Chapter 2 Who Is the Prey

Liang Yuanze came very quickly, faster than the police. He took He Yan out of the car, wrapped it in his suit jacket, and carefully hugged it to his car. He Yan has been trembling, Liang Yuanze can only hug her tightly, and put her lips against her ears to appease her: “It’s okay, Yanyan, it’s okay, I’m here, the police will arrive right away, when they come I’ll take you to the hospital.” The

police car arrived soon, the flashing lights kept flashing, and then they moved the thin man’s body out of He Yan’s car and transported it in a body bag. A female police officer came to see He Yan’s situation and tried to inquire further about the case. Liang Yuanze suppressed his anger and restrainedly said, “My girlfriend was seriously injured and she needs to go to the hospital for treatment.”

The female police officer was very reasonable. , Immediately called someone to take He Yan to the hospital and allowed Liang Yuanze to accompany her. He Yan’s body gradually calmed down, but her voice was hoarse, and she was a little nervous. She kept telling Liang Yuanze: “Don’t let my parents know, don’t let them know.”

Liang Yuanze’s eyes were even more red than He Yan’s. Holding her hand, Wen Sheng responded to her: “Relax, don’t tell them to know,

Yanyan , don’t be afraid, I’m here.” He Yan’s soul and energy seem to have been exhausted in the life and death fight just now, Only a body remained obediently obeying their arrangements, go for medical examinations, go for injuries, go for treatment, and even to be questioned by policewomen. Only when she faced Liang Yuanze, she looked slightly alive, and murmured to him: “Yuanze, did I have a nightmare?”

Liang Yuanze held her tightly and told her firmly: ” It’s just a nightmare, and it’s going to pass soon.”

He never lied to her. Things turned out better every day. Every time he came to see her, he brought good news. On the fifteenth day, he came back and told She: “The man who ran away was called “Ji Ge” was captured. The three of them were all dark forces. Two of them were full of adultery, captivity and evil deeds. It’s okay, Yanyan, you won’t be okay.”

She was stunned first, and then she cried out in silence. The invisible fear that was pressed on her heart finally found an outlet to vent, “I am afraid, Yuan Ze, I am really scared, I am afraid that the person will come back and take revenge, you did not watch By then he will look at my eyes and he will definitely kill me.”

Liang Yuanze still hugged her tightly and told her in a slow but firm voice: “No, he will never come out to hurt you again, he will not When he came out, the lawyer said he would never come out. Don’t be afraid, Yanyan, I will always be with you. When this matter is over, we will get married, we will change a big house, have two children, and have another one. Dogs and a cat, the family has been lively and lively!”

He Yan’s eyes fell to the empty space, staring blankly, showing a little bit of the scene he portrayed before her.

“Don’t be afraid, Yanyan, time will smooth everything, and slowly, always forget that nightmare.” Liang Yuanze said softly.

Four years later, Nanzhao City.

Nanzhao City is surrounded by mountains and waters and has been famous for its beautiful scenery since ancient times. He Yan’s parents didn’t plan to leave the village before leaving home, but they really like the environment here. In addition, He Yan plans to marry her fiance soon. , As soon as he gritted his teeth, he sold his old house and moved to Nanzhao with his daughter.

The house was bought opposite the district where He Yan lived, and across a wide road, she couldn’t even use it for ten minutes, and even Liang Yuanze couldn’t help making fun of her: “This family is near, it’s convenient to run, But I’m afraid you’re impatient of being controlled by your parents, and I’ll complain to me in a few days.”

He Yan squinted at him, his feet curled into the sofa, and he slowly turned the magazine in his hand, deliberately elongated Voice coquettishly: “Husband, people have run out of salary this month, and they have no money for the beauty card.”

Liang Yuanze laughed helplessly: “My wife, the salary card for your husband is in your hands, and you have to ask me for money. ? it ‘

. “greeting

They have been together for so many years, and it’s time to have a baby after getting married.

