Chapter 17 Truth

Both Bai Qianning and Murphy were very interested and actively responded , “Okay!”

Xia Yuxun blinked, “I played in school, it seems very interesting!” Han Qiyu smiled badly, “Xiao Xun Kaoru, what we played is different from what you played when you were in school!”

“Are the rules of the game different?” Xia Yuxun asked suspiciously.

Han Qiyu smiled mysteriously, “You’ll know later! How about it, do you guys play it?”

“You can play, but don’t go too far.” Leng Siche gave Han Qiyu a headache. There is this guy here, absolutely Don’t worry about the cold, but I’m afraid he is overheated.

Today is to pick up the wind and dust for Leng

Siche. Naturally, Leng Sichen will not distract everyone, “You are free, I will be with you.” “Let’s start!” Han Qiyu drew a ghost from a deck of cards on the table. The cards and five red hearts of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

In the first game, Murphy drew a ghost card.

Murphy lifted her blond hair elegantly, “I’ll order…Number 4! Who is number 4?”

“It’s me!” The speaker was Leng Sche.

Murphy asked with interest: “How? Truth, or a big risk?”

“Truth!” Knowing the vicious factor in Murphy’s bones, Leng Sche decided to choose a little insurance.

“I am more interested in… Sche, who did you meet for the first time?” Murphy’s eyes glowed.

“Puff–” Xia Yuxun’s red wine spurted out.

“Xiaoxun, are you okay?” Leng Siche patted her back with some embarrassment.

“Ahem, nothing, nothing!” Xia Yuxun waved his hand.

OMG! Ache’s first time? Murphy actually asked such a hot question?

However, she really wants to know!

“Say it! If you don’t say it, it’s a big risk!” Murphy urged.

Han Qiyu smirked, “Murphy, you are afraid this question is not true!”

“What do you mean?” Murphy was puzzled.

“With my wife.” Leng Sche replied.

“What? Si Chen when did you get married?” Xia Yuxun asked stupidly.

Leng Sichen cursed in a low voice, “Idiot!”

“Hahaha… Che means to talk to his future wife, God, Che hasn’t had any experience yet. This is too pure, right now, what man is there? The first time I was with my wife…” As

soon as Han Qiyu’s voice fell, Murphy struck him hard, “You think all men are the same as you!”

“Hiss…what happened to me? I am Is it normal? If you don’t believe me, ask Brother Leng!”

During the fight, the second round began.

Xia Yuxun started to feel a little trembling, why didn’t he realize this game was so scary before?

In this round, Han Qiyu drew a ghost card.

Han Qiyu smiled triumphantly, looked at Leng Sche ill-intentionally, and said in a gloomy manner, “Tell you, I play this very well! Generally if I draw a ghost card, I think in my heart Whoever clicks it!”

Xia Yuxun looked disbelief.

“I don’t believe it! Humph~ I will still order Siche this time! I order Heart 4!” Han Qiyu said, while drawing out the card in Leng Siche’s hand, it was actually number 4.

Xia Yuxun felt like a thunderstorm, “Isn’t it so evil?”

Che is so pitiful! Made so two bad friends!

“Okay, stop worshiping me! Let’s start the game! Truth or adventure?”


“Truth, right? Well, I want to ask…Che, the first time you had that kind of dream Who did you dream about?” Han Qiyu smiled wickedly.

This question won’t be unfounded anymore!

“Puff–” Xia Yuxun sprayed wine again.

She decided that she would never drink anything next time they asked a question.

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