Chapter 5 Who Is the Prey

was a school with a poor family background, good grades, and people who are sensible, working part-time to reduce the burden on their parents, and suddenly they were arrested as thieves.

He Yan couldn’t believe it when she received the phone call, and hurried to the company’s security office. The boy was sitting in the corner with his head down, and raised his eyes to see her coming in. His eyes turned red immediately, “He said, I didn’t steal Mobile phone, I don’t know how it ran into my bag.”

She nodded gently and calmed him: “Don’t worry, I’ll go find them to understand the situation first.” It

sounds simple, the boy is in a nearby house The restaurant is a part-time food delivery service. When I came to deliver the food today, I took advantage of the customer’s inattention and secretly put someone’s new mobile phone in my bag. He Yan discovered the flaw in it just after listening, “I just lost my phone over there, and you stopped my students with glaring eyes. Is this too coincidental?” The

other party explained: “The owner found the phone lost. Then he called himself immediately. The boy hadn’t walked out of the building at the time, and he flipped the phone out of his bag. We saw him suspicious and stopped him.”

He Yan smiled and said, “Maybe the child offended Who is it, or your employees are joking with each other, he is innocently implicated. You don’t know, this child’s conduct in the school has been very good.”

“He said, the situation is like this, there are videos to watch. We didn’t intend to injustice anyone. We were going to report the case and asked the police to take care of the matter.”

He showed He Yan a video recording. When the boy came out of the office, he clearly panicked and hurried away, and the camera in the hall recorded him in a hurry The situation where the mobile phone is pulled out of the bag. Regardless of whether the boy was really wronged, the evidence was clearly against him.

He Yan had to soften her attitude and smiled and said to the person in charge: “Don’t worry, let’s discuss it again. He is still a student. Even if he is really confused, can he be given a chance to make a correction? Let’s solve this matter here, don’t trouble the police anymore, will you?”

“Our employees received violations, the security department is responsible.” The other party said.

He Yan smiled faceless and skinless, “Isn’t this where I found the phone, your security office is already very responsible. Really! I haven’t seen anyone more responsible than you. You don’t know the people in our school Don’t say a little mobile phone, you just swaggered out the desk of our school principal, and they didn’t know it.” The

person in charge was teased by her. She looked at the door and said quickly: “ Do you think this is the case? I led the student to apologize to the owner, and asked the other party to forgive me, and then I took him back to criticize education.” The

person in charge did not want to make things too big, hesitated and asked her to lead the student Follow him to find the lost owner.

The elevator went all the way up to the top floor before she stopped. She couldn’t help but ask the person in charge of the security department: “Will the mobile phone be your president?”

“No, it is the secretary of the president.” The other party replied.

He Yan was somewhat disappointed. Frankly speaking, she hoped that the mobile phone was the president’s. People who could achieve that position generally had a certain amount of weight and face. As long as she was willing to say something good, most things would be resolved. Characters such as secretaries are more difficult.

Unfortunately, things are really feed her, beautiful young lady secretary extremely unfriendly, sullen from the president room, a cold glance Ho Yan, asked: “? That thing there is nothing to talk about.”

He Yan Laugh at her with her, “He is still so young, he was confused to do the wrong thing for a while, and he should be given a chance to correct it. Do you say that? I’ll take him to apologize to you.”

Miss Secretary laughed out loud: “Who doesn’t give He has a chance to make a correction? Enter the police department and make a good correction. Even if the poor is poor, and the poor are not sensible, someone has to educate them.”

This is really unpleasant. The boy standing behind He Yan couldn’t help but excite himself: “I didn’t steal your phone, you seduce me, I don’t want it, you frame me!”

He Yan darkened as soon as he stopped. There was a cry of “bad”, and whether it was true or false, it was absolutely impossible to say anything about exposing scars! Sure enough, Miss Secretary’s face changed, “Hum” sneered twice, said: “Is it wrong, I said it is not counted, you are not counted, let’s ask the police to speak.”

He Yan had to go quickly To say good things, the scene is messy, but the elevator door is open over there, and someone hears a faint question: “What’s going on?”

He didn’t have a loud voice, but he suppressed everyone’s voice, He Yan It was like being stabbed with a needle, and suddenly looked back, you saw Fu Shenxing, who was cold-eyed.

The secretary immediately gathered her arrogant arrogance and grievously shouted: “Mr. Fu.”

Fu Shenxing glanced at her, then looked at He Yan, and finally set her eyes on the person in charge of the security department. The person in charge hurriedly told him what happened, and after hearing the reason, he looked at He Yan and asked her, “He said, is this your student?”

She pressed the student’s arm tightly in her hand and did not allow He was more impulsive, and answered Fu Shenxing: “Yes, the students I brought with him are classmates with Yu Jia. What character should he know, Yu Jia should know, he is not a person who can steal things.”

Miss Secretary heard this again To be anxious, but Fu Shenxing suppressed his eyes.

He looked at He Yan again, and said lightly: “Since He is a student, then

he will take him back.” He Yan didn’t want him to be so good at talking, and he was a bit stunned for a while. He saw that he raised his eyebrows lightly. Pulling the trainee busy to thank him: “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”

She was afraid to leave the festival, she hurried to leave him, and took her trainee away, when people were about to enter the elevator, they were suddenly stopped by him.

“He speaking,” Fu Shenxing gently hooked his lips and asked her, “Is there time at night? How about having a light meal together?”

She stunned a little, and then responded vaguely: “Okay, we invite you.”

He refused to be fooled, and asked her with a smile: “He said, I have no conduct in your eyes? Just It’s just a meal, can I still eat you?”

