Chapter 3 Who Is the Prey

Yu Jia is a student in He Yan’s school. This girl is always ill. She takes sick leave at the end of three days. The longest time is before the summer vacation. She didn’t even take the final exam. She is about to drop out of school, and He Yan is not surprised at all, but He Yan is very cautious, “I need to call Yu Jia to confirm.”

She went to the drawer to turn over the address book in the school house, but Fu Shenxing took the phone early. Called a number from there, and handed the phone to He Yan across the table. “He said, I have a number here. Use this.”

He Yan hesitated for a moment, and then reached out to pick up the phone. His eyes paid attention to his The hands are very clean and have slender knuckles, much like those of a reader. The suspicion in her mind reduced a little, and she took the phone from his palm and dialed the number on the phone.

The sound of CRBT came from the mobile phone, and the waiting time was not short or long. Yu Jia answered the phone over there. Her answer was roughly the same as that of Fu Shenxing. The young girl just seemed a little nervous, and the voice was a little tight. I am afraid that the lecturer has this problem and many students have developed it since childhood, and even if he enters the advanced school, he will not be able to correct it for a while.

He Yan was accustomed to it, briefly asked about her condition, and comforted her with a few words of warmth before she hung up the phone. When she looked up, Fu Shenxing stood opposite and looked at her with a smile. The face still made her feel terrified. She pursed her lips slightly and handed her the phone back to him, “Mr. Fu, please go to the headquarters with me Application form.”

She took him to the withdrawal application form and told him what other materials he needed to prepare. “The hospital provides diagnosis and advice on withdrawal. The application form should also be signed by Yu Jia. The application form was brought back to me, and I will take you to the director to sign.”

Fu Shenxing nodded gently and asked her again: “Hey, can you leave a mobile number?”

He Yan hesitated and said, “You can Call me in the office.”

Fu Shenxing smiled and didn’t insist.

Out of courtesy, she sent him out of the office, but when he was ready, he suddenly asked: “I would take the liberty to ask, do I look like another person?”

She was stunned by him and he continued to ask. Go on: “You’re scared of that person, are you? He hurt you?”

He Yan was soft outside and inner, and her temperament has always been very good, but at this moment, she couldn’t help but want to return to him with a fierce sentence, “Did you fart!” But her cultivation did not allow her to do this, so she raised her eyebrows gently, pretending not to hear him, and asked him: “Well? What do you say?”

Fu Shenxing smiled and stretched out his hand to shake her hand. , “I say goodbye, Lord He.”

He Yan still has an instinctive fear of the man in front of her. She put her hand in his palm and immediately pulled it away as soon as it touched. “Goodbye.”

He smiled, but Nothing, just turned around and left.

One afternoon, she was a little uneasy. Liang Yuanze made several phone calls to ask her about her situation. When she was about to leave work, she even drove directly to the school to pick her up. The sense of happiness depressed the unknown fear in He Yan’s heart. When the leather bag went downstairs, when he got on the bus, he couldn’t help

spoiling his fiance: “What about my car?” “Stay in the school.” Liang Yuanze replied.

She knowingly asked again: “Then how do I go to work tomorrow?”

Liang Yuanze learned her emphasis: “I will send you to work tomorrow.”

Both of them couldn’t help laughing. After the laugh, she was silent for a while and suddenly lost her head. Brainly said: “Yuanze, I want to continue studying, I don’t want to be the lecturer all the time.”

She only has a master’s degree, and she must be a senior school lecturer at least after finishing her Ph.D.

Liang Yuanze was supportive of all her choices and heard the words: “Well, which school do you want to go to? Do you need me to help you contact your instructor?”

He Yan shook her head. “I still go back to the school where I studied before and continue to follow My Lord is ready.”

With this in mind, she called the lecturer for advice the next day. The lecturer was also very happy to hear her study and asked her to take the entrance exam next spring. It was mid-September, and the registration time was in October. Suddenly there were a lot of materials to prepare. She suddenly felt busy and had to ask Liang Yuanze for help.

The two of them put their sleeves on the battlefield together. When sorting out the materials at night, he suddenly said to her seriously: “Yanyan, let’s work harder and get pregnant, so that you can take it when you take the entrance exam next year. Let’s go with the children together, this is also prenatal education!”

She was stunned for a moment, but she thought the idea was really good. The two immediately dropped the materials in their hands and climbed into the bed happily.

One week after receiving the call, she was running a blog post. The caller ID was an unfamiliar number. She was afraid that something was happening to the students in the school house, so she picked it up.

“Hello, Lord He speaks.” It

was a man’s low voice, with a rare hint of coolness in the summer, He Yan’s scalp tightened a little, and the voice unconsciously stiffened, “Hello, Mr. Fu.”

” You remember my voice, what is the main speaker.” Fu Shenxing said.

He Yan had no intention of chatting with him, and only said: “Mr. Fu, when will Yu Jia’s materials be handed over? There are regulations in the academy. The application for withdrawal must be submitted within two weeks of the start of the school.”

“I just left your In the office, Mr. He said, your colleague said you don’t know when you will come back, so I have to call you a cell phone.” Fu Shenxing said, after a pause, he explained: “The cell phone number is from Yu Jia.”

According to the regulations of the school, the counselors are required to take classes, but the counselors often run around because of the students’ affairs, and the school is not very strict. Therefore, He Yan often slips out to do private affairs without asking for leave. She discussed with him: “I’m sorry, I’m out here at the moment. So, can you leave the materials in my office first?”

“Not very good.” He refused very simply.

He Yan was choked.

He also said: “I will go on a business trip tomorrow, and I will not be in Nanzhao in the near future. He said, can you please come back now, I will wait for you in the school.”

