Chapter 17 day

An Jiu’s mother Zhou Jingyi’s family is a scholar from generation to generation, and she lost her father in her early years, leaving her mother Ruan Yun to take care of her family’s career, and devote all her efforts to Zhou Jingyi, the only daughter. Before marrying Song Xingguo, Zhou Jingyi had a childhood sweetheart, Liang Dong. Because of bad family circumstances, he was always speculative. Ruan Yun was not happy. Under Ruan Yun’s firm opposition, Zhou Jingyi finally married Song Xingguo, the candidate chosen by her mother.

One is arrogant, the other is male chauvinism, and life after marriage can be imagined. The contradiction has been suppressed because of the concern about the impact on the company’s stocks. Because of the stability, Song Xingguo has worked in foreign branches all the year round, and Zhou Jingyi is also working in other places, the relationship between the two has eased slightly.

It was not until An Jiu was three years old that Zhou Jingyi and Liang Dong had a secret love, and they even concealed the fact that everyone secretly gave birth to a daughter outside, and the conflict intensified. Ruan Yun pulled his face down and went to the Song’s family to apologize in person. He vowed not to allow Zhou Jingyi to see Liang Dong and the illegitimate daughter again, and promised a lot of benefits, so that he didn’t get divorced.

After that, although Zhou Jingyi was trapped in Song’s house, her heart remained with Liang Dong’s father and daughter. One is the dispensable daughter born to the man who ruined her life’s happiness, and the other is the daughter who couldn’t meet with the beloved man. The closeness can be seen at a glance.

Since then, Song Xingguo has also looked for women outside openly. Sometimes in order to provoke Zhou Jingyi, she even took them home for the night. Zhou Jingyi had long stopped hoping for Song Xingguo and just turned a deaf ear. Once Xiao Anjiu teased the woman for protecting her mother and was severely beaten by Song Xingguo. At that time, Zhou Jingyi was full of only Liang Jiajia, who was missing day and night, only when An Jiu was naughty and troubled her, except for a word of upset and maintenance.

This situation lasted until An Jiu was ten years old. That year, Liang Jiajia became seriously ill and was dying of life. She almost couldn’t save it. It was also that incident that made Zhou Jingyi maternally inflicted and mustered the courage to rebellious against Ruan Yun, at all consequences. Xingguo divorced and returned to Liang Dong and his daughter. The incident was very ugly at the time. Ruan Yun was so angry that he couldn’t afford to be ill. He has been in poor health since then and passed away a few years ago.

In this family, the only person who maintained An Jiu, and the only person who could allow An Jiu to stand still and listen to the words, died.

After that, Song Anjiu’s rebellion reached its peak.

If it hadn’t been for the existence of Fu Jingxi from time to time to remind her of her teenage heart, perhaps it would have been even more trouble now.

After his parents divorced, An Jiu returned to Song Anguo’s side, but because she really didn’t make people worry, she made the house restless, and the little wife was blowing pillow breeze in his ears, Song Xingguo cruelly decided to give up Anjiu’s custody.

The daughter is not his own. Why should he teach him alone? If he is taught well, no one will say that he is good. It is his fault if he fails to teach. He is a director of a listed company. First the woman cheated, then the daughter cheated. , I almost lost my face. Finally married his wife and gave birth to a big fat boy. He must get rid of everything in the past and start a new life.

After learning about Song Xingguo’s plan, Zhou Jingyi naturally refused. She would return to the life she wanted at all costs. How could she accept this mess again and make Liang Dong embarrassed?

The day that Fu Chenshang appeared was the day An Jiu’s biological parents, stepmother and stepdad, younger siblings, all gathered together to discuss the issue of An Jiu’s belonging.

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