Chapter 16 It is inexplicably moved

because Fu Chenshang kindly didn’t toss her any more in the next few days, so Song Anjiu started to insomnia again. Shu Xiao Du larva

She also mentioned that he had told people not used to sleep with this thing, but he did not mean to sleep points ahead of bed, and said get used to it.

She didn’t want to get used to sleeping with him!

I slept too lightly. I woke up in the middle of the night and found that there was a bright light on the head of the bed. Fu Chenshang was not asleep yet. He was looking at a pile of documents and materials. Under the soft light, what did he look like wearing glasses? How focused and charming.

After realizing the adjective he crowned him in his heart, Song Anjiu immediately sighed to himself, a charming ghost, clearly a gentle scum.

By the way, since he is so busy and has to work in the middle of the night, why not go to work, but must stay at home?

How keen to toss himself!

Under curiosity, Song Anjiu quietly raised his eyes and glanced at what Fu Chenshang was holding, and caught a glimpse of a table. The numbers in the table were faintly: 7, 8, 22, 3, 0, 0…

Why do you think this string of numbers? Some inexplicable familiarity?

what! She remembered, isn’t this her college entrance examination results for each course last year!

Song Anjiu was taken aback, and continued to look at it, and found that not only last year, the form almost included her grades from childhood to growth, and even after the form there was the evaluation of her class teacher…

Song Anjiu was uncertain. In my heart, I felt more curious and unbearable like a cat scratching, so I slightly propped my arm and wanted to continue to look down, but saw Fu Chenshang turn a page, and the eye-catching purpose was her archives of each session, which listed her all kinds of things.

Bad deeds… “Baby, if you can do a bad thing without fail, you can count on it.”

Song Anjiu was taken aback. He looked up and saw that Fu Chenshang had discovered that she was awake at some point, and looked at her with a smile.

Song Anjiu was choked, but he didn’t have time to care about him at the moment. He was completely affected by the things in his hand, and he simply got up, eagerly leaning over to look.

Fu Chenshang chuckled lightly, without covering up, and let her take a look at it slowly.

The information is so detailed that she can’t even remember many things!

For example, in the third grade of elementary school, the trousers of Xiao Zhengtai were taken off to study the structure of the house; in the sixth grade of elementary school, he hooked up with the handsome boy and dumped him. Later, the boy sat on the top floor of the school and committed suicide. When I molested the intern teacher who had just arrived, they scared them away alive… As for after high school, I changed the same table for eight times, until Fu Jingxi sat next to her, and the rest was nothing more than fights, drag racing, skipping school, and premature love. Pieces do not fall.

Fu Chenshang looked thoughtful. According to the high school data, although she confessed that she fell in love with Fu Jingxi at first sight, she really only regarded him as a buddy and didn’t mean to get involved, otherwise she wouldn’t have changed her boyfriends one after another. And since she first saw Fu Jingxi in the examination room of the high school entrance examination, it was accidental that she and Fu Jingxi were in the same school. There should be another reason for her sudden hard work in the third grade.

Here Song Anjiu is more and more frightened as he looks at him, wondering, “How did you get these?”

“You don’t need to know about this.”

“It’s related to me, why can’t I know! Why are you investigating me!” Song Although what An Jiu said was dissatisfaction, he was obviously lacking in confidence.

Originally, she was very angry that her privacy was spread out in front of others, but when she turned to the back, she saw a handwritten analysis plan, which was visually written by Fu Chenshang, although she only saw it when she applied for the marriage certificate. He wrote, but his font was vigorous and sharp, his momentum seemed to jump out of the paper, she recognized it at a glance…

She grew up and never had anyone cared about her things so attentively, summarized her learning, and made plans for her to plan for the future. She still remembers that year. She was waiting for a compliment from the adult with a Shengjin Admission Notice, but in the end it was everyone’s ignorance…

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