Chapter 16 Strange Atmosphere

“Sister-in-law’s clothes are also very valuable! Brother bought it?” Leng Siche looked at Bai Qianning’s little beige dress unintentionally, and quietly broke the topic.

Although Bai Qianning was unwilling to give up the problem that embarrassed Xia Yuxun, she still didn’t want to spoil the rare atmosphere, and said in a good mood, “This is the women’s clothing on the cover of the last issue of Xiuke magazine. I just said I like it very much. It appeared on my company’s desk the next day!”

“Oh? Really?” Leng Siche gave Leng Sichen a teasing look. “Unexpectedly, when the elder brother is still so romantic, the sister-in-law is really well-trained. “

Sche, you are talking nonsense again!” Bai Qianning’s face was sweet.

“Brother is too partial, I don’t have this treatment if I dote on my sister-in-law so much.” Leng Siche said viciously.

Leng Siche would only show such a childish side in front of Leng Sichen.

“I spoil my own wife, do you have an opinion?” Leng Sichen embraced Bai Qianning and gave Leng Siche a sideways look.

In the corner, Xia Yuxun’s nails were unknowingly pinched into the flesh of her palms.

It’s just that she didn’t get the entrance to Leng Sichen’s school as she wished. At that time, Leng Sichen met Bai Qianning. He was a good man, she was a talented girl and she was a good story.

However, even if he kept guarding him at that time, would there be a result?

Now, the only thing she has is probably the memories…

“Xia Yuxun! I’ve said so many times that

I’m not allowed to hook up with other boys! Look at what you look like!” “Xia Yuxun, can you be gentle! Except for me! Who can stand you!”

“Xia Yuxun, are you stupid? You’ve got this question wrong three times!”

“Xia Yu Xun, do not cry! You cry even more ugly! Why are you so concerned about other people’s eyes, starting today, you just need to care about my vision, understand it or not?”


grievances can be told is not real Grievance, a lover who can be robbed is not a lover.

Leng Sichen thought you were just starting to get tired of me, but suddenly realized that I had never owned you for so many years, and you did not give me any vows. We have never…no relationship…

look at them A few talked and laughed and no longer entangled with his clothes, Xia Yuxun breathed a sigh of relief, picked up the fruit plate and ate in silence.

Here, she is not the protagonist of happiness, just an extra foil.

She knew very well that she still had to be invisible when she should be invisible.

“Xiao Xun, eat this!” Leng Sche took out the strawberry from his plate and handed it to her lips.

Seeing Xia Yuxun stunned, Leng Siche rubbed the soft bangs on her forehead, “What stupid you are! Don’t you like this?”


Xia Yuxun was about to reach out, but Leng Siche Hid away.

“Ah! Open your mouth!”

Uh, directly, stuffed it in… It’s

dangerous, almost bit his finger…

Reminiscent of an impure experience one night, Xia Yuxun’s face flushed suddenly.

As soon as Xia Yuxun blushed, Leng Siche blushed awkwardly.

On the other side, Bai Qianning was gently exhorting, ” Sichen , drink less wine, your stomach is not good!”

Murphy and Han Qiyu looked at each other, they were a little chilly, how did they feel the atmosphere is so strange?

Han Qiyu couldn’t bear the surging feeling of the undercurrent, and coughed slightly, “It’s so boring! Let’s play a game! Truth or Dare!”

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