A Cute Wife in Family

Marrying a man who has just met and is eight years older than herself as a senior in high school is probably the greatest rebellion in her life. She smokes, drinks, swears, skips class and learns about green tea. Let the east face the west, let the south face the north, Song Anjiu is a little demon who is not afraid of the sky, but is firmly pressed by Fu Chenshang under the Wuzhi Mountain. From repulsion to dependence, to deep love, the mystery is suddenly revealed in the depths of love-in the end, is this incredible encounter love at first sight or long-planned? Is this ridiculous marriage conspiracy or deep-rooted? What is love? When you meet that person, you will understand.
Title: A Cute Wife in Family
Alternative name: 家有萌妻, Have a cute wife
Author: Jiong Jiong You Yao
Genre: Urban Novels, romance
Release: 2018
Page(Chapter): 219 End + 25
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“It happens to be a parent meeting tomorrow, telling your parents to come over!”

“I don’t have a parent!” The head

teacher looked at him with a headache and looked at the obvious family that he could find a relationship to any one of City A The university, but staying on, was stunned to repeat two years of senior year of high school, and now he is still preparing to repeat the third year of problem students. Shu Xiao Du larva

“Song of Anjou students, and I need to talk to your parents!”

Today Gufen, which bear the child actually six courses add up to only single digits, simply hit him wherever he goes in. Most importantly, she also stabbed a big basket today.

The background of this girl is really complicated. My family is a celebrity in City A. My parents divorced when they were very young. Now they have their own families and have children, almost regardless of her.

But I also blame her for being too rebellious and lawless, no one can control it.

She has to do things that cannot be done. For example, she is good at liberal arts and chooses science; black straight hair is so good-looking, and she has to cut it like a tomboy, dyed yellow hair, and smokes, drinks, fights and makes handsome guys. What the bad student should do is nothing left.

“You want to call yourself!” Song Anjiu looked impatient, turned and left.

The head teacher patted the table, “Stop, what is your attitude! You beat Xue Hao like this today, so far this year you have recorded three big mistakes! If you don’t handle it well this time, the school can completely expel you! We! You must give the other party an explanation!”

“I know your family is rich and powerful, but the one you fight will not be offended! When the time comes, no one can keep you!”

Song Anjiu’s casual expression finally showed a crack , She really doesn’t care about anything, and doesn’t drop out of school much.

However, she did not want to leave school. Only this thing does not want.

However, when she had a complete fallout with that side, she would never go back to beg them, and only indiscriminately scolded them.

The head teacher sighed, “You should grow up too, are you going to keep going like this?”

Song Anjiu’s expression was a little tranced, is there any reason for her not to abandon herself in this world?

Is there a person who makes her want to be beautiful, what he likes?


What’s the point of working harder?

“Got it.” Song Anjiu left an ambiguous reply and turned and walked out of the office.


After school, return to the empty house, her wedding room.

It took a long time to dial the phone.


“An Jiu?” Across the ocean, the man on the other end of the phone was obviously a little surprised. She didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to call herself.

“…” Song Anjiu suddenly didn’t know how to speak.

A week ago, on her 20th birthday, she and this man went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate. On that day, he went on a business trip abroad in a hurry, and it was a week after he went.

In fact, she and the nominal husband have only met once.

Everything is like an absurd dream.

As a senior in high school, marrying a man who has just met and is eight years older than herself is probably the greatest rebellion in her life.

The reason is very simple. People she hates are against it, so she will naturally not refuse!

Song Xingguo opposed it, Zhou Jingyi opposed it, and Liang Jiajia strongly opposed it. He even went on a hunger strike to protest, and had trouble with his family.

The moment she agreed to that man, she looked at the overwhelming hatred on Liang Jiajia’s face, and listened to her parents’ questioning, she felt a kind of abnormal pleasure.

She enjoys it heartily! Enjoy the taste of depravity, especially this depravity can make them feel painful!

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