He made it so clear that she couldn’t continue to be confused, so she simply smiled and said generously: “Mr. Fu, you misunderstood. Yes My unmarried wife is very stingy and doesn’t like my contact with the opposite sex. When I go out to eat a meal with a friend, he will be jealous. I really can’t take him.”

He sneered at the corners of his lips and said, “Hey, you I also misunderstood. I did not mean to pursue you. Some things about Yu Jia wanted to talk to you. It was not convenient for other people to be present.”

At this point, she had to respond, but insisted: “But Today I have to invite you to express my gratitude.”

He smiled lightly. “Okay.”

“Then you wait for my call.” she said.

She drove the trainee back to the school. The boy remained silent until the car entered the school gate. He said stubbornly, “He said, I really didn’t steal the phone. It was the woman who framed me, she, she “” He seemed to be unable to speak the following words, flushed.

He Yan glanced at him and said lightly: “No matter what she said, she successfully framed you, which means that you have a place that is not doing well enough.” The

boy did not refute, bowed his head in silence for a while, and suddenly asked: “You evening Where to eat?”

She raised her eyebrows, “Huh?”

“I’ll pick you up!” Although he was honest, he was not stupid, and clearly saw that He Yan had to promise the man’s entanglement for his sake. “You tell me the location, I’ll be outside to guard you, call me if you have anything.”

He Yan laughed, but felt warm in her heart. “A little fart boy, what can you do? Go back to the school to study on your own! I will reduce my part-time work in the future. I will try to help you get scholarships this semester. If it is not enough, you will get some from me and wait for graduation work. Pay me back, anyway, I don’t have any interest in saving money in the bank. However, you have to write a loan note! Let’s be a villain before a gentleman.”

“He speaks…” The boy’s eyes couldn’t help but a little red.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” She stopped the car by the side of the road, pointed at the boy, and joked: “Anyway, it’s a big man, don’t say sensational words! You talk about me, everyone, everyone knows, You don’t need to tell me. Also, I have a fiancé, so don’t fall in love with me!”

The boy laughed when he said something, “He said, you? It’s too narcissistic, I wouldn’t like it. A woman of her own.”

“Go, go!” She made an angry look and drove the boy out of the car. “Hurry up and study! No big or small guy!” The

boy got out of the car but still refused to release the door. , Only bent down to ask her, “He said, where are you going to eat with that person in a moment?”

She understood his good intentions, looking at those clear eyes, she smiled and said, “Lord, I am not Tyrant, if you can’t go to any expensive place, just look for a house near the school. Uh? What do you think of the’zizaitian’ on the west side of the academy?”

“Zizaitian” is just outside the west gate of the academy. It’s not simple, but it’s definitely not high-end. He Yan has a psychological shadow of Fu Shenxing’s appearance, and he hates that he is overwhelming. He naturally refuses to live with him in a room alone, and specifically places his seat on the deck.

She has always been punctual, but who knows that Fu Shen traveled earlier than her. “I am in Room 502. He said, are you here?”

He had already taken the lead. He Yan was bad and asked him to come out and sit down. So he could only go upstairs.

As he pushed the door in, he was standing in front of the window. He heard the door ringing and glanced back. He looked back at the window and said slowly, “I always feel that this city is like a monster. If you don’t move, you will wake up at night and seduce you with lights of various colors, and then swallow you in one bite, so that you will always be stuck in darkness.”

He Yan couldn’t understand his inexplicable emotion. He raised his eyebrows lightly and responded: “It may be that people have a natural fear of darkness. After all, people are not night-vision animals.”

Fu Shenxing asked her to sit at the table and said, “I have ordered, Isn’t it okay?” To

his face, she always struggled to control herself nervously and subconsciously used humor to ease this emotion. “It’s okay, as long as it’s not too expensive.”

He smiled lightly. “It should be okay .” “The

two actually have nothing to say. If he doesn’t speak, she just bows her head and concentrates on eating, but doesn’t speak on her own initiative. Halfway through the meal, he suddenly asked her, “He said, can you tell me why you are so afraid of me?”

She froze and looked up at him.

“Please don’t say anything that I misunderstood. Your performance does not seem to be an attempt, but you are afraid of me from the heart, which makes me curious,” he said.

She looked at him silently for a long while, put down her chopsticks, and admitted frankly: “I met a robber a few years ago, and you look a bit like him, so…” She smiled apologetically, “So I said yes A misunderstanding is not a lie to you.”

He gently ripped the corner of his lip. “Just a bit like it?”

She shrugged helplessly. “Well, it’s not a bit like it, it’s a lot. That encounter caused me. It’s a big shadow, so when I first saw you, I was so gazed, I hope you can understand.”

Fu Shenxing smiled. “It should be me saying sorry, after all, I scared you.”

Having said that, He Yan felt more at ease and smiled: “So you don’t get it wrong, I really don’t want to make a fuss about you. I’m married, and my husband and I have a good relationship.”

Fu Shenxing nodded slowly. Instructed her to drink a drink and said with a smile: “I’m sorry, but I haven’t said the purpose of asking you to come. It’s to express my gratitude for the past, to give you a gift.” He said, taking a gift box from the table sideways Come, hand it to her across the table.

She was a little surprised, thinking that he was talking about Yu Jia dropping out of school, and was busy: “You are too polite, I can’t take this thing.”

He reached out and refused to take it back, “Accept it, it’s not a valuable thing. Open it to see if you like it or not.”

He Yan had to take the book-sized gift box and open it in front of him. The moment her lid opened, her complexion changed dramatically, and she threw the box out with her hands hot. The photos in the box spilled out and scattered everywhere. There was a plate that fell right in front of her. The man’s empty eyes in the photo were facing her, clearly covered with blood, but the striking wound on the neck was even more terrifying.

He is the gangster called “Monkey”, she remembers, she will always remember.

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