Chapter 18 I am Red Heart 2

“Adventure!” Leng Siche said helplessly.

Han Qiyu suddenly slapped his thigh with excitement, “Have the courage!”

After speaking , he murmured inwardly , “Okay! I won’t make it difficult for you! I want you… kiss No. 2!”

This kind of gameplay is really sinister, because Whether No. 2 is a male or female, Leng Sche must kiss.

Is there any mistake? This is even worse than the problem just now!

Murphy’s No. 2 after the hearing, some lost ground slightly glanced at the hands of their own brand, “I am the number 3, you who is No. 2?”

The white one thousand condensate discharge their hand, “I was No. 5.”

Now Only number 1 and number left!

Is No. 2 Leng Sichen or Xia Yuxun?

Only the two of them knew about this problem.

“Could it be Si Chen…” Bai Qianning guessed in a low voice, how could his face look so bad?

Murphy immediately came in interest, with wolves in his eyes, “Really? Really? So there is love! Which of you is attacking and who is suffering?”

“Aha! Of course Che is suffering!” Han Qiyu smiled. .

Murphy immediately retorted, “Not necessarily! In fact, Che’s counterattack will definitely feel even better when I

look at it this way!” Leng Siche looked at these two guys, feeling like he was about to collapse.

“Cough cough…” At this moment, Xia Yuxun coughed slightly to interrupt their conversation, “I am Red Heart 2.”

Leng Sichen’s good-looking brows suddenly frowned.

Leng Sche was taken aback for a moment.

Bai Qianning breathed a sigh of relief.

Murphy’s expression was stiff.

Han Qiyu smirked schemingly.

“Then let’s start! You must obey the rules and accept my punishment unconditionally!” Han Qiyu ambiguously aggravated the punishment.

No way? Do you really want to kiss Leng Sche in front of everyone?

Is this too exaggerated?

However, would it be too disappointing if she refused?

Xia Yuxun subconsciously cast a look at

Leng Sichen for help, but Bai Qianning was by his side, how could he have the mind to notice himself… Han Qiyu looked at Xia Yuxun a little hesitantly, lest the world not chaotically said, “Little Kaoru Kaoru, don’t you know it?”

Xia Yuxun’s face suddenly stiffened, “Nonsense, who said I wouldn’t!” These

words brought back her sad memories in the morning!

Anyway, Leng Sichen already thought he had gone through hundreds of battles, if she acted awkwardly, he might despise him again!

Anyway, it has been misunderstood. Wouldn’t it be a shame not to sit down!

It doesn’t matter if she kisses him or not!


Kiss it!

Seeing the girl’s sad expression, a trace of bitterness flashed in Leng Siche’s eyes. He picked up the wine glass on the table and said, “Qiyu, I will fine three drinks!”

Leng Siche just finished speaking, and Xia Yuxun turned suddenly. Turning around, holding down his hand, “Since you are playing, you can afford to play, how can you not follow the rules of the game. Besides,

Ache , I remember you can’t drink.” Han Qiyu snapped a shot when he heard this. Thigh, “Xiao Xun Xun, I just like your refreshing personality!” What

he hates most is the kind of twisted woman. This Xia Yu Xun’s character really suits his appetite.

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