Chapter 2 Drug cited

Su Luo noticed Liu’s mother Ruowu’s gaze, and her heart sank. Liu’s mother was probably aimed at the child in her stomach.

She subconsciously looked at Yin Chen, and luckily thought that Yin Chen would not be too poisonous to eat her children——

Seeing Yin Chen’s silence, Mother Liu burst into tears, “Master, I beg you for Rouer’s sake, save Miaomiao!”

“Rou’er is no longer there, I’m just Miaomiao, a daughter. If anything happens to Miaomiao, I won’t live anymore!”

Mother Liu kept kowtow while crying bitterly.

A’bang-bang’ kowtow echoed in his ears, and Yin Chen tightened his lips.

Four years ago, Liu Rouer carried the wolf valley that she came out of. She took his life back. He swore a poisonous oath to take care of her for life, but she was killed by Su Luo.

Now Su Luo still wants to poison Rou’er’s younger sister–

This account must be repaid by Su Luo!

Yin Chen stared at Su Luo’s lower abdomen, with a particularly cold voice, “Use hers!”

Su Luo’s eyes widened in disbelief, and he subconsciously shielded his stomach and moved back.

Yin Chen grabbed her with one hand and coldly gave an order to the guards: “Dig out her child and use it as a medicine for Miaomiao!”

The guards in the torture room were stunned, and the prince wanted them to dig out the birthplace of the princess’s child.

Su Luo heard it too, she looked at Yin Chen incredulously, “Yin Chen, I am pregnant with your child!”

“What qualifications do you slut have to give birth to this king’s child!” Yin Chen curled his lips indifferently: “Su Luo, you killed Rou’er and poisoned Miaomiao. It would be considered light for a child of you. “

“Three years ago, I allowed you to give birth to Min’er. This is the greatest tolerance! If you refuse to dig, I will send someone to dig out Min’er’s heart!”

“Yin Chen!” Su Luo’s body trembled more severely, her eyes were red, and she choked, “Tiger poison does not eat children, they are your children!”

“I have to admit it.”

The harsh words poured into his ears, and Su Luo’s body softened and slid weakly from the wall to the ground.

She looked forward in a daze, her eyes blurred with tears.

Dimly, she saw the guard carrying the knife in front of her, she turned to look at Yin Chen, wanting to say something.

Before she could speak, Yin Chen’s cold voice came, “Dig!”

A word fell, and the teardrops in Su Luo’s eyes fell desperately.

The guard held the knife burning red in the fire, then looked at Su Luo, who was protecting his stomach, and hesitated.

Although the prince personally ordered the child, the child in the princess’s belly is after all the blood of the prince. After hesitating for a while, the guard knelt in front of Yin Chen and said, “The prince, the subordinate dare not!”

Yin Chen looked at the guard who rebelled against him, feeling relieved inexplicably.

At this time, Mother Liu cried, “Master, Rou’er loved Miaomiao the most during his lifetime. I beg you, because Rou’er once saved you, please save Miaomiao!”


Thinking of Rou’er’s life-saving grace and Rou’er’s death, Yin Chen blushed unknowingly.

Su Luo, you asked for everything.

Anger filled his chest, Yin Chen grabbed the hot knife in the guard’s hand, and quickly pierced Su Luo’s stomach.

Warm blood spurted out and sprinkled on Yin Chen’s face. He remained unmoved, and continued to cut his face without changing his face.

Pain filled Su Luo’s whole body, her hands, her stomach, her heart… her eyes turned black for a while, and her consciousness was dizzy.

Despite this, she can clearly feel the movement of the knife tapping rubber in her abdomen——

Child, her child…

She tried to open her eyes wide, staring at the blood hole in her abdomen, trying to see her child. She saw Yin Chen pulling out a vague mass of flesh and blood from her belly, and seeing him handing the flesh to Mother Liu——

Su Luo couldn’t hold it anymore and passed out to death.

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