Chapter 4 Who Is the Prey

came out of the academy, He Yan hurriedly said goodbye in front of Fu Shenxing, without shaking hands with him. She didn’t even look at his reaction. She turned and hurried to the car on the side of the road. When she unlocked the car, she suddenly discovered that the left front wheel of the car was flat. She didn’t know when she had punctured the tire.

The tires are very flat, and there is no other way to change the spare tires. It’s obviously no problem when I came over just now. How can I be so exhausted so quickly! She couldn’t help being annoyed and kicked her rim in hate.

Fu Shenxing’s car slipped over from a distance and stopped behind her. He dropped the window and asked her: “What’s wrong, what’s the matter?”

She subconsciously startled again and turned back to cover up: “It’s fine.”

He tilted his head, crossed her glanced at the deflated wheel, and then looked back at her, and said, “He said, where are you going to work? I asked the driver to send you over first.”

“No.” She Refusing to think about it, seeing Fu Shenxing raised his eyebrows, only to realize that he refused to be too blunt, so he explained: “I still have something to do in my school room, please go, I will just walk over.”

She was clearly lying. When she was in the office area, she said that she was in a hurry to go out, but he didn’t expose her. He only smiled lightly and said goodbye to her: “Well, goodbye, Hezhu.”

He motioned to the driver Driving, the car soon disappeared in the school.

He Yan has been standing on the side of the road, watching his car disappear, and then rolled up his sleeves to change his tires. The most indispensable in the academic academy is the energetic and enthusiastic boys. Soon, a passing boy came forward to help, and she was not polite, directing the two boys to help her change the spare tire.

She did not go to the previous school to find a relationship, nor did she go home, but drove to the Nanzhao City Police Station.

Officer Chen received her call with some surprise, but did not refuse her invitation and came to meet her at a tea house next to the police station. “Is there anything? Suddenly want to see me.” He asked.

He Yan didn’t know how to tell him that they were not familiar, and even she came to him today to make an impulsive decision. “Do you remember me?” she asked.

Officer Chen smiled, “Remember.”

He naturally remembered her, she was the victim of the case he was responsible for four years ago. In that case, she was killed by a fruit knife when she was violated, and she drove off the legs of the other when she was violated. The first thing after she was born was to call Tell your boyfriend to report the crime.

There are many beautiful women, and many smart beautiful women, but there are few smart beautiful women who are calm and rational at the critical moment and can be ruthless and decisive. So even if he hasn’t seen it in a few years, he still remembers her.

He Yan is still thinking about how to narrate this matter, which is really unbelievable. If you don’t speak well, it will make people misunderstand her spirit. She looked at Officer Chen’s eyes and asked, “It was the case four years ago, the last gangster you caught, are you sure he is dead, are you?”

Officer Chen was stunned by her, “Huh?” “

Shen Zhijie is Shen Zhijie.” She directly said the terrifying name, and her speech speed increased unconsciously. “I recently saw a person who resembles him very much. The voice and appearance are very similar, no, It’s not just like it, it’s the same person!”

The tension she showed caused the sympathy of the middle-aged man in front of him, and there was pity in his eyes. “He Yan, is it called He Yan, am I correct? You? Let’s calm down for a while, I can tell you for sure that Shen Zhijie is dead.”

He Yan pursed her lips and asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Officer Chen Zhengjian headed , continuing: “I treat that person Impressed, not only because of what he did in the dark forces before, but also because he heard that he did something very surprising before he died.”

“What’s the matter?” she couldn’t help asking.

“He offered to donate the cornea.”

He Yan was also surprised. It was indeed unexpected that such a fierce and wicked man could suddenly noble up before his deathbed. She was silent for a while before saying again: “But that person is really like him.”

“There are people in the world who look very similar. There are people who look like twins, but in fact they don’t matter at all. Maybe, somehow, there is a girl who looks exactly like you.” Officer Chen said.

“But he treats me, to me…” She wanted to find a suitable vocabulary to express herself, “He tried to approach me, he asked for my mobile number, took the initiative to talk to me, and later wanted me to take his car. Please Don’t get me wrong, I can feel it.”

Officer Chen couldn’t help but smile and asked her, “Miss He, you’re so beautiful, even when you’re walking on the street, you’ve never met the opposite sex with you. “

The meaning in his words is clear. Even if there is such a man, and that man does try to approach her, it is just a conversation between ordinary opposite sexes.

He Yan has no way to refute. She is indeed very beautiful. She has been chased by a little boy since elementary school. This kind of good heterosexual relationship has continued until now, even if she has been wearing a wedding ring on her hand after marriage, she has never blocked the opposite sex. enthusiasm.

Officer Chen looked at her silence with a smile, and persuaded her: “Don’t think about it, forget about the past.” The

matter goes to the present, it seems that everything shows that her fears and worries are just the time of the past. The injury cannot be forgotten. He Yan couldn’t help but feel suspicious of herself. After a moment of pondering her lips, she asked Officer Chen the last question of the meeting: “Can you help me?”

Officer Chen was not sure , just asked: “What’s the matter?” “

She took out a pen and paper from her purse, wrote down Fu Shenxing’s name, date of birth, and address, and handed it to Officer Chen, asking, “This is the person’s information, can you help me verify it?” ? Are these true?”

Officer Chen glanced at the note, and was surprised, “You know so clearly?”

“He showed me his ID card, but he just glanced at it, and the ID card number was not recorded.” She replied.

