Chapter 19 Big Tail Wolf

“But, Xiaoxun…” Leng Siche looked away sadly.

She liked her brother so much, it would be too cruel to ask her to do this with herself in front of her brother.

Xia Yuxun suddenly burst into laughter, “Ache, can you not be so pitiful, so I can’t help but want to bully you!”

Leng Siche looked at Xia Yuxun with anger and anger. .

This girl is still in the mood for joking!

“Hey! Don’t be afraid! It will be fine in a while!” Xia Yuxun said, gently taking off his glasses… At

that moment, Bai Qianning suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of crisis, and that pure and lovely face was not at all. Uncompetitive.

However, after all, she was just a little girl who didn’t know anything about the world, she couldn’t even pack herself, let alone grab a man with her.

In the eyes of everyone with different thoughts, Xia Yuxun slowly approached…

and Leng Siche had completely froze…

Xia Yuxun was about to laugh, and Leng Siche was too innocent! It made her look like a big bad wolf eating a little white rabbit!

Speaking of it, in fact, except for her Xia Yuxun who was crushed to death in front of Leng Sichen, she was an arrogant big-tailed wolf when she went out.

The dragonfly touched and left, but a huge wave was set off in Leng Siche’s heart…

Probably because Leng Siche’s reaction was too great, the gangster such as Xia Yuxun couldn’t help but blush.

“Hey, hey, time is too short! I didn’t even see it! Don’t bring this!” Han Qiyu roared dissatisfiedly.

“Then you don’t have a time limit!” Xia Yuxun pouted, concealing his embarrassment with drinking.

“Hey, mistakes and mistakes! I should set three minutes!

Ache, I’m sorry for you! Ah it hurts—” Han Qiyu who was booing on the side suddenly lowered his voice and screamed, staring at Murphy on the side, “It hurts, hurts, hurts— —You vicious woman! Why pinch me! His—it hurts me!”

“Humph!” Murphy snorted coldly.

Han Qiyu was rubbing his pinched arm sadly, while grinning, stab Leng Siche’s arm with his elbow, and leaned over, “Hey, Che, how do you feel?”

“Qiyu, stop making trouble!” Leng Si Che’s face was reddish.

“Che, I risked my life in order to make you perfect, look at my arm!” Han Qiyu said, shrinking to Leng Siche’s side, rolling up the cuffs exaggeratedly and showing him.

“Ah-Si Chen!”

Bai Qianning screamed and attracted everyone’s attention.

I saw that the wine glass in Leng Sichen’s hand was actually crushed, and all the glass slag plunged into the flesh of his palm, which was shocking.

“President…” Xia Yuxun was also shocked.

Leng Sichen frowned, “You continue, I will take care of it.”

“Si Chen, I will accompany you.”

“No, you accompany Si Che.”

Seeing Leng Sichen leaving, Han Qiyu said with a dry smile. The glass in the bar is of poor quality!”

Xia Yuxun murmured, “This is too bad!” She squeezed the wine glass in her hand foolishly.

“From now on, I lived with a person in my heart. We used to look like a small person. That year, you moved a small bench, and I followed me all the way because of the drama…”

Xia Yuxun’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“I’ll go out and answer the phone.”

When Xia Yuxun left, Han Qiyu still looked surprised. He didn’t expect that guy’s cell phone ringtone was so hurtful, it really didn’t match her temperament.

I thought she would use “nunchaku” or “I haven’t been a big brother for many years.”

Walking out of the private room, Xia Yuxun was hysterical as soon as he got on the phone, “Ou Mingxuan! You bastard, how dare you call me!”

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