Chapter 2 holds a parent meeting for his wife

“What?” The man’s low voice made her come back to her senses. Shu Xiao Du larva

“…… you coming back?”

“Yeah?” “Ah,

a little.” Fearless Song Anjou first distress, and finally bite the bullet and open, “Tomorrow my parents’ meeting. “


Song Anjiu was a little angry, saying that if he understands this, he still doesn’t understand?

“Can you come and help me hold a parent-teacher conference!” She gritted her teeth and said every word of her humiliation.

His newly-married young wife asked him to help hold a parent-teacher meeting. The man on the other end of the phone was silent for a long time, as if he really didn’t expect it.

It is not unusual for him to hold a parent-teacher meeting. It is surprising that he held a parent-teacher meeting for the first time, not for his son, but for his wife.

After a while, he replied: “Yes.”

He actually… agreed?

The call was just a medical emergency, she had no hope at all.

“What time?” he asked.


“What time is the meeting?”

“Oh, tomorrow afternoon at two o’clock.”

“I got it.”

Then, she heard him on the other end of the phone asking the assistant to book a flight.


“Is there anything else?”

” Nothing .”

“See you at school tomorrow.”


Song Anjiu hung up in a daze, feeling a little grateful. Not only did he agree, he didn’t ask her why she didn’t ask her parents to hold a parent meeting. In fact, he didn’t ask much.

Suddenly, she was a little nervous. She hadn’t told him that not only was the parent meeting, she also got into trouble…

At night, Song Anjiu suffered from insomnia.


At two o’clock in the afternoon the next day, Song Anjiu arrived at the school and waited at the door.

Today’s parent meeting is mainly to exchange some volunteer questions with parents. If it weren’t for the beating, she wouldn’t need to invite any parents.

The parents arrived one after another, frowning in disgust when she saw her messy dress.

“Why does Sheng Jin have such students?”

“It shouldn’t be Sheng Jin’s! Isn’t it from Minghui next door?”


“Who said, she is Sheng Jin student, the famous crane tail, high school senior I’ve been repeating it for two years!”

“Ah? Really? How come you accept people like Sheng Jin! Don’t spoil the child!”


Song Anjiu leaned slantingly against the gate, his mouth still With a cigarette in his mouth, he turned a deaf ear to these words.

There are fewer and fewer parents gathering at the door, until the parent meeting begins, and occasionally one or two parents hurried over.

Time slowly passed, and an hour passed in a blink of an eye.

Song Anjiu called midway and prompted to shut down.

Probably still on the plane.

Two hours, three hours…

Finally, he didn’t come until the parent meeting was over.

The light of waiting was like a cigarette butt in his hand annihilated a little bit, and his anxiety was completely calmed down.

Probably crazy, I would actually believe a stranger…

Finally, it was the head teacher who was waiting, “Finally found you, follow me to the principal’s office.”

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