Chapter 11 Full Blood Resurrection

The first thing Xia Yuxun did after leaving the company was to buy himself a pair of black-rimmed glasses that were no less exaggerated than the original pair, and then put them on with satisfaction under the strange look of the shopping guide lady.

She is an

obsessive black frame glasses … As for the reason why she is so obsessed with black frame glasses, I am afraid that only she herself knows.

After arriving at the optical shop, she later realized that she didn’t know the degree of Leng Sche’s eyes, and no one answered him when she called his cell phone, so she had to temporarily give up the loss of buying glasses.

In the afternoon, to everyone’s surprise, Xia Yuxun came to work as usual, still showing that nothing happened.

Who do they think she is Xia Yuxun?

She is Xiaoqiang who can’t be beaten, no matter how painful and sad, she can only be sluggish for one day at most.

She told herself that no matter what sad things she encountered, she would only give herself one day to be sad.

Because the mother who promised the past life must have a happy life.

Besides, it’s already miserable for a man not to catch it. If he doesn’t have a job, wouldn’t it be a loss of wealth and wealth?

At the door of the president’s office, Annie stood there holding a cup of coffee, with an expression on her face as if she was going to the execution ground.

Xia Yuxun walked straight over and stretched out her hand, “Give me the coffee, I’ll deliver it.”


Annie was really shocked when she saw Xia Yuxun who was resurrected so quickly, this woman’s psychological endurance is absolutely the same. Her force value is equally abnormal.

“Xiao Xia! Family! What would I do without you… You must hold on, don’t resign…” Annie was excited and tears filled her eyes.

“Look at what you are!” Xia Yuxun laughed and teased, covering the flash of sadness in her eyes.

Feeling that he was staring at him, Xia Yuxun glared at him fiercely, “What do you look at! Turn your head off and kick the ball!”

Qin Feili, who had been staring at Xia Yuxun, finally came to a conclusion. In the morning, I really saw it wrong…”

Xia Yuxun just walked outside the office and heard two people talking inside.

She hadn’t planned to do anything like eavesdropping, but she stopped because of the next sentence she heard.

“Really? Unexpectedly, she has so much perseverance and will not give up for so many years.”

Huh? Why is this person’s voice familiar?

“I’m almost annoyed by that girl!”

This was Leng Sichen’s voice.

“I think Kaoru is cute! I thought you liked her too…”

Kaoru? How could this person call himself Xiao Kaoru affectionately? Who is he?

Leng Sichen seemed to snorted coldly, “Cute? Are you sure you have stayed abroad for so many years, are your aesthetics still normal?”

Xia Yuxun’s little vitality just recovered was hit by him again, and they couldn’t listen to anything later. , Pushed the door directly and walked in.

“President, your coffee!”

Leng Sichen looked a little surprised when

he saw her, “Why did you bring it?” She thought that she would resign if he said so hard in the morning.

Why did I feel relieved when I saw her appear in front of me again…

“Because no one dared to send it to your CEO except me!”

Xia Yuxun put down the coffee heavily, and just about to leave, he heard that familiarity The voice stopped her.

“It’s you…” The soft, watery voice was slightly surprised.

Xia Yuxun subconsciously looked in the direction of the voice, and saw the man sitting on the sofa who accidentally hit him in the morning…

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