Chapter 13 Hopefully, long sleep no longer wake up

“You…you nonsense!” The

answer was written on her face long ago, Fu Chenshang chuckled, “I didn’t understand it, but now it seems to say It makes

sense , did you enter Shengjin for him?” “I didn’t! Don’t talk to yourself!”

She was so naive that she could only deny, not even cover up.

She liked it when she liked it. She didn’t think it was a shame, but she admitted in front of Fu Chenshang that she felt very shameful.

Fu Chenshang seemed to have thought of something, and pondered, “Could it be…”

Song Anjiu was nervous and stared at him. Intuitively, he was about to say something amazing below.

“Nine roses every day in Jingxi dormitory, the love lunch at noon, and dozens of scarves of different colors are all made by you?”

Song Anjiu fell headless.

I hope long sleep never wakes up!

She has no face to meet people!

After a while, Fu Chenshang sneered , “Naive.”

Song Anjiu exploded, “You are naive, and your whole family is naive!”

“My whole family also includes Fu Jingxi.”

“You…” cry to death! Scratch the wall! Can’t noisy him!

“Why do you like him?” Fu Chenshang asked with interest.

“What’s up

with you !” “Ask as your husband.”

“I have the right not to answer.”

Fu Chenshang’s expression is like a fox, and he is definitely an old and cunning fox, “Then as the second uncle Fu Jingxi, why do you like my nephew? Maybe I can help you say something nice in front of my big brother.”

“Ok… Shameless!” Knowing that this is absolutely impossible, no one is rushing to cuckold himself, it’s because he can tell.

“Let’s talk about it.” Fu Chenshang held his chin and continued to coax, obviously he was really interested.

SONG beginning after a long, awkward. “He …… good looking! I love at first sight!”

Fu-chen business laughing, “That’s it?”

“How, how the! She prospective you love at first sight, I can not love at first sight?”

She He didn’t lie. It was true that the first sight of him in the examination room was fascinating. Later, I felt that the fate was destined to meet him again.

“Well, what then?” Fu Chenshang nodded and continued to ask.

“Then…then we are at the same table. He is the monitor and has always taken care of me. He will also protect me and cover me when I mess around. He is a good person!” When

Fu Jingxi was mentioned, Song Anjiu’s face was rare. A hint of shy and well-behaved.

“There is no good person in the Fu family.” Fu Chenshang’s voice suddenly turned cold.

Song Anjiu was speechless. He would scold himself in order to scold others. What’s wrong?

“You are not allowed to do these things in the future.”

“Why? It doesn’t hinder you!”

“Don’t forget that you are a married woman now.”

Song Anjiu was stunned, a little disappointed, “I never thought about following How is he! Never thought about it! He is good to me, I just want to be good to him! I can do anything!”

“I didn’t ask you to be good to him. From now on, you will be his second aunt. As an elder, you should love him well. Him.” Fu Chenshang said unhurriedly.

Song Anjiu felt a thunderbolt on a sunny day blasting her head and face.

Second aunt——! ! !

This is not true!

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