Chapter 2 First blood

Xiao Chen held Hongmeng’s picture and walked out of the auction house, his eyes were indifferent.

For him, the Chen family is no different from a dog.

weak meat and strong food is the only thing he has learned in five years!

Just walked out of the auction house, a Rolls-Royce stopped directly in front of Xiao Chen.

drove the previous burly man. He opened the door, invited Xiao Chen into the car, and drove straight away.

“Emperor Zun, the wife’s news has been heard. After that, after Lu Qi’s destruction of the Xiao’s family, he didn’t shoot his wife, but let her go. He probably wanted his wife to live in guilt forever! , Liu family seems to be sending people, and took his wife back!”

“Yun Xuan…!”

Xiao Chen’s eyes hurt.

That beautiful and simple girl, for him, abandoned the Liu family and broke off his parents!

But he was so incompetent and did not protect her!

The guilt of this lifetime, Xiao Chen X could not pay off!

“Let’s go back to Xiao’s villa first, and when the time is right, I’ll pick her up!”


Yunxuan is different from Hongmeng’s figure. Hongmeng’s figure is just a dead thing, but Yunxuan is a living person!

Xiao Chen has infinite guilt for Yun Xuan!

He doesn’t know, how he should see his wife now, and he doesn’t know whether she hates herself now!

The car quickly drove to a villa in Jiangbei.

Here was a family of four full of laughter and laughter. If it wasn’t the tragedy of that year, now it should have become a family of five, or a family of six, right?

After getting off, Xiao Chen stood at the door, looking at the already ruined villa, his face was sometimes sweet, sometimes painful!

It was in this house that he and his parents and wife had the best time in life!

is also in this house, he experienced the most tragic pain in life!

Life is impermanent, ants are even more fateful!

Just when Xiao Chen was about to enter the house, a fiery red Ferrari quickly drove into the parking space of the villa next door.

Not very long, first stepped down a pair of long legs, then, came down a beautiful woman.

A cyan Chanel OL suit with a ball head and light makeup, very well dressed!

She glanced at Xiao Chen and couldn’t help being surprised. It seemed that she didn’t expect that there was someone coming to the broken house next door!

“Hello there!”

The beautiful woman greeted Xiao Chen, and Xiao Chen nodded lightly.

This makes the beauty very surprised.

You must know that her appearance is ranked in the entire Jiangbei. Basically, for men, she eats all ages!

There is no man who can look at her like Xiao Chen, but still so indifferent, there is not even the slightest desire in his eyes!

This made the beauty could not help but have a little more interest in Xiao Chen!

“You… are you here to buy this house?”

Xiao Chen’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.

“You… talk a lot!”

The extremely cold four words, not only did not make the beauty angry, but made the other party more interested in Xiao Chen!

“It’s pretty cold! But as your neighbor, I want to persuade you! This house is a haunted house!”

Seeing that Xiao Chen never spoke, the beauty continued to say:

“This house used to be a wealthy family, but they offended a great force. In the end, both the host and his parents were killed! The owner’s wife, although not killed, also Crazy, and finally gave birth to a child, who was brought in by her family and taken away by force. The poor child seemed to be thrown into the trash can!”

With this remark, the surrounding temperature dropped instantly!

Xiao Chen’s eyes turned red because of bloodshotness!

When Lu Qiran came, Yunxuan was indeed in Rokko! However, Xiao Chen thought that Lu Qi would not let the child survive. Unexpectedly, Yun Xuan actually gave birth to this child!

It was just that he did not expect that this child, who did not die in the hands of Lu Qiran, would be thrown into the trash can by the Liu family!

The beauty immediately couldn’t help sneezing and rubbed her arms!

“What’s going on? The weather is so **** today, freezing people in the evening, and now freezing people!”

Xiao Chenqiang held back his inner anger, depressed his heart, and said lightly:

“You seem to know this family very well, do you know, how is that child?”

The mouth of the beautiful woman’s mouth is light.

“You finally asked me, it seems that you are not so cruel! But I don’t know this family, I moved here in less than a year and a half! I heard from other people. In addition, I only know that there is a child, but I don’t know what happened to her! Maybe it’s dead, maybe it’s adopted!”

“Thank you!”

“You say thank you? You haven’t told me, what’s your name!”

“Xiao Chen!”

words fell, Xiao Chen went straight into the villa.

beauty quickly shouted:

“Hey! My name is Su Ruoxue! You…”

The voice was not over, Xiao Chen had closed the door heavily.

Su Ruoxue couldn’t help but bulged his mouth.

“This guy, cross the river and demolish the bridge! I knew that Miss Ben shouldn’t have told him these things! Huh!”

The words fell, and she walked angrily into her house.

And next door, after Xiao Chen entered the villa, he gasped for breath and his heart was beating violently!

five years!

He thought his heart was dead!

The **** sea of corpses once countless times, countless times have been in desperation! He never had a heartbeat.

But has a heartbeat, and it is still so strong!

“Yun Xuan actually gave birth to my child! Yun Xuan gave birth to her! I must find her! Certainly! Seven kills!”

words falling, the air around him, a burst of twist, a burly figure, appeared again, Xiao Chen’s eyes were hot, with a touch of madness!

“I don’t care what method you use, even if you kill all the people in Jiangbei, you still have to find my child.”

“Living to see people, dying to see corpses!”


Among the top families in Jiangbei, the Chen family ranks first.

Old man Chen, when he was young, he once relied on a pair of iron fists to shoot a piece of the world belonging to the Chen family!

For decades, Chen’s family has been in Jiangbei, intertwined with roots, spreading branches and leaves, and their power is increasing day by day.

In the face of this stomping foot, it is necessary to make the entire Jiangbei trembling, few people dare to fight against the Chen family, let alone kill the heirs of the Chen family!

“The one who should be killed by heaven! Who is it? Kill my grandson?”

Under the stars, a roar came out of the Chen Family Manor, which made the Chen family and slaves in the manor tremble!

Actually, some people dare to move the third generation of the Chen family, the first heir!

God, is this guy crazy?

An order quickly came out.

“Check for me! Be sure to find out, the kid’s identity, and where he is! I’m going to grab him personally and smash his bones one by one! I want to let him, for a lifetime All live in confession!”

ordered out, the storm surged, countless Chen family disciples, stepped out of the Chen family manor, like a wild wolf looking for prey, disturbing the quiet night in Jiangbei!

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