Chapter 12 The Secret Buried by Time

“Leng Siche!” Xia Yuxun exclaimed.

At this moment, he had changed his glasses and took off his suit. He was only wearing a white shirt and a casual outfit.

“It’s me! You are…Xiaoxun?” A hint of surprise flashed across Leng Sche’s face.

The reason why she was determined to be her was because, except for Xia Yuxun, no one in his memory dared to speak to Leng Sichen with this attitude.

I didn’t expect that the woman I met in the morning would be her!

In the morning, she didn’t wear glasses and cried so embarrassedly that he didn’t recognize her at all.

In his memory, he had never seen her cry.

“It’s me. What a coincidence! I didn’t even recognize you in the morning, but later I saw the name on your business card…” Xia Yuxun scratched his head and said apologetically.

Leng Siche smiled carelessly, “Didn’t I recognize you? After all, I haven’t seen you for ten years!”

“Yes! That’s been a long time! I remember when I was a kid, I ran over the courtyard wall and ran to your villa. You are sitting on the green grass and reading, and when you see me jumping in, you are so scared that you fall off the chair haha…”

Leng Siche chuckled, “Xiaoxun, you really haven’t changed at all.”

“Haha, Really? I just

pretend that you are complimenting my eternal youth! So are you, you are still as handsome!” Leng Siche pursed his lips somewhat ashamed.

Xia Yuxun gave a “poof” and laughed: “It’s easy to be shy, and it’s not changed at all…”

“Can you change the place if you two want to relive?” Leng Sichen’s indifferent voice suddenly broke the warmth of a long-awaited reunion.

“Brother, you are still the same scary.” Leng Siche laughed and teased, then looked at Xia Yuxun and asked, “Xiaoxun, are you free at night? Let’s get together? At Scarlet Bar.”

“At night? It should be okay…” Xia Yuxun subconsciously looked at Leng Sichen.

“As long as you are free, I will come at night and I won’t arrange work for you.” Leng Siche hurriedly dispelled her concerns.

“Okay, I’ll go, see you tonight!” The

hospitality is difficult, not to mention that he is still Leng Sichen’s younger brother. This point of face must be given to him. Although she is really in no mood today, she finally agreed. Up.

“See you tonight!” Leng Siche breathed a sigh of relief imperceptibly.

“Ah! By the way! Ache, what is your lens power?” Xia Yuxun walked halfway and returned.

Leng Siche heard that familiar Ache, his whole heart melted, and he subconsciously replied in a daze, “One thousand left eyes, eight hundred right eyes!” After

Xia Yuxun left, Leng Sichen looked thoughtfully. To his brother, “When did your taste become so heavy?”

Maybe Xia Yuxun’s idiot couldn’t tell, but he could see Leng Siche’s unusual attitude at a glance.

Leng Siche raised his lips slightly, and showed his good mood without evasiveness, “To be honest, I always thought you like Xiaoxun, but I didn’t expect you to be with that Miss Bai, since you didn’t mean that at all. , I naturally have no scruples.”

Leng Sichen frowned, “Aren’t you always cold to her?”

“Brother, at that time, my body was like that, so what right do I have to approach her…” Leng Sichen was sad. Look.

Leng Sichen’s heart was shocked, and he couldn’t think that his little-spoken younger brother had always had such thoughts about Xia Yuxun, and his feelings were deeper than he thought.

“Brother, take Miss Bai with you tonight! I also have a few classmates who came back from the United States. There will be a lot of people.” Leng Siche suggested excitedly. From a moment ago, his whole person seemed to be rejuvenated. Angry.

“Yeah.” Leng Sichen replied absently.

“Have you seen it this morning?” Leng Sichen asked seemingly inadvertently while flipping through the documents.

“Yeah! She rushed out in a hurry and happened to hit me. By the way, she seemed to be crying at the time, brother, do you know what happened?” Leng Siche asked worriedly.

Seeing Leng Sichen’s face slightly startled, Leng Siche joked, “It’s not you who bullied her again, right?” After

a while of silence, Leng Sichen held his forehead, and said in a cold voice, “She scolded both public and private. She said a few words.”

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