Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations (The Fleeting Time Turns)

In order to find the mysteriously missing mother,
Xiaowan took over the task of helping people solve the fateful entanglement.
Embarked on a mysterious train that travels through time and space.
In those ancient countries that are lost in the long river of history,
Xiaowan met the wise and brave Roman general and the wild and domineering King of Babylon.
But what awaits her is one love puzzle after another…
The cause of the past life, the fruit of the present life,
Only by resolving the client’s previous life problems can the train move on.
When the train reaches the end,
Xiaowan, with half blood flowing in his body,
Can the final mystery be revealed?
Title: Journey to Seek Past Reincarnations (The Fleeting Time Turns)
Alternative name: 寻找前世之旅(流年转)
Author: Vivibear
Genre: Adventure, Sci-fi, Supernatural
Release: N/A
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Table of Content:

  1. Roman Storm
  2. Uneasy feeling
  3. Uneasy feeling
  4. A journey without end
  5. Ancient roman city
  6. Gladiator
  7. Octavian
  8. Roman Flora Festival
  9. Queen of egypt
  10. Temple of Ramses
  11. A rose that never fades
  12. The Dragon of Babylon, the man who fears the dark
  13. Babylon
  14. King of Babylon
  15. Monsters that only eat women
  16. Sky garden
  17. The King’s Secret (All)
  18. confusing
  19. King Solomon
  20. Babel Tower
  21. Queen’s Secret
  22. The last secret

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