Chapter 4 Eyes Without Beads

“Sister Su’s sorry, if you really hate me so, kill me.”

“Miaomiao, what are you doing on her knees!” Yin Chen helped Liu Miaomiao up. He lowered his head and noticed the blood on Liu Miaomiao’s calf, and his face became even more dark.

“You apologize to Miaomiao!” He looked at Su Luo coldly and ordered.

Su Luo felt a chill in her heart. She raised her head to look at Yin Chen, “Let me apologize to her unless I die!”

When these words were said, Su Luo laughed at himself with the corners of his mouth. In Yin Chen’s heart, he wished she would die.

She got up from the ground and turned around not to look at Yin Chen and Liu Miaomiao.

“Lord, let’s go.” Liu Miaomiao saw that Yin Chen’s eyes were still on Su Luo, and he endured displeasure and pretended to be aggrieved. “It’s because I’m not good. I shouldn’t send medicine to remind my sister of sadness.”

Yin Chen let go of Liu Miaomiao, he walked up to Su Luo, and when he squatted down, he grabbed Su Luo by the neck.

Su Luo felt suffocated, as long as Yin Chen used more force, she would definitely be strangled to death by him.

“Yin Chen, I didn’t know how blind I was until today,” she said softly and slowly.

Yin Chen’s expression immediately became gloomy and gloomy. He caught a glimpse of the stool beside him, reached out and took the stool up to Su Luo’s calf and threw it down.

“Ah!” Su Luo heard the sound of her calf bone breaking, and Yin Chen loosened her body and fell to the ground feebly.

She hugged her calf in pain, and Yin Chen looked at her condescendingly, “This king gave you a chance to apologize to Miaomiao.”

“Su Luo, you deceive Miaomiao one point, I will pay you back a thousand times.”

Liu Miaomiao saw Yin Chen discount Su Luo’s calf in order to protect herself, and smiled at the corner of her mouth. When Yin Chen turned around, she looked pitiful.

“Master, you must not quarrel with your sister for Miaomiao’s sake, Miaomiao is afraid…” Liu Miaomiao said, and gave Su Luo a scared look.

“With my king, she dare not bully you.” Yin Chen replied, and he held Liu Miaomiao horizontally in his arms, “Miaomiao, it’s windy outside. Hold my king tightly.”

Liu Miaomiao showed a shy smile. She turned to look at Su Luo who was sobbing painfully on the ground, curled up the corners of her mouth and smiled triumphantly.

Su Luo watched Yin Chen and Liu Miaomiao leave, their affection was so continuous that she was so sad to see her.

The finger injury was just right, Su Luo’s calf broke again, and the injury on his lower abdomen became inflamed after this time of tossing. Weak Su Luo developed a high fever at night.

She fell asleep in pain, and was awakened by the cry of the child in a daze.

Su Luo opened his eyes desperately, and saw the crying Min’er, a smile from the corner of his mouth.


“Mother, what’s wrong with you?” Min’er asked in tears.

Su Luo didn’t want to tell Min’er how Yin Chen had done to her, she didn’t want Min’er to know about the grievances among adults.

She just wants Min’er to grow up happily and safely.

“Mother is sick, and she will be better in a few days.”

“Xu’er said that the father hates you, so he poached his sister.”

Xu’er is the child left behind after Liu Rouer was defiled. He was taken to the palace and raised by Yin Chen from birth.

“Don’t listen to Xu’er talking nonsense.” Su Luo said softly, no matter how Yin Chen is Min’er’s father, she doesn’t want Min’er to hate him.

“It’s my mother’s useless and can’t protect my sister.” When Su Luo said, his eyes were red, and his heart felt uncomfortable.

Min’er stopped crying after hearing Su Luo’s explanation, “Xu’er lied to me, I will never play with her again.”

Su Luo pursed his lips and smiled, and reached out to touch Min’er’s head.

Now she only has Miner, and he is her only.

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