Chapter 14 Xia Yuxun, you are dead!

“Uh… Chief… President? I’m lost…” Xia Yuxun replied with insufficient confidence.

“Idiot!” Leng Sichen glanced at her contemptuously, then took her hand and led her to the private room without expression.

The temperature of his palm made her dazed.

Why did she always make some ambiguous actions when she was about to give up…

Why didn’t he come with Bai Qianning?

Xia Yuxun took him to the door of the box with a heavy heart, and suddenly recovered the moment he opened the door to stop, and drew his hand from his palm.

Leng Sichen frowned and looked at her.

“In case Miss Bai sees it and misunderstands it.” She explained.

Leng Sichen sneered, “Are you worried about this?”

“You…” Bastard! He meant that she was hypocritical, but in fact, I wish Bai Qianning misunderstood, right?

She wished that they would break up, but she would not use such infamous means!

Whether this guy has advanced menopause, especially in the past few days, he has been irritating to her.

Xia Yuxun thought more and more angry, evil grew from the side of her gall, first glared at him, then quickly rushed over and stepped on his foot. After stepping on, she made a face and flashed into the box.

Leng Sichen didn’t expect that she would come out like this, and the pain made her forehead sweat.

Xia Yuxun, you are dead!

into the box, Xia Yu smoked a corner and saw a woman wearing a white dress, but quickly look away, look to is speaking with a friend Che Adams cold.

Seeing her eyes lit up, Leng Siche hurriedly greeted her and introduced her: “Xiao Xun, you are here! Let me introduce to you, these are my classmates in the United States, Han Qiyu, Murphy!”

” Hello , Xia Yuxun ! ” “

hello. “girl named Murphy tease tease the other end of his own eye-catching golden big waves, simply say hello, and then quietly looked at her, then let her eyes inexplicable bit uncomfortable.

“Hello, I’ve heard the name for a long time!” Han Qiyu stretched out his hand kindly, and looked back at her and Leng Siche.

Know the name for a long time? Xia Yuxun looked at Leng Sche with some doubts.

Leng Siche coughed and started talking, “Everyone sits down and talks! By the way, sister-in-law, why hasn’t my brother come yet?”

Bai Qianning was originally upset when she saw Xia Yuxun. With a cry of sister-in-law, Che’s eyebrows were immediately beamed, “Si Chen said that the company still has something to deal with. It will be there later, and it should be on the way by now.”

Obviously at the door! Xia Yuxun whispered in her heart.

But why hasn’t he come in yet? Wouldn’t it be too hard to break the foot bones? With her strength, it’s really possible…

Since just now, I felt that the girl named Murphy had been looking at herself. Xia Yuxun turned her head and smiled politely at her.

Murphy was holding his head with one hand, turning the wine glass with the other hand, and suddenly asked, “I heard that you and Che are childhood sweethearts?”

Xia Yuxun smiled, “It’s just that when I was a child, he lived close to his home. His home was a mansion. The villa, my house is a small martial arts gym next to it. Because it is in the suburbs, there are not many people living, and there are fewer children of the same age, so I often play together when I was young.”

In fact , she always visits them every time . , Leng Siche is not in good health, often just watching them from the sidelines.

Leng Sichen was harassed by her before he followed her to fool around. However, although he was unwilling to follow her every time, but in the end it was him who played the most crazy and made her carry him on his back. I’ve been in a scapegoat several times, because the adults will never believe that his gentle eldest master did those wicked things.

In short, that guy Leng Sichen has been very black since he was a child!

The contempt in Murphy’s eyes flashed by, “Martial arts? Che said that you fight very hard?”

Xia Yuxun laughed dryly, and the hand underneath quietly pinched Leng Si Che, and everyone went to America. I didn’t forget to smear her image in front of others!

Leng Siche frowned in pain, daring not to speak.

Still the same violence!

However, I really like this familiar feeling.

Although I have been away for so long, all the cordial feelings have returned in just one day.

She is still the same as the sunny girl in the memory.

That’s great!

At this moment, the injured Leng Sichen opened the door and walked in.

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