Chapter 5 You Killed Him

With Min’er by her side, Su Luo’s spirit suddenly improved. Seeing the weather turned colder, she got up and made a new dress for Min’er.

When Yin Chen came, Min’er saw him and dived into Su Luo’s arms in fear.

After Min’er was born, Yin Chen seldom met him and never hugged him.

Su Luo became more and more afraid of Yin Chen now, she guarded Miner in her arms guardingly.

“Bring Xiao Shizi to Concubine Liu.” Yin Chen said, and the maid walked to Su Luo and forcibly took Min’er away.

“Return Min’er to me.” Su Luo stood up and chased after her, her calf hurt badly, and she strode forward and fell directly to the ground.

Yin Chen looked down at Su Luo and said indifferently, “You are so vicious, you don’t deserve to be his mother!”

Su Luo looked at him bitterly, and asked, “Yin Chen, what did I do wrong! You have to do this to me!”

Facing Su Luo’s questioning, Yin Chen squatted down in front of her. He met her eyes and said clearly, “Su Luo, this is your retribution!”

This is the retribution she got when she forced Rou’er to death.

“Get up, this king will take you to a place where your father is dead!”

Su Luo’s whole body became cold after Yin Chen’s last half sentence. She stared at Yin Chen in a daze, not believing that her father died suddenly.

Waiting to reach Su Mansion, Su Luo lifted the curtain and saw the white silk hanging at the gate, knowing that what Yin Chen said was true.

She limped to the mourning hall covered with white cloth, and the bustling Su Mansion in the past became deserted and deserted. Su Luo went all the way in, and strangely did not meet the Su family.

A coffin was placed in the lobby of Su’s family. When Su Luo saw the spirit card placed on it, her legs softened and her knees fell on the ground.

“Father!” Su Luo’s head slowly knocked to the ground, crying in pain.

When Su Luo paid homage to Prime Minister Su, she heard the footsteps behind her, without turning her head, she knew that the person who came in must be Yin Chen.

She raised her head to look at the spirit card and asked Yin Chen, “How did my father die?”

Yin Chen hasn’t answered yet, Su Luo answered, “Is it you?”

She turned her head and looked at Yin Chen with cold eyes, “You killed him, right?”

“What about it?” Yin Chen sneered and walked towards the coffin. When he arrived, he pulled out the long sword he was carrying.

He took the long sword, and the long sword pierced into the coffin forcefully. Su Luo got up and stretched out his hand to block in front of the coffin.

“Yin Chen, what are you doing!”

“I want to crush your father!” Yin Chen stared at Su Luo and said four words.

Su Luo’s body was startled, “If you hate me, torture me, why do you want to involve my father!”

“Your father knew that you had an accident in the Chen Palace, he came to question me when he got down from the court.” Yin Chen looked at Su Luo, skipped the dispute between him and Prime Minister Su, and said slowly, “He rolled from the steps outside the hall. Down, killed on the spot.”

“Su Luo, from the moment you married me and Rouer died, you should know the ending of the Su family.”

Yin Chen approached Su Luo and said coldly.

Su Luo couldn’t help but panicked and frightened, she backed away until there was no way to go to the coffin behind her.

“It was your Su family who forced Rou’er to death.” Yin Chen’s voice rang and said again.

Su Luo paled, she looked at Yin Chen and replied, “Liu Rou’er’s death has nothing to do with me.”

“Yes, it’s not you.” Yin Chen said, he looked up at Prime Minister Su’s spirit card, “It’s your father, our Prime Minister Su of the celestial dynasty.”

Su Luo shook his head, obviously not believing what Yin Chen said.

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