Chapter 12 You Like Him?

Upon seeing Song Anjiu coming out, Xue Hao didn’t recognize it at all. Seeing that she was still blushing in her pajamas, the moment she heard her speak was like lightning. Shu Xiao Du larva

“Song Song Anjou …… you are?”

This can not be! There must be a problem with the way he opened his eyes! The girl in front of him is pure and lovely like a lily, she is completely his type, she is the goddess in his mind!

“Morning classmate An Jiu…” Xue Zhenchu also froze for a while, brat, he knew he was lying to himself, and he said that someone should be like a dinosaur.

Fu Chenshang frowned, and calmly guarded Song Anjiu behind him, “It has nothing to do with you, go in and sleep for a while, and I will call you when the meal is ready.”

“Oh.” Song Anjiu backed away in a jealousy. Since he wants to deal with it, just leave it to him. She doesn’t want to talk nonsense with Xue Hao anyway.

“Uncle I’m sorry, uncle is my fault, uncle, I will never dare anymore, I will treat Song Anjiu well in the future! Please rest assured!” Xue Hao’s gaze chased Song Anjiu and said in one breath. Just say “I will be responsible, please let me be responsible”.

Xue Zhenchu looked at his son in disbelief. Did this kid take the wrong medicine?

Fu Chenshang suddenly regretted the change to Song Anjiu. Before, she was the only one who molested others, but now she is still molested by others.

The final result was that Fu Chenshang did not pursue any further investigations. The school invited all the parents of the students in the name of the graduation celebration, and found a suitable time to clarify the incident of Song Anjiu’s beatings. Xue Zhenchu also personally came forward with everyone. apologize.

However, the person involved, Song Anjiu, did not come. He didn’t sleep much last night. He was harassed again and again this morning. He was sleeping now. It didn’t matter if Fu Chenshang said that she could not go. She was too happy to go to school, so she simply turned off her mobile phone and fell asleep dimly.

When she woke up, there was already a hot meal waiting for her. Song Anjiu was originally very vigilant, but at the end he forgot to eat after eating. Two bowls were not enough, and another bowl was served, no matter what happened. The invariable law of rape is theft.

“Have you eaten?” Fu Chenshang had put his chopsticks a long time ago and sat on the sofa to read a book, watching that she finally stopped and asked.

“I’m full.” Song Anjiu touched his stomach contentedly, this man is not worthless! At least the craftsmanship is too good to say.


Song Anjiu was startled, his chopsticks fell, “Do it again?”

“What’s in my mind?” Fu Chenshang patted the sofa next to him, “Come and sit, let’s talk.”

“No! “What Song Anjiu hates most is the words “let’s talk”.

Fu Chenshang was unmoved and asked herself, “Yesterday the parents’ meeting was about volunteering?”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about this.” Because her score does not need to consider volunteer issues.

“Are you going to continue like this? Such as three years old, still in the third year on, until finally with his son in a class, it is interesting?”

Song Anjou mouth pumping pumping, good poison ……

“Let’s just say, say Recently, Liang Jiajia will be promoted three years later this year.”


keep talking about her!” “And it is very likely to be in the same class with you!” Fu Chenshang continued.

“You crow’s mouth, don’t talk nonsense!” She couldn’t bear it just assuming that.

“You can afford this person, I can’t afford it.”

Song Anjiu sulked, holding his chin, “I want you to take care of it!”

” You must be admitted to the A college next year.” Fu Chenshang glanced at her and closed the book in his hand. To end the conversation.

Song Anjiu jumped up immediately, “What? You kill me!”

Even if you pass the exam, still A big? What a joke!

“As far as I know, your grades were not so bad before, at least you entered Shengjin High School by yourself.”

“That’s because I was sitting next to me in the city during the high school entrance examination .” Song Anjiu perfunctorily.

“The number one in the city is my nephew. He hates plagiarism the most, so no one can see his papers.”

“It wouldn’t be a coincidence? Fu Jingxi is your nephew?” Song Anjiu missed a beat. Dodging eyes.

Fu Chenshang looked at her inquisitively, “Do you like him?”

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