Chapter 10 There is still energy to toss

at 4:30 in the morning, Song Anjiu slept soundly, did not even hear the phone alarm.

Fu Chenshang frowned and reached out to touch her cell phone to turn off the alarm. What time is the time to wake up so early?

Nothing good anyway.

At half past five, the phone began to vibrate, and Song Anjiu woke up this time.

At first glance at the name of the electric display, then at the current time, it’s bad!

I was planning to go outside to pick it up. Due to the big palm on his waist, so as not to wake him up, I had to lower my voice, “Hey, Shen Huan…”

“Nine brothers, why are you not here?”

“Cough, something went wrong .”

Surprise !” “Come here! The bastard Xu Sicong said you were afraid of him because you were afraid of him!”

“Let him eat…” He glanced cautiously at Fu Chenshang next to his eyes and moved the word behind He swallowed back and said irritably, “Wait, I’ll come right now!”

“Sixth Ring Road, the old place. I have pulled your car here.”

“I know.” Song Anjiu cursed and hung up the phone. She was sore all over now, she didn’t even want to move at all… She was

completely naked under her carelessness, touching his skin. Realizing this, Song Anjiu bit her lip, and her cheek quickly warmed up.

I looked at him carefully for a while, and made sure he had no signs of waking up, and gently pulled his hand away slowly.

In other words…this guy looks really good-looking! The facial features are so exquisite! If he was ten years younger, he would definitely be a beautiful and enchanting boy who couldn’t argue with her male or female. But now due to the solemn and cold traces of time and experience, that beautiful face can’t see the soft shadow at all. Instead, it looks like a stranger who doesn’t enter, and looks high, just because it is now asleep and unguarded. Slightly pleasing to the eye.

STOP! The focus of attention is wrong! Song Anjiu continued to carefully put his hands down, then lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, then picked up the clothes and ran out.

I walked to the living room and started looking for the clothes I changed yesterday. If I wear the suit that Fu Chenshang bought for her, it won’t scare the group of guys to death.

Finally found the bag for the clothes on the sofa and hurriedly took it out and put it on quickly.

When I got up, I got up too anxiously, and my body immediately suffered a sharp pain. I grinned and supported my waist. He lifted the hem of his clothes and took a look. A very clear bruise handprint came into view. damn it! That beast…

Except for the waist, there are a lot of bruises on her body, and she wears so little in summer that she can’t cover it. Song Anjiu raised the collar of the black leather jacket upright, forget it, let’s do it first! Now only the arms are exposed. Anyway, there are many old wounds on her body, which are not very obvious.

Just flash it! It would be better to come back before Fu Chenshang wakes up.

“You still have energy to toss, it seems that you shouldn’t be distressed and spare you last night.” The

sudden voice frightened Song Anjiu’s back stiff, and he turned his head slowly, and saw Fu Chenshang with his arms around his chest, leaning in the bedroom. At the door, I don’t know how long I stood there and watched.

fart! When did he feel sorry for her last night! She screamed hoarse and he was not moved…

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