“Is there any problem with my body?” Liang Yuanze grabbed her restless feet and rubbed it lightly, but his body leaned over and said ambiguously, “Don’t you know yet?” The

two had been two years ago Cohabitation is naturally intimate.

He Yan chuckled softly and kicked him gently, “While you go, if you don’t go to the hospital, I won’t go!”

Liang Yuanze always told her to obey, and she followed her to the hospital for an examination within two days. Very good, the doctor only gave He Yan some vitamin tablets to take during pregnancy. The two had been out of the hospital for almost noon and had a simple lunch outside. Liang Yuanze drove directly to the company, but He Yan first walked around the shopping mall, and then hurried back to the school.

The school she worked in was not large. She had just upgraded to a senior school. She worked hard to form several school districts, but there were not so many office buildings at one time, so she put the lecturers of several colleges into one. In the building. He Yan parked her car in the shade behind the office building as usual. When she got off, she happened to have a black off-road vehicle coming in from outside and parked next to her car.

This car is very strange, unlike the lecturer of the academy, He Yan couldn’t help but slow down, and looked at it twice more.

The door was opened, and a man wearing sunglasses crossed the car. The shirt and jeans were long and tall, and he looked thin and thin. But He Yan was a person who often went to the gym. Thin and undressed, there is meat. This man looks thin, but he is likely to hide a strong muscle under his clothes.

But she was not interested in it. She loved Liang Yuanze so much that she was almost blind to men other than him. Most of them looked vague in her eyes.

The man looked at her by holding the car door, and asked in a hurry: “Miss, may I ask if the office of the office area of the School of Foreign Languages is in this building?”

His voice is very characteristic, low and pleasant, but also has an indescribable coolness. It should have been very comfortable in the summer, but it fell into He Yan’s ears but surprised her with a shock, that short For a long time, the nightmare that had been pressed into the depths of her memory was about to reappear in a flash.

Under the moonlight, the man’s sharp eyes fell across her face, and his expression was indifferent. He said: “Clean up, don’t leave trouble.”

That voice, she can’t forget for the rest of her life.

He Yan seemed to see Li Gui. The word “Help” stuck in his throat and could not yell. He could only stare at the man in front of him in fear, and stepped back in panic. In a panic, the heels of high heels stepped into the cracks in the floor tiles, her body lost balance, and the whole person fell heavily on the ground.

The man reached for his sunglasses and walked over to her, asking: “Miss, are you okay?”

She kept moving her body back and yelled in horror: “Don’t come, don’t come, there are many people here, They will rush over immediately!” The

man had to stop and smile helplessly, explaining to her: “Miss, I don’t know what caused you to react this way, but I’m not malicious, if I make you feel afraid, Then I’m sorry, I’m leaving now.”

He said, stepping back slowly, leaning down again and asking her, “Is it okay for yourself? Do you want me to call someone else?”

He Yan Without speaking, he flinched and looked at him with panic and alertness.

“OK! OK! I will leave immediately.” The man calmed her softly, raised his wrist to look at his watch, and then pointed his car with his finger, adding: “Miss, I will probably come back to drive in about half an hour.”

He said nothing more. Stride away.

The sun is shining in the sky, but He Yan’s entire body seems to have just come out of the ice cave, trembling with cold. She was still sitting on the ground, the skirt was covered with dust, and the palm of her broken skin was faintly painful, but He Yan could not take care of it. She shook her hand out of her purse and dialed Liang Yuanze’s phone.

“He has found it! He has found it!” She was like a startled bird, only knowing to repeat a sentence.

“Who?” Liang Yuanze asked.

She replied in a panic: “It’s him, I saw him! He came back to find me!”

Time seemed to come back a long time ago, she woke up from the dream many times crying, and told him panic “They “I found it. Liang Yuanze was a little silent, and then comforted her softly again: “Yanyan, it’s alright, they are all dead, those three are dead, don’t be afraid, tell me, where are you now?” I

don’t know the fiance’s calm voice Appeased her, or the strong summer sun finally drove away the cold a little bit from her, He Yan calmed down slowly, and answered: “I’m in the school, just behind the office building.”

