Chapter 1 Life is just a few autumns

Bar, apocalyptic carnival.

“Life is just a few autumns, not drunk, never give up, my beauties in the east, and the Yellow River in the west…”

Xia Yuxun held a bottle of wine in his hand, humming like a wandering spirit while drunk dangling on the dance floor. I didn’t find that a man had calmly leaned closer and closer to her.

Because she had drunk too much alcohol, her steps were a little staggered, and the high heels under her feet smashed, subconsciously supporting the man’s hand.

The man was immediately ecstatic when he got her response, but before he could take advantage of it, the next second, he was suddenly kicked off by two burly black security guards, and disappeared into the crowd without any chance of resistance… …

Xia Yuxun looked at the sudden change in a daze, blinked, revealing a confused expression.

Where’s the armrest? Is there an armrest here just now?

Because of her sudden loss of support, her footsteps staggered immediately.

A few steps away, Ou Mingxuan waved to the two security guards, motioning them to throw the person away, and then inconceivably looked at the woman in front of him in a cool, bold, and avant-garde costume.

It’s hell!

Is this really the Xia Yuxun who always wears black-rimmed glasses, T-shirt jeans, ponytails and a lollipop in his mouth?

After a brief surprise, his brows were frowned.

Originally, I just wanted to help her drive away the man, but in the end I still couldn’t see it. He took a few steps to stabilize her almost falling body in time.

Xia Yuxun staggeredly looked at the man who appeared suddenly, and his eyes immediately became twinkling, “Hey, beauty~ you are much more handsome than the armrest just now~”

“Xia Yuxun! Do you know what you are doing? There is a limit to being mad!” Listening to her unspeakable words, Ou Mingxuan’s forehead bounced.

“Um… don’t make a noise! The headache is dead!” Xia Yuxun shook drunkly, “Hey, why are there two beauties in front of me…”

“Xia Yuxun! You give me a sober…” Before she finished speaking, she was caught The girl slapped his handsome face.

“Beauty, why are you so long-winded…”

Ou Mingxuan’s face suddenly became black as the bottom of a pot.

Damn woman!

Xia Yuxun climbed on his shoulders, still yelling like a bandit leader, “When this girl is treated very well by her husband, you are guaranteed to follow me in the future, as long as you don’t be so wordy…”

Ou Mingxuan He twitched his mouth full of black lines.

This woman is crazy!

Isn’t she the most open-minded?

Doesn’t she care about nothing?

Why do you want to make yourself so embarrassed now!

Is it really worth it for that bastard? Just because he is her childhood sweetheart?

After graduating from university, she even gave up her favorite travel management and ran to be his personal bodyguard.

Hearing the news that he was about to get engaged, she, who had always been careless and rough, became sad and sad, so she had to learn from Lin Daiyu to bury her.

She hadn’t stayed at home all day, so that she almost died under the gun of the gangster while protecting the bastard, and she couldn’t remember her. Now it has become even worse, dragging her already weak body to buy drunk late at night!

Annoyed, she was finally carried out by appointment. Because she didn’t know the address of her home, she had to send her to a nearby hotel first.

After tossing all the way, finally throwing people on the bed, Ou Mingxuan took off his coat, pulled his tie a few times, and sat on the opposite sofa to light a cigarette, his expression gloomy.

“Wine, wine, wine, wine, my wine! Get my wine!” Xia Yuxun was drunk crazy.

The corners of Ou Mingxuan’s mouth twitched, and he stroked his forehead speechlessly. He really saved a little ancestor back…

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