Chapter 6 Who Is the Prey

Excessive panic made He Yan unable to speak. She clenched her teeth and squeezed her teeth. Her hands pressed hard on the table. She wanted to make a sound that would alarm others, and she wanted to stand up and grab the door. But everything was in vain. Her body collapsed in the chair, and the strength of her hands could not sweep the dinner plate off the table.

There was a blackening in front of her eyes. Before the coma disappeared, she saw him sitting there and watching her quietly, with a faint sneer on her lips, her eyes indifferent.

I don’t know how long after that, He Yan awakened from the darkness, an exaggerated chandelier caught in her eyes, crystal pendants were numerous and refracting the dazzling light.

“Wake up?” he asked.

She struggled to get up, instinctively flinching away from the sound. The room was large. Fu Shenxing sat on a sofa in the distance and looked at her, her lips gently raised, with a smile of joy, “He said, your physical fitness is very good, I woke up earlier than I expected. Half an hour.”

He Yan not only has good physical fitness, she has a psychological quality beyond ordinary people, otherwise it is impossible to escape in the incident four years ago. Fear caused her to panic and chaos, but reason was urging her to calm down as soon as possible. She closed her eyes vigorously, and when she opened it again, she accepted the situation at the moment, and only asked with a tremble: “Are you a man or a ghost?”

Fu Shenxing gave a soft chuckle and ridiculed: “How can a clever and daring Lord ask such a stupid question?”

This question is indeed stupid, which fully exposed her panic at this time. There are no ghosts in this world, and Shen Zhijie cannot be resurrected. Then the only possibility is that he is not dead at all. He is not dead, he came to seek her revenge!

Once the nightmare turned into reality, the devil she was deeply afraid of was right in front of her.

It seemed to go back to the scene four years ago. He sat there and looked at her coldly, his indifferent eyes sharp as a knife. He said, “Clean up, don’t stay troubled.”

Do not! This is even worse than it was four years ago. He seemed to be a ghost coming out of hell and came for revenge. Tears shed uncontrollably and her body shook uncomfortably, but she was not a woman who only cried and begged after all, she stared at him, although her voice was still shaking, her heart was gradually determined, “You want How? Kill me?”

“Kill you?” He chuckled and slowly shook his head. “If I want to kill you, why do I have to pay for these setbacks?”

Since I didn’t want to kill her, I would have tortured her, crying and begging No matter what, it will make it even worse. She suppressed her fears, thinking quickly in her heart, trying another way to survive. “Shen Zhijie, we all calm down and say something rationally, how?”

He squinted at her slightly, which was very different from his performance four years ago. This woman can be surprising every time. “What did you say?” He asked with interest, “Said that I should let you go, and you will never report to the police. Both of us should forget the past and start living again?”

She really wanted to do this Having said that, He Yan pursed her lips and turned to say, “No, I’m curious. How did you escape from the guard room?”

He was a little surprised, raising his eyebrows lightly, “He said, you are really Repeatedly surprised me, which made me more certain that our next game will be more interesting.”

He Yan couldn’t understand his mind and could only deal with it carefully: “What game?”

He sat on the sofa, two slender

Her legs overlapped, her posture relaxed and relaxed, “Tame a pure lady in the family as a slutty woman.” She shivered uncontrollably.

This reaction pleased him, he slowly raised his lips, “He said, you have a clean background, a good education, and you are engaged in such a dazzling career. Such a bright and beautiful person, but a little bit Defiled until extremely dirty. Wouldn’t you say it’s fun?”

This is the worst evil in this world, the dirtiest revenge.

There was a soft buckling sound outside the door, and three or four men rushed in from the outside, some of them holding the camera. Feeling dangerous, He Yan rolled down from the wide bed and continued to shrink back until it was against the cold wall.

Fu Shenxing got up and walked over, stood not far in front of her, threw a sharp weapon in front of her, “Hold it, tell me to see how you killed.” It

was a fruit knife, short and sharp, one Like the one she used four years ago.

A thin man stepped forward and dragged her to the bed. She struggled desperately, her hand caught the sharp weapon on the ground, but before the sharp weapon had hit the man, her wrist was caught. The iron-like fingers clasped her wrists and broke away effortlessly, and the sharp weapon fell to the ground with a bang.

The fist fell, her head was slanted to the side, her ears were buzzing, everything was shaking, big and small. In the blurred vision, she saw the man holding the camera, the onlookers standing beside, and Fu Shenxing, who was watching her on the sofa.

She no longer struggled and slowly closed her eyes.

Fu Shenxing leaned lazily on the sofa with a tone of voice as always, “Is this the only way? It’s really boring, let’s change a trick.” The

thin man crawled from the bed, but two other men approached her and forced She fed a pill. She fell into hell, whimpering desperately in her mouth, and struggling frantically again, “You killed me, you killed me, Shen Zhijie!”

He showed a cold expression and gently shook his head: “No, I said, I won’t kill you.” The

medicinal effect soon became effective, the mind gradually dissipated, and the body was controlled by the medicine, leaving only the physiological needs. This scene is even worse than before, the air is full of ambiguous breath, and the heavy breath is full of longing.

In the whole room, it seemed that only Fu Shenxing could keep his face unchanged, and his mind was still like water. He glanced at the man with red ears beside him, and said lightly, “A Jiang, this woman can’t touch it, it’s unlucky.”

A Jiang tried his best to restrain the light in his eyes and explained a little embarrassingly: “I, I didn’t want to touch her.”