“Is there anyone around?” Liang Yuanze Ask again.

She looked around, and people in the distance continued to pass by, and the trainees saw her and hesitated to come over here.

“Some students are coming,” she answered.

Liang Yuanze laughed softly, teasing her: “Quickly wipe your face, be careful of the students laughing at you. The weather is so hot, are you a little heat stroke, are you blind to the wrong person?”

This reason is indeed persuasive, He Yan lowly “Uh”, but the phone hasn’t hung up yet. The boy who came over to check out asked her, “He is speaking, are you okay?”

He Yan knew this boy. He is a student of the Department of Foreign Languages and a student cadre. Often come to the office area to help. “It’s okay, I’m okay.” She answered and hurriedly said goodbye to Liang Yuanze, and then explained to the boy after she hung up the phone: “I just walked carelessly and sagged my feet.”

She smiled a little awkwardly, trying to stand by herself Get up.

The boy hurried up to help her and asked, “Can I still walk? Do you need to go to the hospital to see it.”

He Yan’s heels are not high, but she is not terrible. She stood there and moved her ankles, and tried to step on the ground. Although it hurts a little, it didn’t hurt. She waved her hand, declined the boy’s help, and walked slowly into the office building. As soon as he entered the office, a colleague called her: “He Zhu said that you came just right, and some students’ parents wanted you.”

She looked up and saw the man standing leaning in front of the window and standing, he turned his head. Looking at the door, her eyes fell on her. Her first reaction was to grab the door and run away, but her body seemed to be stared at her prey by natural enemies, where she could not move.

He nodded to her slightly, greeted politely and politely: “Hey

, Lord , hello.” The colleague did not pay attention to He Yan’s strangeness, and briefly introduced her to the situation: “This is the brother of a classmate in your class, come and give His sister went through the dropout procedures.”

He Yan didn’t speak, staring blankly at the man.

There were two voices in the brain arguing fiercely. One voice called crazy, “It’s him, that’s the murderer. They have the same voice and have the same face!”

Another rational voice told her: “He Yan Please calm down. The murderer has been executed. This is something that Yuanze has confirmed. It is impossible for a person to die and resurrect. This is another person, a person who has nothing to do with him. The murderer looks just like.” The

man smiled lightly, a little helpless, “He said, I am not a tiger, do not eat people. I am Yu Jia’s cousin, my name is Fu Shenxing, now, you see this is my ID card “He said, he actually pulled out his ID card from his wallet and walked over to He Yan, wanting to show her the ID card.”

He Yan shrank back subconsciously, he saw it, stopped halfway, leaned over to put the ID card on the table between the two, and reached out to her again, “You can check it.”

Colleagues look I was confused, and looked at He Yan in doubt, and asked, “What is wrong, Lord?”

He Yan didn’t answer. He really picked up the ID card on the table. While looking at the man alertly, he lowered his head to look at the ID card carefully: name Fu Shenxing, male, 28 years old, address written Nan Zhao Locally, the man in the photo is very young, looks like he was in his early twenties, has fair and short hair, has a handsome face and good temperament.

She carefully looked at the back, which was marked with the date of issuance of the ID card, and calculated that it was exactly the ID photo he took when he was 20 years old.

Such a gentle young man really does not look like a murderer from the dark forces.

He Yan breathed a sigh of relief, stabilized her emotions, returned the ID card, and said apologetically: “I’m sorry, Mr. Fu, it’s my reason, it may have caused a little misunderstanding. I’m sorry.”

Fu Shenxing smiled lightly, didn’t After asking what was the misunderstanding, he said plainly: “He said that Yu Jia had been on sick leave before due to physical reasons, and the family negotiated to simply drop her out of school and go abroad for recuperation. Her family was in a foreign country, and it was not convenient for her parents to come, Entrust me to go through the withdrawal procedures for her.”

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