Chapter 15 I want a divorce!

Fu Chenshang restrained her and sat on her lap in two or two strokes, “Yes, turn on the loudspeaker.”

Song An said in a hurry, just wanting to answer the phone quickly.

Fu Chenshang pressed twice and handed her the phone.

“Hey, Jing Xi!”

Hearing the joyful voice at the moment she connected the phone, Fu Jingxi’s heart that had been raised in the air jumped uncontrollably and then fell back to the original place, “What happened?”

Warmly The voice almost made Song Anjiu burst into tears. In the past few days, she has been treated so cruelly and inhumanly. The huge changes that happened suddenly made her feel at a loss. Although she wanted to talk to him, she would call herself if she wanted to tell the truth. Second aunt, she couldn’t open that mouth.

Her original intention was to anger those people, but she didn’t want to make Fu Jingxi angry. If he knew he had married a stranger so recklessly, who was still his second uncle, what would he think of himself.

“Something went wrong, but it’s all resolved now.” She replied with force.

“That’s good. Have dinner together tonight?” Fu Jingxi’s original intention was to ask before meeting.

Hearing this, Fu Chenshang raised his eyebrows quite unexpectedly. He had never heard of a girl Fu Jingxi took the initiative to invite for dinner. Moreover, the imperceptible gentle tone is definitely not a fake mask.

Here his little wife is smiling like a trumpet flower, “Okay, okay, okay! Ah–“

“What’s wrong?” the voice on the other end of the phone asked.

Song Anjiu trembled and flushed, and pulled out someone’s hand that he had touched in her shirt. He glared at him bitterly, but he couldn’t ignore his warning eyes. The most feared thing was that Fu Jingxi found out, and finally worked hard. Steady voice and replied, “It’s okay, but suddenly I remember that I have something tonight, and may not be able to go.” In

that tone, don’t mention too depressed.

“It’s okay, next time!” Fu Jingxi vaguely noticed something wrong, but couldn’t tell what was wrong.

“Well, bye.”

Hanging up the phone, Song Anjiu said with a calm face, “Are you satisfied?” “You

agree to other men’s dating requests in front of your husband. Do you think you are reasonable?” Fu Chenshang’s voice was cold. Ice slag.

“I…” Why can he say so embarrassingly that it’s just a friend meeting.

“Anyway, you are justified in everything!” Song Anjiu shouted unconvinced.

“That’s the truth.”

“The truth is that you imprisoned me illegally! Why do you not allow me to see my friends, or cut off my contact with the outside world!”

Fu Chen looked down at her with a mayfly look, “I am happy.”

Song Anjiu almost fainted, “I want a divorce!”

“You say it again!”

“I want a divorce, I want a divorce, I want a divorce!”

Fu Chenshang dismissed her sloppy, “Dead this heart,” Without my consent, you can only be mine for the rest of your life.”

“Then we’ll see you in court. I must leave this marriage. Even if Liang Jiajia ridicules me, I must leave!” She finally discovered that there are still people in this world. Someone who hates more than Liang Jiajia, now she doesn’t want to be with him for a moment, just wants to leave, at all costs. There is a saying, but for the sake of freedom, everything can be thrown away!

“You can try.”

“Fu Chenshang, you better not let me catch you!” She didn’t believe that he had no flaws.

Or do you lie to him to beat yourself up and say that it is domestic violence? No, no, this is too cruel!

That means he has an affair! Correct! Even if you can’t catch a small third, you must create a small third.

Thinking of this, Song Anjiu suddenly gained momentum.

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