Chapter 14 people could not look countenance


big, male dormitory that makes people unable to look directly . Su Muyang, Fu

Jingxi’s roommate on the upper bunk, flipped through the magazine and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was already lunch time, and the girl had already rushed up like a gust of wind at this time.

Because of her attire, for two full years, the uncle in charge of downstairs did not realize that she was a girl. Every time she came here, she was unimpeded.

Zhu Meng, who was on the opposite side, took out his wallet and counted the money. “It seems that I am going to buy roses by myself again today.”

Su Muyang held up his middle finger with contempt . I ‘m so embarrassed !”

“Recycle it! Jing Xi won’t do it after receiving his heart. Besides, he doesn’t like that girl anyway. Jing Xi?”

Fu Jingxi paused when he cleaned up the desk, not knowing what he was thinking.

“Call to ask? Maybe something happened!” He Xiao, who went to buy food downstairs, came back and heard their discussion and suggestions.

When Zhu Meng saw the meal came, he rushed up to take his share, “Do you still have to ask, I must have given up! People have been chasing after two years and Jing Xi hasn’t agreed. But it’s even stranger if they agree.” Well, ha, that kind of person…”

Fu Jingxi’s expression has not changed from beginning to end, but he said lightly, “We are just friends.” The

three of them sighed, and they didn’t plan to treat you as a friend.

Although this girl looks a little shabby, she has a particularly strange taste, and her personality is a bit silly, but she really doesn’t say that she can deliver meals when she’s hungry, umbrellas on rainy days, and medicines when she gets sick. She feels so desperate to Fu Jingxi, and even to them. These roommates are also very good.

She is not the only woman chasing Fu Jingxi, but she is special! Not only is it particularly heartbroken, but also…

ugly! Although it’s a bit unkind to say that, it’s really ugly so that people can’t look directly at it…It’s no wonder that the makeup is so heavy, I am afraid that the lethality of the makeup is a qualitative leap.

Who dares to chase Fu Jingxi if there is no beauty inside or outside the school? That is why she dared to hold on to this respect for two years, so that Big A has been rumored that there is a gangster stalking Fu Jingxi.

With Fu Jingxi’s coexistence of beauty and wisdom, her personality is super good and almost perfect as a god, she is really unreasonable when she really looks at her.


haven’t seen Fu Jingxi for several days. Song Anjiu doesn’t eat well and sleeps well. It’s the same eggplant with cream.

This was all because of a certain abnormality who kept her in the house where she was not allowed to go. It was called to exercise her concentration.

She has been stocked for too long, and now the first step for her to adapt to staying at home and studying is to “live in a house”!

“Fu Chenshang, return the phone to me! I will be worried if Jing Xi can’t get in touch!” Song Anjiu slumped on the sofa next to Fu Chenshang, being locked up to lose his temper.

Fu Chenshang was dealing with a large number of documents sent by his assistant early in the morning, and he sneered, “Don’t feel so good about yourself. Your phone does not have a call from Fu Jingxi, only one called Shen Huan.”

“You lie. ! I go to him every day, how can he not contact me if I don’t go suddenly?”

“I’m afraid I’m tired of it a long time ago, I hope you don’t go.”

Song Anjiu was irritated and stood up excitedly, “You nonsense !”

After speaking, he hesitated and asked cautiously, “Did Jing Xi say something to you?”

Fu Chen Shang looked at her with a crying expression, and replied after being silent for a while, “No.”

She instantly relaxed. He murmured, “Jing Xi is my best friend.” While

she was talking, her mobile phone rang suddenly, and the ringtone was–

“Jing Xi’s phone!” As he said, he crawled over to get his mobile phone from Fu Chenshang’s pocket.

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