He said this a little rudely, but why? Yan was reluctant to dispute with the parents of the trainees. In addition, she did not take the matter into account. She thought about it and responded: “Then wait for me for half an hour, I will go back now.”

She drove to When I hurried back and parked the car behind the office building, the time had just passed half an hour. She just got off the side of the road where it drilled a black car wearing a black suit to brawny, leaning on the door told her, and said:. “Mr. Fu here waiting for you.”

That car a glance valuable , Plus that strong man who looks like a bodyguard, this posture does not look like an ordinary character. She froze for a moment, hesitantly stepped forward, the rear window glass of the car slowly fell down, revealing a handsome face, Fu Shenxing gestured to her slightly jaw: “Hey Lord, hello, you are on time. “

he looked at his beautiful harbor alert, looked carefully, he looks exactly the same and that is not the culprit, his face more refined, Jun facial features clear, calm eyes, the eye brow reveals a kind of good that came out to support Indifferently, there was no hint of coldness.

“I’m sorry to call you back, but I’m going to go abroad tomorrow, and I won’t be able to come back in a short time, so I want to give Yu Jia the formalities today.” Fu Shenxing said, beckoning his assistant to give the document bag to He Yan, “Please see if There is still something missing.”

She checked the materials in the document bag. “You have to go to the director to sign with me before you can send it to the management office for approval.”

Fu Shenxing nodded, and the assistant stepped forward to drive the door for him. It was only after she noticed that he was wearing a formal dress today, with a neat suit and an expensive temperament, much like those financial giants who could be on the front page of magazines. Like noticing her look, he explained casually: “Just finished attending a meeting.”

He followed her to the office area and walked beside her, chatting casually: “He Zhuan looks very young, senior Has the garden just closed?”

She is actually twenty-seven years old, studying early, and graduate students have been graduated for more than four years. But she had no interest in chatting with him, so she politely plucked her lower lip corner, showing a smile that could no longer be lighter, and answered: “No.”

She walked quickly, even faster than he had tall legs and tall legs. Half of the body, when going upstairs is even faster, almost all become trotting. When she walked to the corner of the stairs, she realized that he hadn’t followed, and couldn’t help turning back to look at him in surprise.

He still stood under the stairs and looked up at her lightly: “He said, I’m not in a hurry.”

He Yan was a little embarrassed, and realized that her performance was overdone , but she was really afraid of him, even if she knew it People have nothing to do with murderers, but as long as he hears his voice and sees him, she can’t control her fear. She was able to talk to him normally and could not resist screaming or running away, which was the result of all her efforts.

She didn’t speak, only standing around the corner and waiting for him.

He walked up slowly, and when he walked past her, he suddenly said: “I’m really curious, why are you so afraid of me.”

“You misunderstood.” She lowered her head not to look at him, stopped again. Explanation: “I still have something to do in a hurry, I can’t help but feel a little anxious.”

“Oh, so.” He nodded gently and said again: “I’m sorry, Lord He, tell you to leave your business and run back. “

She barely smiled herself, “Yes, this is my job.” The

thing went well, the director was at home, and Fu Shenxing prepared all the materials. He signed the name with a big stroke, He Yan He led Fu Shenxing out of the office, “Send the application form to the school management office and wait for the management office to approve it.” When the

two went outside the building, Fu Shenxing’s car was waiting on the roadside. Looking at her first, she asked politely: “Is the management office far away? Is it faster to take the car?”

The school management office is indeed some distance away from the office area, but she is unwilling to walk side by side with him like this, and even less willing to sit with him in a car. She pursed her lips and came up with a good idea. “Get in the car and go straight along this road. Turn left after two intersections is the school management office building, which is very eye-catching. You are waiting for me at the entrance , I went to drive my car, and handed over the table just to do things, which saves time.”

Fu Shenxing had no objection, He Yan drove after going to the building, and when she went downstairs to the management office, Fu Shenxing had been waiting under the stairs outside the building. Shen Yuli’s appearance attracted the attention of many students. She hurried over and greeted softly: “Come on, Mr. Fu.”

With her lead, things went smoothly. The young female lead of the management office said that her eyes were about to stick to Fu Shenxing, and he took advantage of his procedures Empty, dragging He Yan aside to secretly inquire: “Who is this man? It’s really handsome!”

Fu Shenxing seemed to be aware of it, glancing at them and gently hooked the corner of his lower lip. This magnificent smile led the hostess next to him to wish to rush to kneel and lick, and even pulled He Yan’s arm tightly and refused to let go. “Quick, is there a way to contact? Give me his mobile phone number!”

He Yan was a little bit Unable to cry or laugh, she took Fu Shenxing’s phone, and naturally it was his mobile phone number. However, it didn’t seem appropriate to tell the stranger the number without his permission.

A colleague shook her arm and begged: “He Damei, please, you are all husbands. Such an opportunity must be left to us single dogs!”

“This is the student’s cousin, I do not know , You asked yourself in the past.” Then, she suddenly moved her heart and secretly gave her colleague an idea, “If you don’t leave him his contact information in public conspiracy and private, when the application is approved, you call him directly to call him over Yes, I don’t need to teach the rest?”

According to the usual practice, after the application is approved, you must return to the college first, and then the counselor will contact the student. The colleague twitched a little and asked her, “Is it appropriate?”

She smirked and ran into her colleague gently with her shoulder. “What’s wrong with this? You should work for me!”

Fu Shenxing had completed the relevant procedures, and turned to He Yan to look over. She asked her colleague seriously: “Is there anything else?” The

colleague cleared his throat, “Uh, leave the client’s contact information Come on.”

Fu Shenxing smiled and wrote down his mobile phone number on the paper and handed it over.

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