Chapter 18 attribution

On the day, Song Xingguo brought his wife to the door. Zhou Jingyi was anxious and made dozens of calls to summon Song Anjiu, who was racing outside. Shu Yikian Anjiu

was upset at the time, and accidentally overturned the car when dragging the car. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt to respond quickly and quickly, and it didn’t matter that Shen Huan wanted to take her to the hospital with fear and fear. The motorcycle that turned off the road was dragged up, and then drove directly to Liang’s house, which was even more annoying than the Song’s.

Regardless of the housekeeper screaming in the back to persuade her to change clothes, it is better to go straight in with this humiliated face. Unsurprisingly, as soon as his feet stepped in, Song Xingguo smashed a teacup over.

“Let’s see what you look like!” Song Xingguo saw that she was able to avoid the teacup, and heard the cracking sound on the floor more angry.

An Jiu glanced carelessly and saw Zhou Jingyi, who had avoided her, Liang Jiajia, who was gloating, and Liang Dong and stepmother Fang Ru who looked indistinct.

Today, on this occasion Liang Jiajia As a junior could have been inconvenient presence, but she was too worried about a weak moment, Andrea Jones will take over the custody of the Song of Anjou, Polishing hard

bubbles do not want to shy away, she wanted to personally check, in short, absolutely can not let her into the Ka The door, that is her home.

An Jiu dragged a chair and sat down with a grin, “Today, everyone is there. Don’t talk nonsense. Just tell me what you call me back!”

“Asshole!!! Who do you think you are talking to!” If there is a tea cup on hand, Song Xingguo must have thrown it out again.

“Zhou Jingyi, you saw it! This is the good daughter you gave birth to! Anyway, I can’t teach it! If she is good, let’s see how she looks like now. Would it be like this if you spend a little bit of money?”

“At the time of the divorce, the court ruled that An Jiu belonged to you. Now that you marry a wife and give birth to a son, you are in trouble and want to push it to me. You want to be beautiful! I tell you, it’s impossible! Also, what is my birth Good daughter, isn’t it your daughter?”

Song Xingguo glanced at Liang Dong and smiled viciously, “Who knows if it’s my daughter!”

“Song Xingguo, don’t deceive people too much! What kind of father is there? What kind of daughter is there! Just look at your face to know who she is!” The ex-husband brought his wife to the door and insulted herself in front of her husband and daughter. Zhou Jingyi could no longer maintain her noble and elegant posture. Also began to speak without a word.

“You don’t throw any dirty water on me. If you want people to know that you can’t do anything else! Are you afraid of others to say if you do a good job?” Song Xingguo is usually a gentleman, but once he meets Zhou Jingyi’s education Forget about it.

“You…” Zhou Jingyi, who was out of control, wanted to say, but was held back by Liang Dong.

Without paying any attention to Song Xingguo’s words, Liang Dong said calmly, “Calm down, today we are here to solve the problem.”

Liang Dong is no longer what he used to be, and he has a bit of confidence in his speech.

“Then what do you say?” Zhou Jingyi asked dejectedly.

“Why, ask An Jiu’s opinion, ask who she would like to follow?” Liang Dongzhuang suggested understandingly.

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes fell on Song Anjiu, and Liang Jiajia straightened up even more nervously, staring at her warningly, afraid that she would say to Zhou Jingyi.

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