Chapter 11 Guards against the sky [On Christmas Eve two more]

“Let’s talk, what are you going to do?” Fu Chen Shang glanced at her, and when she didn’t speak, he said loosely, “Tell me, maybe I can Consider letting you go.

“Really?” Song Anjiu hurriedly told the story. It was nothing more than that she took the first prize of 100,000 yuan in a black car race, and finally robbed others of the limelight. The bad guy hates being asked to be singled out.

In the next second, Fu Chenshang refused without even thinking about it, “Don’t go.”

Song Anjiu blasted his hair, “At least think about it before answering! Hey! Didn’t you say that you would consider it? This matter is not mine. Wrong, it’s someone else’s provocation!”

“Well, let me ask you, what will happen if you don’t go?”

” Yes … it will be very shameless!” she whispered.

“In the future, you will sever all ties with those people, so this assumption is not true.”

“Who said I will sever all ties with those people?”

“I said.” He hugged her directly after he finished speaking.

“Fu Chenshang, let me go!”

“If you want me to come again, keep moving!” An ambiguous breath sprayed into her ears.


Song Anjiu stared at him fiercely, shaking all over, really mad.

Fu Chenshang rubbed his eyebrows, and put his big palm on her back to help her smoothly, “Are you not tired? Do you really want to go?”

Tired! How could it not be tired! Ghosts want to go! Isn’t it impossible?

“Since I don’t want to go, why do I force myself?”

You think I am willing!

“Is it safe to rest? I promise that after you wake up, this matter will not affect you in any way.”

Yes, he obviously didn’t let her go, and now she didn’t want to go, he just kindly helped her make a decision.

The more I think about it, the more I feel bored, even once or twice, why this man can completely reverse the situation in a few words every time, and people have to be convinced that this black and white skill is too bad!

Could it be that God sent her to take her?

“Hey, go to sleep!”

The voice like the ability to calm the heart and the warm palm behind her gradually calmed her down, because she was so tired, once she was relieved of the burden, she almost immediately fell asleep.

  • In the

morning, Fu Chenshang was making breakfast and the doorbell rang.

Today is really not clean.


“Dad, why don’t you believe me? That Song Anjiu really looks like a dinosaur, how can you take advantage of her from your son’s eyes!”

“Sucky boy, shut up! How can I know which one of you is? The tendons are wrong!”

Yeah! He really had cramps before he would bet with people to provoke the monster, so that he was almost graduating now and he couldn’t live without. Now the school is rumoring that he is hungry and looks after Sheng Jin’s first strange girl, and his face is almost ashamed.

When Fu Chenshang opened the door, the father and son were quarreling very hard.

Xue Zhenchu was stunned when he saw Fu Chenshang wearing a bear apron, but quickly recovered his composure and pulled his son out from behind, “Mr. Fu, sorry to disturb you so early. Today I brought this stinky boy Your family Anjiu apologized!”

“Dad, you have to apologize, so I won’t go to that monster…”

“Pam” Xue Zhenchu slapped down, Xue Hao covered his face in disbelief. Dad had never hit him like this before. Damn Song Anjiu! Today this Liangzi is finalized! I won’t call you Xue Hao unless you die!

There was a noise here, Song Anjiu heard the movement, stepped on slippers, holding a pillow in his arms, and walked over in a daze. At this moment, she was facing the sky, wearing pink pieces that Fu Chenshang was going to put on the bed. Floral cotton pajamas.

Obviously she was still unconscious, otherwise she would not wear that pajama if she was killed.

Seeing Xue Hao’s face, he suddenly became more sober, and in a blink of an eye he changed his cynical slapping face, “Oh! Isn’t this Xue Shao? Why? I haven’t been beaten enough the day before yesterday?”

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