Officer Chen couldn’t help but laugh again, “I remember so much at a glance, your memory is good enough.”

She has really good memory, otherwise she won’t remember that night so deeply, his face , His voice, he looked at her eyes…reproduced in her nightmare over and over again. She reminded herself not to think about it, just looked at Officer Chen pitifully, “Can you? Can you do me a favor?” The

beautiful girl’s request is always difficult for the man to refuse, Officer Chen smiled and clipped the note Into his little notepad, “OK, I’ll check it for you if I have a chance.”

He was a very enthusiastic person, and he called He Yan back in a few days.

“Miss He, I’ve checked it for you. Fu Shenxing does have someone, and his identity information is also true. What do you say?” He paused and smiled. “Don’t blame you for looking at me. I was taken aback, but when compared with the criminal’s photos, I could see that the difference was two people.”

He Yan felt relieved and thanked Officer Chen, “Thank you very much.”

Chen The police officer asked her again: “Did that person contact you again?”

“No.” She answered.

“Hey, the guy may just want to pursue a beautiful girl, maybe he feels weird, obviously he looks so good, how can he be guarded by the girl as a thief!” Officer Chen joked with her and encouraged her again: “He Yeon, forget that thing, and live a good life!”

She was really grateful to the policeman and could not help saying thank you again.

“If you have any other troubles in the future, you can call me without being polite.” Officer Chen smiled and said at last: “If the kid is bothering you again, just ask me for help!”

In fact, to be fair, the previous two times were not entangled. After He Yan determined that Fu Shenxing and Shen Zhijie were irrelevant, they looked at the problem rationally and objectively, and understood that it was her own reason. Suspicious.

Fu Shenxing never contacted her again.

Once she met the female colleague of the management office in the school. The colleague told He Yan that Fu Shenxing did not come. She called him and he answered it, but she didn’t come. It was another man who came to the school to take his watch, tall and strong, with a horizontal face.

When she said this, He Yan knew that it was the last man who drove Fu Shenxing, like his bodyguard.

He Yan comforted her colleagues a few words, but she felt more relaxed. Her life seemed to return to calm all at once, and Fu Shenxing suddenly appeared and gave her a terrified fright, then disappeared without a trace.

She enrolled in the previous school entrance examination. The instructor was looking for the original instructor. The old man did a lifetime of study and was decent and rigorous. Although she liked her student very much, she made it clear that she was required to enter the exam by herself, he would not Open any back door for her.

He Yan sent a picture of “Laughing and Crying” to the Lord on the Internet to describe her sadness and helplessness.

Her parents did not support her to read a blog. Although her family was not wealthy, she was not short of money. She felt that she could easily live her life without having to work hard. Fortunately, there is also Liang Yuanze’s support, and the information and the errands are still intact. He Yan only hates that he is not a professional with himself.

She learns from the sea and works hard, but the family members often encounter good things. First, Father He and Mother hit the Universiade and won the Tourism Award. The two old people went out to travel together to visit the great mountains and rivers of the motherland. Then, Liang Yuanze also got a precious opportunity to go abroad for training.

He Yan was envious and jealous. When packing Liang Yuanze, he couldn’t help pantothenic acid. He dropped his suitcase on the ground and said hatefully: “No matter what, I’m going to be a wicked wife right away. mother!”

Liang Yuanze couldn’t help laughing, and came over to suppress her, “If you don’t like me, don’t go, your parents are not at home, and I’m not at ease to leave you alone.”

This means that she again Not a child, a guardian must be with me at all times, and this opportunity is really rare, which is very good for future development. She grabbed his collar by hand and said half-truth: “Relax, I will never stumble on your hind legs at the critical moment. Husband, you can rest assured to learn long-term skills, concubine I also went back to the school to study hard, In the future, the two of us will be like two wings flying together.”

Liang Yuanze was amused by her, lowering her head and kissing her again, and then came to have fun. He stripped her clothes on his hands and teased her in his mouth: “Be a husband I will leave a mark for you, and I will marry you back when I return to China.” The

two of them quickly hugged and rolled together. Most of the time, Liang Yuanze led her, but sometimes she also had the upper hand, and then asked him arrogantly: “Do you agree? Do you agree?”

How could you not agree ? His breathing was unstable, but his eyes were soft like water, and

she answered what she asked : “Yanyan, I love you.” She leaned down, kissed his lips, and responded to him: “Yuanze, I love you too.”

She loves him too ,love very much.

After sending away Liang Yuanze, she really packed up her schoolbags and went to the school to review her homework. She mixed with the students every day to take up seats in the library. Some people often mistake her as a student. Of boys offered to help her occupy a seat.

She called Liang Yuanze and talked about it with great pride, “Oh, Yuanze, you only got me when you married me. I look so tender and tender. When you’re almost fifty, I will die like a thirties. Someone will think you are a successful person at that time, otherwise how can you get such a young girl!”

Liang Yuanze smiled and accompanied her, and asked her to take care of herself. “If you feel hard, you should resign. This year, you will not be able to take the exam. We will take the exam next year. , I can’t afford you anymore.”

“Go! Crow mouth, who said I can’t pass the exam this year? Do you despise my IQ? I thought I was a famous genius girl!” She chewed him, but she was afraid that he would not be worried. Now, the students are quite mature and rarely

cause trouble to me.” People often talk about their mouths and mouths. She said this only the next day. A student in the school didn’t want to make trouble for her.

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