Chapter 19 How about going with me?

An Jiu put his chin on, after listening to them quarreling for a long time, he finally understood why. Shu Yinying was

nothing more than that neither side wanted her anymore.

I glanced at the people on the opposite side with nervous eyes, so what is it now? The choice is in her hands?

Did she move her mouth to say that whoever can pull someone into hell?

The feeling of holding the power of life and death in my hand is really joyful. However, it is not enough, how can it be enough to just pull one!

“It’s better to take turns!”

An Jiu’s slow reply was unanimously opposed by everyone.

Then came another round of never-ending quarrels.

“An Jiu, it’s not that my mother doesn’t want you, you can have a better life with your father, and your mother is for your own good!”

“You woman, don’t have a lot of fakes! Liang Dong has made a fortune, and making so much money can’t raise his mouth even more. Start?”

“Song Xingguo, you are still shameless. At first it was you who wanted to grab Anjiu’s custody rights from me.”

“Come on! You think I want it, it’s not your-mother-forced!”

An Jiu’s face has always been smiling lightly, watching them arguing, but I can’t hear what they’re arguing. I only know that they are doing everything they can to isolate her from their own world. One sentence, cut her one piece and one piece less trouble…At

this moment, a man’s slightly teasing voice suddenly came from behind him in an untimely manner—

“Since both sides are so embarrassed, how about going to me?”

Liang Dong looked at the man leaning on the door of the guest room for not knowing how long he had stood, and immediately showed an expression of chagrin, but soon tried to calm down, and said in panic and embarrassment, “Mr. Fu woke up? He slept last night. How’s it going?”

Their company recently took a big order and sent him to receive this Buddha-Fu Chenshang, the second master of EK Group. Originally, the hotel had been arranged, but Fu Chenshang heard that his place was clean and proposed to stay at his house for a few days.

When Liang Dong heard that he had the opportunity to get close to such a big man, he would naturally not refuse. Moreover, he was very confident in his wife’s taste. He bought a manor on the hillside. The house was designed by her from the inside to the outside. He is full of praise, and he has a lot of face.

Sure enough, Fu Chenshang was very satisfied, coupled with Jiajia’s innocence and charming, the atmosphere has always been very good, everything went smoothly originally, I did not expect Song Xingguo to make trouble at this time, and he was reluctant to persuade him to change. Must end the matter now and now.

Fortunately, Fu Chenshang drank outside last night and came back very late. He hasn’t woken up yet. He can only pretend to be calm and relax the atmosphere, hoping to solve the problem before Fu Chenshang wakes up, but he did not expect it to be seen by others. It’s a joke, and I don’t know if it will leave a bad impression, which affects future cooperation.

“Yes.” Fu Chenshang simply responded to Liang Dong, and then his eyes were still locked with Song Anjiu’s interest. “How about a little girl?”

Liang Dong hurriedly said, “Mr. Fu, stop joking.”

Although it was just a joke, Zhou Jingyi still frowned, feeling that he was unkind by eavesdropping on other people’s family affairs. It was even more disrespectful to ridicule at this moment, but because of his identity, it was not easy to say anything, so she had to turn her words away. Mr.

Fu, would you like to have a drink?” “Brother Fu, I’ll take you there!” Liang Jiajia hurriedly greeted him, obviously not wanting Fu Chenshang to have too much contact with Song Anjiu.

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