He glanced at the bed quickly, bent down, and asked Fu Shenxing carefully: “Mr. Fu, when will this be filmed? This person is a professional who I specially invited back from Dongzhou. As long as you don’t stop, you can continue to shoot.”

Fu Shenxing raised his wrist and glanced at the time, said indifferently: “Come here, edit the video, we Let’s see how it works.” The

professional videographer shot the effect very naturally, whether it was the intense struggle before or the confusion behind, when the image is cast on the wide screen of the audio-visual room, this experience looks more than the personal experience. Can make people blush heartbeat.

He Yan was wrapped in a bathrobe and was deeply immersed in the large sofa. Her lips were shaking uncontrollably, telling herself not to cry, but her tears kept flowing down. Fu Shenxing sat not far from the side, turned her head and looked at her with a smile, “You can’t see it, you are very photogenic.”

“Really? Thank you.” She responded slowly, her voice hoarse and rough, like a crack.

Fu Shenxing was a little surprised, looked at her and asked again: “Will you report the crime when you go back?”

“How dare I report the crime when you hold this thing?” She almost guessed what he was going to do and bent her lips with difficulty. Horn, want to laugh contemptuously, but the tears flow more fiercely.

He smiled indifferently and said, “I know He Zhuan is a smart woman. In this case, we will set the rules of the game now. It’s very simple. You have to pass along, how?”

Live! Leave here alive! There was a voice roaring in her head, He Yan trembling her lips, took a deep breath, and cooperated with him to ask, “Are you still shooting these things?”

“Should not.” He answered easily. I thought about it a bit and said, “To be honest, it takes time and effort to shoot this thing, and I have no idea of making you an actress for the time being. I may ask you to help me attend some occasions in the future, and some people may like it You are of this type.”

She closed her eyes and wept silently, and stopped talking.

Fu Shenxing called the strong man named A Jiang to come in and commanded, “It’s not too early,

let him tell him what to do and go home.” He actually wanted to let her go! He Yan was nervous and agitated, afraid that her eyes would reveal her inner emotions, and quickly dropped her eyes to cover her eyes. She didn’t even dare to be too eager to show up, leaning hard on the sofa and moving slowly. A Jiang didn’t wait for her patiently, reached out and lifted her up from the sofa, pulling away.

Fu Shenxing suddenly stopped her, “He Lord speaks.”

She stopped and waited in shock, fearing he would suddenly change his attention again. I didn’t want him but just smiled and said lightly: “Don’t report the case, or you will regret it.”

This sounds a warning, but it seems to hide some other meanings. She still has no time to think, A Jiang I have covered a mouth with a piece of medicated towel.

When he woke up again, He Yan was already in her home. It seemed like she was waking up in countless early mornings. She was covered with a thin quilt, and the clothes she took off were placed on a chair by the bed. Even her mobile phone was according to her. The habit is placed in the space at the head of the bed.

The sky outside the window is bright, at least it has been nine or ten o’clock when watching the sun.

She slowly closed her eyes and then slowly opened her eyes, telling herself over and over that everything in the last night was just a nightmare, but her physical discomfort told her cruelly that it was not a dream. She covered her head with a quilt and cried in tears. She reached out her hand and touched the phone from the bed. There was a missed call from Liang Yuanze. There was also a message: Yan Yan. Pick up. Also, rest early and do not stay up late.

The time indicated that it was ten thirty last night, when she was in the hands of the devil.

He Yan shook her hand to call Liang Yuanze, but there was a busy tone on the phone. After a moment of stun, she sat up from the bed violently, ignoring the pain in her body, and pulled on her clothes quickly.

The car was parked in the parking space next to Yongdao, and in the distance, three or two aunts were playing with their children in the garden of the community. He Yan took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She drove the car out of the community, and after continually observing the car through the rearview mirror, determined that no one was following, and resolutely turned the car to the police station.

“What do you say?” The staff in front of him showed a surprised look and asked her: “Don’t worry, please calm down and say slowly.”

He Yan couldn’t calm herself down at all. Since entering here, she lost calm and rational before, “said Shen knowledge section did not die, he called Fu Cautious, you go and get him, go get him!”

staff like more confused, “who Shen know Day is? who Fu Cautious again?”

she half open Speaking, I didn’t know how to make things clear. “Sergeant Chen! I’m looking for Chen Jingyan!” she shouted, as if she finally caught a life-saving straw. “He knows how this is going on!” The

staff member’s expression was a little weird, and he looked at He Yan He seemed to hesitate and said: “Chen Jingyan had a car accident a few days ago and had passed away. We only held a memorial service for him yesterday.”

He Yan froze suddenly, suspecting that she had heard it wrong, “You said What?” The

staff looked at her with some sympathy, got up and poured her a cup of hot water, and comforted her: “Ms. He, don’t worry, if something is said slowly, even if Officer Chen is gone, we also Help you.”

No, no one can help her!

First of all, her parents suddenly won the travel award to go on a trip, and then Liang Yuanze went abroad for training in a foreign country. She was helpless, and even the police officer Chen who thought she could ask for help was killed in a car accident a few days ago. Are these all coincidences? How could it be so coincident?

She didn’t speak in a daze, and the staff couldn’t help but ask, “Ms.

He , are you okay?” He Yan looked up and stared blankly at the young policeman in front of her. Suddenly, the word Fu Shenxing said in her mind. , He said: “Don’t report the case, otherwise you will regret it.”

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