Chapter 4 Shame on my daughter, death penalty

Fat women’s popular trembling!

“Well… okay you are a rabbit, you have a kind! But don’t be too proud, hit me, today the old lady can’t walk around with you!”

words fell, she screamed loudly.

“Lao Chang! Lao Chang! Someone hit me, and get out soon!”

As she shouted several times in a row, a thin, tall man, carrying an iron rod, came out from behind.

“what happened?”

The fat woman stood up, pointing at Xiao Chen and the Seven Kills:

“The two of them, the two of them, shot me together! Hurry up to avenge me, hit me back! I will kill both of them!”

often glanced at the two of them, sneeringly said:

“I know, you go back! You two of them, leave it to me!”

He carried an iron rod and beat on the ground a few times, staring coldly at Xiao Chen and the Seven Kills.

“The two of you, little cubs, have the courage, but in the light of day, you dare to come to Laozi’s site to make trouble, are you two, lively and crooked?”

Xiao Chen’s face was as cold as water. Everyone with eyesight knew that Xiao Chen was trying to suppress his inner anger!

“I ask you, why, keep her in a doghouse?”

Old Chang sneered.

“I want to keep her wherever I want, how can you control her?”

The fat lady also echoed!

“Yes, give her a kennel, enough to shield her from the wind and rain! What else do you want? Let’s make her a golden house? You don’t look at it, what kind of dog is she? Her parents don’t want her Now, what are you blindly mixing?

“Yes, you just take dogs and do more business!”

Xiao Chen took a deep breath, his eyes cold as water.

“If you can give a reasonable explanation, maybe, I will leave you with a whole body! But now, it is unnecessary!”

The words fell, Xiao Chen held the child and turned away.

“Peel, cramp, pick eyes, tongue out, amputate, keep alive!”

“I want them to live and confess my daughter!”

The fat lady and the old lady didn’t understand Xiao Chen’s words, but instead shouted arrogantly.

“Hey! Stop, who will let you take him away?”

“Little Bunny, why don’t you let go of someone, I will kill you now, believe it or not?”

However, before they could catch up with Xiao Chen, they were stopped by a burly body!

The seven kills rolled up the cuffs, revealing a pair of slender hands.

The hands are whiter than the woman’s, and the white is red!

It is rumored that only hands that are often soaked in blood and taken enough nutrition can be so fair!

“What do you want to do?”

The couple looked cold and watched the Seven Kills with vigilance!

The seven kills were cold-faced:

“You guys, you should not call him a cub!”

“We just called him a rabbit, what can you do?”

“Yeah, that’s right! He’s a cub! You have the ability to try it out?”

Seven kills shook his head.

“Professing blasphemy is a crime of death! I don’t know life and death, sin is increased by one grade!”

A moment later, the whole orphanage made two unbelievable screams!

This cry is terrible, resounding through the sky, so that the surrounding residents are terrified and all wake up from their sleep!

didn’t wait for everyone to come over, the seven kills had already got on the car, and drove away.

In the car, Xiao Chen was teasing her daughter.

“Emperor Zun, where are you going?”

Xiao Chen never looked up, his eyes were always on his daughter’s body, full of love.

“Go to the best bath in Jiangbei!”


Rolls-Royce, driving fast, not long after, has come to the best bath in Jiangbei!

For top-end high-end service establishments, 24-hour business is just the most basic standard!

The seven-killer stopped the car, Xiao Chen hugged her daughter and walked into the bath.

Everyone around can’t help but cast a look of doubt and disgust!

can come here, basically, not ordinary people.

and Xiao Chen, but came with such a dirty child, just like a stray dog, so that they are very worried about whether there is any germs on the child!

The waiter soon came forward, with a bad face, asked towards Xiao Chen:

“Sir, did you go to the wrong place? Here, we are a high-end bathing place, not a homeless child care center!”

Xiao Chen glanced indifferently.

“I know!”

“Since you know…”

Waiting for the waiter to speak again, Xiao Chen interrupted her directly!

“five minutes!”

“what did you say?”

“Give you five minutes to clear this place, I want to bathe my daughter!”

The waiter chuckled and said:

“Sir, don’t be kidding! Our single bath here is more than 800! This is not a variety of other services. If you want a charter, it is impossible without 500,000!”

paused, she said again:

“And…even if you are rich and your daughter is so dirty, we will not serve you!”

With this remark, the temperature of the entire bath fell instantly by several degrees!

Xiao Chen’s eyes were cold as water, staring at the waiter, said lightly:

“What did you just say? Say it again!”

His eyes, full of deterrence, made the waiter tremble!

But immediately afterwards, the waiter snorted!

“What’s the matter? Want to be arrogant? You don’t have to look at it, whose place is this? I’ll tell you again! Here will not provide services to the beggar, take her out immediately, otherwise, I am going to call the security guard!”

The voice just fell, and the waiter’s eyes flashed. After a while, the whole person flew out on the spot!


The waiter fell heavily on the ground, and half of his face was swollen!

“You…you…you dare to beat me?”

Xiao Chen’s face was cold, and his eyes looked like a dead man.

“I dare to kill you, do you believe it?”

I dare to kill you…

A faint sentence, but everyone in the room was surprised in an instant!

Know that in Jiangbei, a bath center that can afford this level is no longer an ordinary person! The forces behind it, absolutely stomping, can make the whole of Jiangbei tremble!

and Xiao Chen, but dare to be so arrogant here, he is not afraid to anger the master behind this bath?

“Crazy, this guy, really crazy!”

Everyone shook their heads, full of pity for Xiao Chen’s face.

Almost at the same moment, behind the waiter, came out a burly man.

The height of one meter eight five is three centimeters higher than Xiao Chen!

He has a strong back and a white shirt, his arms are as thick as a cow! On his face, there was a deep scar, spanning the bone of the nose, and it looked extraordinarily hideous!

“It’s such a big tone! Everyone in my Chen’s site has the courage to make trouble. I really don’t know if your kid is tired or crooked, or his brain is flooding!”

Xiao Chen glanced at the other party and said lightly:

“It seems that you are in charge of this bath!”


Man with arms around his chest, eyes like torch, a proud expression.

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