Chapter 3 Provocation

Three days later.

Su Luo woke up and cried with heartache when he saw the dense needle thread on his lower abdomen.

“Sister Su.” Liu Miaomiao appeared in Su Luo’s room with a smile on his face.

Seeing Liu Miaomiao, Su Luo thought of his child, his face suddenly hard to look like, “What are you doing here!”

“Miaomiao came here, it was Sister Xie Su’s life-saving grace.” Liu Miaomiao sat on Su Luo’s bed and said softly, “Sister Su, your child tastes so delicious!”

Su Luo’s eyes flushed immediately, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Liu Miaomiao, do you have any humanity!”

“Of course I am human!” Liu Miaomiao said with an innocent look: “I want my sister to know who is the most important person in the prince’s heart, so I deliberately took poison and let the prince choose between my sister and my sister’s children… , I do this for your own good!”

“I know that my sister must be very sad without the child, so I specially sent the child back to my sister…”

Liu Miaomiao turned his head to let the maid behind him, softly instructed: “Bring the medicine and I will feed it to my sister myself.”

Soon, the maid brought a bowl of soup medicine, Liu Miaomiao took it, and gently stirred the spoon.

Su Luo stared at the black medicine, and subconsciously asked, “What kind of medicine is this!”

Liu Miaomiao gave her a strange look and smiled: “My sister has a really bad memory. Didn’t I just say that I want to send the baby back to my sister?”

“This medicine, I let someone stew with the leftover medicine. I was worried that my sister missed the child, so I deliberately let people put the leftover medicine and the child’s flesh and blood in it! Sister, drink it, medicine. When it gets cold, the medicinal properties are gone.”

Su Luo’s face turned pale, she understood Liu Miaomiao’s words.

This bowl of soup medicine was boiled with her child’s heart and flesh and blood. Her whole body was tense, and her eyes were red and staring at Liu Miaomiao.

What kind of soup, it was obviously Liu Miaomiao who wanted her to drink her child’s heart.

Liu Miaomiao smiled and put the bowl close to Su Luo’s mouth, while whispering, “Sister, hurry up and drink…”

“I do not……”

“Drink!” Liu Miaomiao ignored Su Luo’s struggle, squeezing her down, forcing her to pour the medicine into her mouth.

Su Luo struggled violently as the medicine was spilled on the ground.

Liu Miaomiao suddenly turned black, “Su Luo, you don’t know how to promote!”

“I don’t want to drink it, do you? I want you to drink it!” Liu Miaomiao dragged Su Luo to the ground, pressed the back of her head with one hand, and pressed her to the place where the soup medicine had been spilled.

Su Luo ignored the pain of falling on her body, stretched out her hand to grab Liu Miaomiao’s foot, opened her mouth and bit down her calf hard.

“Ah!” Liu Miaomiao cried out in pain, and when she went to Suluo again, footsteps came from outside the door.

Liu Miaomiao calmly let go of Su Luo, messing up her clothes and hair, and deliberately pinched herself. She shed tears from the pinch before she let go.

“Master, save me!” Liu Miaomiao looked at Yin Chen, crying with rain.

Yin Chen heard someone say that Su Luo was awake, so he came over and took a look. He didn’t expect to see this scene.

“Su Luo, what are you doing!” Yin Chen stared at Su Luo coldly without both eyes, and saw Su Luo biting Liu Miaomiao and kicking Su Luo in the past.

Su Luo let out a painful cry, and the whole person rolled back twice.

Liu Miaomiao took the opportunity to cry and threw herself into Yin Chen’s arms, and sobbed in fear: “Master, sister is terrible! I know my sister sacrificed her child to save me. I feel guilty. I took the medicine and came to see my sister. she was……”

Liu Miaomiao became more sad as she talked about it, and finally knelt down in front of Su Luo, “Master, it’s all Miaomiao’s fault that caused her sister to lose her child.”

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