Chapter 3 He is a father now

The cold wind blows.

The stars are falling.

Xiao Chen, did not sleep all night.

He was sitting on the sofa, as the old monk entered the Ding, the spirits around the world were stirred with his breathing.

The child has been pulling his heart, making his eyes hot like blood!

For a moment, the air was twisted for a while, and the figure of the Seven Kills appeared again beside Xiao Chen.

“Emperor Zun, I found it!”

Xiao Chen’s red eyes, two shots were shot, he took a deep breath, with a trembling tone:


“The child is still alive, in an orphanage.”

Xiao Chen straightened up and walked towards the door.

Seven kills comprehended the mind, and quickly followed quickly.

The two drove away, the car ignored the red light all the way, the speed exceeded 300 yards, and drove all the way. Within a few minutes, they came to the orphanage in the suburbs!

“Here! Emperor Zun, this is it!”

Seven kills just stopped the car, Xiao Chen had teleported to the door, and his heart moved, and the door opened automatically!

His mind was swept away, and all life in the orphanage house was analyzed.

But as a result, he made his sword eyebrows slightly wrinkled!

“Seven kills, here, why is there no my child?”

Seven killing faces came to Xiao Chen’s side, took a deep breath, and pointed to the kennel in the corner of the courtyard.

“Emperor Zun, there!”

Xiao Chen’s mind shook instantly! His blood rushed to his head, and he almost fainted. If it wasn’t for the Seven Kills to help him, he might have fallen to the ground!

When he first entered the orphanage, the spiritual consciousness was released.

He naturally knew that there was a life in the kennel, but he just thought it was just a dog in an orphanage!

Now, when he saw it with his own eyes, he could see clearly that there was a ragged little girl sleeping in the doghouse.

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s eyes misted up with a layer of mist! Bloodshot!

The child’s living environment is very poor, not just a small kennel, she is wearing ragged clothes and is not covered.

Because of severe malnutrition, she was thin and skinny, with yellow hair and dark skin!

The dog kennel is very dirty, and no stool or urine is handled by anyone!

The most distressing thing is that there is a dog chain tied around the girl’s neck!

She was really treated as a dog!

At this moment, Xiao Chen’s heart was all broken!

“Emperor Zun!”

Seven kills wanted to comfort, but Xiao Chen raised his hand slightly, motioning him to be quiet.

Immediately, he shivered and walked to the kennel.

The smell in the doghouse is very bad, but Xiao Chen didn’t care.

He looked at the sleeping little face with a restless face, so sad he couldn’t breathe!

That face, exactly the same as Yun Xuan, is simply a reduced version.

It’s just that she is thinner, a hundred times weaker than Yun Xuan!

Xiao Chen has no doubt, this is his and Liu Yunxuan’s daughter!

The little guy seemed to feel someone, woke up from his sleep, saw Xiao Chen, screamed, and quickly retreated.

Xiao Chen felt very heartbroken, disregarding the pollution, crawled into the kennel, and hugged her daughter’s petite body.

“Children, don’t be afraid, dad!”

The tears crept violently, Xiao Chen hugged the child tightly, but the child babbled, screamed nonstop, with muddy nails, crazy holding Xiao Chen’s clothes, loose teeth, biting Xiao Dusty neck.

Xiao Chen was afraid of hurting her and withdrew all her strength. The little guy showed no mercy and directly bit his skin and let his hot blood flow out!

But this pain, compared with the grief in my heart, is a world apart!

Xiao Chen thought that in recent years, he had climbed out of the **** sea of corpses and it was already unimaginable for ordinary people!

Now, when he sees his daughter, he knows that compared with his daughter, he is nothing!

He couldn’t even imagine how his daughter came over!

“My son, dad, sorry for you!”

Xiao Chen hugged her daughter, no matter how she struggled, he was unwilling to let go.

When Xiao Chen’s hot tears dripped on her daughter’s cheek, her daughter slowly loosened her teeth and looked at Xiao Chen with a confused look.

She didn’t know why Xiao Chen was crying, because, from the day she was sensible, she was the only one who shed tears!

When    was smashed by other children…

When there is no food, when the hungry stomach hurts…

When thunderstorms are mixed, when you feel fear…

Now, for the first time, she saw that besides herself, there was someone crying!

This makes the little girl feel an inexplicable sense of intimacy!

Because, he and himself are ‘similar’!

The little girl smiled, she gently stroked Xiao Chen’s cheek, used her fingers to lift the tears on Xiao Chen’s face, and put it in her mouth!


Xiao Chen immediately took out her fingers, the nail grooves, the whole body muddy, and some feces!

The little girl looked at Xiao Chen confused, and didn’t understand what Xiao Chen meant.

Xiao Chenqiang endured the pain in his heart and stroked the little head of her daughter, saying:

“Father, take you out of here, take you to eat delicious, take a bath, buy a good-looking clothes!”

The sentence she ate, the little girl understood, her gloomy eyes could not help lighting up, her yellow face, and she smiled again!

But seeing this Chen, it is more and more painful!

He took a deep breath, his heart moved, and the dog’s chain broke automatically. Afterwards, he hugged the little girl and walked out of the doghouse!

It was just Xiao Chen, when the front foot had just come out, and the back foot, there was a grunt of dissatisfaction across the back.

“Who? Early in the morning, let people not sleep?”

Hearing this sound, the little girl seemed to be very scared, and was frightened to drill into Xiao Chen’s arms!

Lairen is a big fat woman. When she saw Xiao Chen, her face immediately froze!

“Who are you? Early in the morning, how did you get to our orphanage! Are you here to steal children?”

Xiao Chen gently stroked her daughter’s dry and messy hair, softly relieved:

“Don’t be afraid, there will be no one in the presence of Dad, and it will hurt you again!”

heard this, and her daughter just settled down, but still hiding in Xiao Chen’s arms, dare not show her face.

The fat woman sneered.

“Yeah? This hasn’t been adopted yet, so I started to think of myself as “Daddy”? You really can’t look down on yourself!”

Xiao Chen’s face was cold.

“You, scared my daughter!”

The fat woman sneered again.

“I scared her, what can you do? Which green onion do you count, and don’t pour urine, just like yourself, are you qualified to control the old lady?”

As soon as the words fell, the seven kills were drawn with a slap in the air, and on the spot, the fat woman was slapped and flew out!

“Ah! You… do you dare to hit me?”

The fat woman screamed and covered her face, resentment!

Seven Kills pulled out a tissue and wiped his hands indifferently as he said:

“Dare to be rude to Emperor Zun, beating you is light!”

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