Chapter 6 Blood Debt and Blood Repayment

“In order to secure his daughter’s position as Princess Chen, he not only kidnapped Rou’er on the wedding eve, and forced me to marry you.”

“Your Majesty has given us a marriage, my father doesn’t need to do anything extra.” Su Luo retorted.

Yin Chen laughed amusedly, “Hahaha!”

“I love Rou’er until I die, how can a decree influence me!”

“If Rouer were not in your father’s hands, how could I marry you.” Yin Chen’s voice was even harsher at the back.

Su Luo felt pain in his heart, and tears rolled down quickly, “I don’t know that the person you love is Liu Rouer.”

She thought Yin Chen remembered their affairs in Wolf Valley, and she wanted to marry Yin Chen, just wanting him to fulfill that vow.

“Don’t you know?” Yin Chen tugged at the corner of his mouth and laughed. He sneered at Su Luo with tears, and said angrily, “Su Luo, you didn’t know how to break me and Rou’er and kill Rou’er. .”

“The people who ruined Rou’er in the ruined temple were arranged by your father.”

“Father, he wouldn’t do that.” His father might kidnap Liu Rouer to threaten Yin Chen to marry him, but he would never arrange for someone to ruin Liu Rouer.

“Those people have confessed to me personally. Your father bought them with money.”

“So!” Yin Chen stared at Su Luo coldly, his hand strangling Su Luo’s chin, “Repay the blood!”

Su Luo shook his head: “My father can’t do such a thing!”

Yin Chen smiled mockingly, the evidence was already conclusive, and she dared to deny that she was as stiff as her dad!

Sinking his face, Yin Chen reached into the bottom of Su Luo’s skirt.

Su Luo came back to her senses, she looked at Yin Chen in panic, and quickly pushed him away.

“Yin Chen, what are you doing!”

“What are you doing!” Yin Chen took over with a sneer, “I want my father to see the retribution for his wrongdoing! You said, if your father knew that his daughter was forced in front of his own mourning hall, would he follow in humiliation? Climb out of the coffin?”

As he said, he grabbed Su Luo’s hand and slammed her clothes apart.

Yin Chen pushed her to the ground, and she pushed her over and quickly squeezed between Su Luo’s legs.

“Yin Chen.” Su Luo cried in fear, “I beg you not to be like this…”

“I shouldn’t marry you, I was wrong!” Yin Chen didn’t stop his movements, his hand touched her body, pinched hard, causing her pain.

“You let me go, I will take Min’er and leave the palace.”

Before she finished speaking, Yin Chen had already taken off her pants and pushed into her body.

It should be a joy to be happy with the man you love. Su Luo tasted pain in addition to pain.

Her body and her heart were aching frantically.

“Let go of you?” Yin Chen pierced her body with a harsh voice, “Don’t think about it!”

“I want you to die in the Chen Palace!”

He would not let her go unless he died.

This love, Yin Chen deliberately lasted for a long time, he wanted Su Luo fiercely, Su Luo did not want to shout, bit his lower lip, his mouth was full of blood.

Once it was over, Yin Chen carried her on his shoulders and left the prime minister’s house.

After returning to the palace, Yin Chen gave another order. Without his order, Su Luo could not leave the Furongyuan for half a step.

Su Luo knew it was useless to intercede, and didn’t say a word to Yin Chen. After returning to Furong, she knelt in the direction of the Prime Minister’s Mansion at the door of the room, and knelt until it got dark.

The rain is so heavy that it makes people feel upset and chaotic.

After so many crimes, Su Luo’s body is getting worse and worse, but she is afraid that Liu Miaomiao will abuse Min’er and make him not eat enough to wear warm, so she sews cotton clothes for Min’er when she is free.

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