Chapter 13 Go Home Together

“Public and private?” Leng Siche looked at him for a moment, but quickly recovered to his nature, and smiled, “Is it because he likes your things?”

Leng Sichen didn’t answer, but he acquiesced.

Leng Siche sighed softly, “Brother, don’t be aggressive with her, your face is scary enough! She always looks carefree, doesn’t care about anything, never shows fragility, but that It doesn’t mean that she won’t be sad. She likes you, doesn’t mean you have the right to hurt her!”

“Distressed?” Leng Sichen’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Yes!” Leng Siche admitted without hesitation.

“…” Leng Sichen’s face remained silent, but his hands were already clenched into fists.

“Brother, I didn’t understand why she liked you so desperately since I was young, and I don’t understand it now!” Leng Siche left the office after speaking.

Leng Sichen leaned his entire body on the back of the chair tiredly and closed his eyes.

Ah Che, I do not know, so many people have changed, every time I turned around, she was always in place ……

she was annoyed when she is gone but still feel lonely …… ……

after work .

Xia Yuxun was about to ride a bicycle home as usual when she suddenly heard someone calling her behind her.

“Xiao Xun!”

Turning to look around, he found that Leng Sichen and Leng Siche were walking side by side.

One was cold and impatient, and one waved with a smile.

The eyes of almost all the women around were stuck on the brothers, so Leng Siche let out an affectionate Xiaoxun, and immediately directed the eyes of those women to Xia Yuxun.

God! No matter how she can fight, she can’t deal with so many women like wolves!

However, these two guys are really super eye-catching! They all look as exquisite as the sculptures in the Louvre. It is said that they are at least four-nation mixed blood, and it is too far to go back in detail.

She is not considered dead under the peony flower, she is also romantic…

“Xiao Xun, I will send you.” Leng Sche said enthusiastically.

“This…no need, I came here by bike!” Xia Yuxun tactfully refused.

“I can take you!” Leng Sche said as he walked over to take her car.

“Brother, I will go with Xiaoxun.”

“Whatever you do!” Leng Sichen turned and walked to the garage.

So, Xia Yuxun followed Leng Sche, who was pushing the bicycle, without any refusal.

Uh, how do you feel that there are so many transparent skulls around her attacking her? Those women’s jealous gazes are almost turning into substance and stab her to death…

“Xiao Kaoru, come up.”

“That’s not good! How can you let you Carry me…” Xia Yuxun said ashamed.

“Are you heavy?” Leng Siche raised his eyebrows.

“No! I’m not heavy at all, okay!” Xia Yuxun finally moved slowly to the back seat of the bicycle.

The breeze was blowing along the way, and she felt much better because of Leng Sichen’s depression all day.

“Ache! I think you have changed a lot when you came back this time!”

“Really? Where did you change?”

“You have become more handsome! And a lot more cheerful!” Xia Yuxun looked at his broad back and suddenly realized that back then The sickly little boy is already a mature man.

“Thank you.” Leng Siche laughed happily, like a child who was praised.

Back at home, Xia Yuxun rummaged in the room for a while, and then sadly discovered that she was in sportswear besides sportswear.

In the end, he gave up on himself, didn’t simply change his clothes, and went to the appointment directly wearing this body.

When she came to this bar for the first time, she recklessly walked the wrong way several times, and finally was stopped by a drunk and pestered.

She was about to start her hands when she suddenly felt her whole body surrounded by a familiar cold breath.

“What are you running around?” The man who took her into his arms scolded with a calm face.

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