Chapter 20 Are You Willing To Marry Me?

Just hearing his ambiguous joke, Liang Jiajia felt like a knife. It is an insult to Song Anjiu to have a relationship with a man as perfect as a god like Shu Yiying. After getting along these days, she admires Fu Chenshang more and more. She feels that he is so many times more attractive than those naive boys, and she can feel that Fu Chenshang also likes herself very much.

“Not in a hurry.” Fu Chenshang’s gaze was impartial, focusing on Song Anjiu from beginning to end. That gaze made Liang Jiajia almost bit her teeth with hatred.

In fact, he woke up from the sound of the teacup falling to the ground and clearly heard every sentence of their argument. Every word was poked into people’s hearts, but the girl only said two sentences from beginning to end, not even a word of resistance, some only disdain.

Ignoring her nondescript dress and heavy makeup, these eyes really made him shocking by surprise. He was clearly overwhelmed with despair, hatred and sorrow, but his face was not crying, but the opposite arrogance and arrogance.

How did she do it?

With such a wonderful disguise with a strong self-abuse color, those silent and crying eyes that don’t care to cover up make people feel distressed to the bone.

I can’t remember how many years I have been cold-blooded. At this moment he really felt distressed.

“An Jiu, would you like to marry me?” His action said that before thinking.

-One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Song Anjiu stared at him blankly, then blinked, then blinked again, it was probably an idiot look.

Fu Chenshang didn’t mind at all, and chuckled lightly, that laughter was like a poison called bewitching.

“Marry me, you can leave this home.”

Song Anjiu suddenly raised his head, his eyes no longer careless, but scrutiny.

“I swear, I’m serious. As long as you nod and agree, I can take you away immediately. No one can stop you.” Fu Chen’s voice was arrogant and self-confident, and his face was harmless to humans and animals, and he had no consciousness of seducing a girl.

The bewitching flower was in full bloom, spreading layer by layer to the wall of her heart.

“…Really?” Song Anjiu said in a daze unconsciously.

“Of course, no one

can care about you in the future.” Liang Dong was shocked when he heard it, and kept wiping his sweat. “Cough, that, Mr. Fu, this joke is not allowed!”

Zhou Jingyi also hurried over to pull Song Anjiu away, “Mr. Fu Maybe I just think it’s fun for a while! This girl is

ignorant , and if you really entangle you, you’ll be in trouble!” Liang Jiajia was so anxious that he didn’t know what to do, so he went out and took his arm boldly, “Yes! Brother Fu, don’t play. ! Be careful of being entangled!”

After speaking, he said to Song Anjiu, “What are you doing in a daze! There are guests here today and it is not convenient to receive you. You should go back first!”

Song Xingguo and Fang Ru were in a fog. Shui, because he didn’t know the identity of Fu Chenshang, and seeing that Liang Dong and Zhou Jingyi were so nervous, they felt that they should have a lot of background, so they were cautious not to interrupt and watch the development of the situation.

Song Anjiu couldn’t listen to anyone’s words anymore, Fu Chenshang’s words kept echoing in her mind repeatedly, because she was too longing and eager, even if it was a fantasy, even if she woke up more painful, she couldn’t stop herself.

Fu Chenshang calmly opened Liang Jiajia’s hand and ignored the noise of Liang Dong and his wife. He walked up to Song Anjiu step by step, looking at her like a pool, without any joking in it, right? “

” Fu brother! “Liang Jiajia anxious stomping, went to seek Andrea Jones,” mom, you behold! “

Rumor has it that the second young master of the Fu family is extremely deep, and its secretive behavior is unpredictable. I don’t know what he meant by this matter today. The husband and wife didn’t know what to do, Song Xingguo was completely in the posture of “This is your territory, and you will naturally handle things if something goes wrong”, regardless of whether the person involved is his biological daughter.

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