Chapter 7 Min’er is gone

In the chaotic sound of rain, the maid rushed in in a panic and knelt in front of Su Luo.

“Wang Hao is not good? The son stabbed Miss Xuer, and the prince was angry and wanted to…”

“What!” Su Luo didn’t wait for the maid to finish speaking, and hurried to the door under the umbrella.

Su Luo heard that Min’er had an accident, so he ran out without holding an umbrella.

As soon as he stepped out of the door, he was blocked by the guard at the door.

When Su Luo was anxious and at a loss, not far away, Liu Miaomiao walked up with someone. She smiled and said, “Sister, where are you going in such a hurry? Are you going to see Xiao Shizi?”

“Xiu’er stabbed Xu’er, and Xu’er lost too much blood and fainted.”

“Min’er wouldn’t do that.” Her Min’er is well-behaved and will never stab Xu’er.

Liu Miaomiao raised her eyebrows pretentiously, and smiled: “Others say that mother and child are connected to each other. It seems that this is true.”

She walked closer to Su Luo and whispered in her ear: “Xu’er was indeed not stabbed by a young man. I stabbed her. The doctor said she was too bloodthirsty and needs to be replaced…”

Liu Miaomiao smiled triumphantly, and said calmly, “One is a child who is not favored by a bitch, and the other is a child of my relatives, elder sister, what do you think the prince will choose this time?”

“Sister Su, if you lose another child, how interesting!”

“Liu Miaomiao.” Su Luo shouted through gritted teeth. She quickly drew the long sword from the guard’s waist and placed the long sword across Liu Miaomiao’s neck.

“Su Luo, what are you going to do!” Liu Miaomiao was frightened by the sword against his neck. “You killed me, and the prince won’t let you go.”

If he could, Su Luo really wanted to kill Liu Miaomiao, but the top priority was Min’er’s safety.

She pushed her hand down, struck Liu Miaomiao’s neck, and shouted at the guard: “Let me go out.”

Seeing Su Luo holding a long sword against Liu Miaomiao’s neck, the guard had to step back and give way to Su Luo.

The rain was heavy, and Yin Chen hurried over when Su Luo heard that Liu Miaomiao was being held hostage.

“Su Luo, put the sword down for me!” Yin Chen said to Su Luo in a calm voice.

The rain blurred Su Luo’s eyes. She raised her head to look at Yin Chen, “Where is Min’er?”

Speaking of Min’er, Yin Chen’s expression sank, “At a young age, his mind is so vicious. Not only did he call Xuer a wild species, he also stabbed Xuer with a knife…”

Su Luo interrupted him sharply, “Quickly, where is Min’er?”

Su Luo shouted loudly in the chaotic rain, the long sword in her hand was hard, and the sword pierced Liu Miaomiao’s neck.

Liu Miaomiao smelled the bloody smell and cried out in a panic.

“My lord, save me, my sister is going to kill me.”

Hearing Liu Miaomiao’s crying and crying, Yin Chen looked at Su Luo colder in both eyes. Su Luo was not afraid, her captor Liu Miaomiao walked forward step by step.

“Su Luo, you dare to hurt Miaomiao, I want your life.” Yin Chen threatened coldly.

Su Luo smiled contemptuously. She had never hurt Liu Miaomiao, nor was she almost killed by Yin Chen.

She walked forward with Liu Miaomiao, and during the heavy rain, someone ran over in a panic, “Master, it’s not good!”

The maidservant of the palace said to Yin Chen in a panic, “Little Shizi, his blood can’t stop, he is about to…”

She didn’t finish her words, Su Luo smashed the long sword in his hand to the ground and ran in the direction of the maidservant.

Yin Chen wanted to follow, but was stopped by Liu Miaomiao behind him.

“Master, Miaomiao is afraid!”

Yin Chen looked back at Liu Miaomiao, and ordered the maid to take Liu Miaomiao back to rest. He followed Su Luo’s footsteps and walked to Min’er’s residence.

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