Chapter 1 Ten Fingers Connecting Heart


Ten fingers connected to the heart, Su Luo yelled in pain when the torture instrument tightened.

The pain hadn’t gone away, and her chest was kicked heavily by Yin Chen, and she fell to the ground, and the blood from her heart was vomited out of her mouth.

Su Luo ignored the pain on his body, and immediately touched his bulging abdomen with bloody hands.

Yin Chen looked down at Su Luo, who was pale, thinking that this woman would viciously poison Miaomiao, his face sank, and he stretched out his foot and stomped on the back of Su Luofang’s hand.

“Bitch, hand over the antidote!”

Su Luo burst into tears with pain. She raised her head and looked up at the man who had been in love for four years and married for four years, “I have no antidote, it is not my poison!”

“It’s not who you are? The poison belongs to the Medicine King Valley. Except for you from the Medicine King Valley, who has this kind of poison in the entire palace!”

As he said, he stomped on the back of her bloody hand again, “Four years ago, you forced Rou’er to death. Four years later, you still want to poison her sister!”

“If you don’t hand over the antidote today, you will die for me!”

To die?

Su Luo was startled, she forgot the pain in her fingers, and stared at the man in front of her in a daze. She loved him so much, but he wanted her to die!

Four years ago, she married him as a princess as she wished. She thought she could reconcile and grow old together. Who knew he had another beloved woman, Liu Rouer.

On the night of the wedding, Liu Rouer was repeatedly ravaged in the ruined temple outside the city. She was also pregnant with a child. She couldn’t stand the humiliation and hanged herself after giving birth.

Yin Chen believed that she was the master behind the scenes and forced his beloved woman to death.

Liu Miaomiao, Liu Rou’er’s sister, was carried into the palace as a side princess after Liu Rou’er died.

She didn’t know why Liu Miaomiao was poisoned by the traditional Chinese medicine Wanggu, but she was really not the one who poisoned her. She has explained countless times, but Yin Chen didn’t believe her, he even let her die!

“Continue to clip, she will use the top ten tortures on her body one by one before she is recruited.”

All kinds of instruments of torture hung in the torture room, which made people horrified.

If Yin Chen tried other instruments of torture on her one by one, she would die here.

Su Luo was scared. She still had Miner and the child in her belly. She couldn’t die.

Su Luo looked at Yin Chen, clutching the corners of his clothes with bloody hands, begging, “I have not poisoned, Yin Chen, I beg you to believe me!”

Yin Chen turned a blind eye, and coldly ordered to the guard beside him, “Go on!”

The guard continued to torture.

“Ah!” Su Luo’s miserable cry sounded in the execution room.

With a cold smile on the corner of Yin Chen’s lips, she looked at her indifferently. This was the retribution she deserved.

There was footsteps outside, it was Mother Liu.

“Master!” Mother Liu rushed in anxiously, knelt on the ground, and cried: “Master, Miaomiao is about to die, please help Miaomiao!”

Yin Chen’s face changed drastically: “What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor has already prepared the medicine, but there is no medicine…” Mother Liu burst into tears.

“What kind of medicine is needed?” Yin Chen asked.

Mother Liu raised her head, her eyes fell on Su Luo’s lower abdomen inadvertently, and she said, “The doctor said that Miao Miao’s poison is extremely domineering. If you want to detoxify, you must use the heart of a newly formed fetus as a medicine. !”

“This method is too poisonous, you have to cut the pregnant woman’s belly open, and then take out the child to dig the fetal heart! Where can I find such a drug guide!” Mother Liu cried.

Su Luo’s body trembled when she heard Mother Liu’s words. She had been in the Medicine King Valley and had seen a lot of strange poisons, and it was the first time she had heard of using the heart of a fetus as a medicine.

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