is a bit indescribable.

Xia Yuxun bandaged the wound, without even looking at him.

As he was about to enter the private room, he was violently pulled by Leng Sichen, “What do you mean? Ignore me? Did you understand what I said just now? I’ll repeat it again, don’t trouble Sche, you It’s enough to bother me!”

“President, I understand, is this okay? Can you let me go?” Xia Yuxun said blankly, and his eyes fell on his wrist.

After feeling the strength in her hands loosened, Xia Yuxun immediately opened the box door and walked in.

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